*~* Monday 2nd Trimester *~*

Morning ladies :-) 

How is everyone? Much planned for today/this week? I've got 2 weeks off work now, H has got to work today but then he's off too. We've got some bits to do round the house (painting etc) and then we're visiting his parents on Friday. I've got a massage on Thursday morning which I'm really looking forward too :-) 

Hope you are all well xx



  • Morning! How nice to be off and have nice things planned!  I'm at work but am in a fabulous mood as felt the baby move for the First time last night and boy did it move!!  whoever described it as a little fish on here was spot on, it was doing little sumersaults and took me by surprise - very wonderfully odd!!!   Have a Gorgeous day!xx

  • Morning all

    Not up to much this week, gymnastics today, meeting some friends tomorrow. Nursery & toddlers start back on friday so I'm looking forward to that! Loving feeling the baby wriggling about :-)

    ck 16+3 x

  • Morning ladies, BE great your on hol! I'm on second week off now, but still fab I have another week.

    Dizzy great news about feeling the baby.

    Hi CK sounds like you have a nice few days planned.

    AFM it's scan day!!! I'm soooo nervous, had a terrible sleep. It's not until 2:30 then I have a consultant app right after so have all morning to wait. I can't find my letter from the hospital, what's the bladder situ for this one? Full, bit full, empty??

    Jem hope your scan all goes well today too! And I hope yours is earlier so you don't have as long to wait!x

  • You dont need a full bladder for this one. Good luck xx

  • Thanks CK. Does it need to be empty or do they want some fluid? I think I'm going to fall to pieces over the next 6 and a half hours! I'm more nervous than the 12 week I think!

  • DD & CK - enjoy the movements :-)

    MDD - good luck for your scan! I had to have a full bladder for my 20 week scan, then they got me to empty it and had another look!

  • Morning,

    I'm on my phone I'm afraid but good luck to MDD and Jem for your scans today. I have a consultant appointment today and scan on Thursday!

    Hi to all x

  • Hi all!

    I'm knackered today! Had a busy weekend went to the Pompeii exhibition at the British Museum on Sat then out for dinner with OH was a lovely day! The Sunday met a mate for breakfast (big fat fry up!) then had my dad and sister and her boyf over to move furniture to make a bit more space in spare room for baby's arrival! Ended up doing loads putting stuff up the loft hanging pictures putting up shelves then decided to hack down branches overhanging my garden took us all ages I probably did too much (but not really bad!!) had dinner and was wiped out had a lovely bath felt much better! On Friday night OH felt the baby move for the first time! Was lovely :) This week I'm off to my first aqua yoga natal class on Wednesday quite looking forward to that!

  • Morning ladies, hope everyone had a nice weekend, I lurked when I could!

    BE- Lucky you, enjoy your time off!!

    DizzyDuck- how exciting!! “wonderfully Odd” is a brilliant way to describe it!

    CK- are you doing gymnastics or the children?!

    Missdeedee- good luck with the scan and appt!! Empty bladder for this one!! I’ll keep my eyes peeled for an update later!

    Hi Mrs P- hope your appt goes well today!

    Rosy Lee- that sounds like a busy weekend! How was the Pompeii exhibition?

    AFM- has a busy weekend with friends staying. Went to the Pub Summer fete on Saturday and I won the cake comp! yay! (I went for coffee and walnut in the end!)

    I treated myself to a shandy too and baby got very wiggly after that!  I was a bit exhausting with a bunch of such drunk people though!

    Ive has a bit of a funny tummy since y.day lunch time. Ive been trying to work I what Ive eaten and I had a cup of caffeinated coffee yesterday morning, the first one in about 5 months so im wondering if that has caused it?!

    Hopefully find out this week if im still going to cover the maternity cover role (for 4 months starting Monday) or continue with the job im currently doing!

  • Just sneaking on quickly while I'm having my lunch to say good luck to missdeedee for later.

    Had my scan this morning and everything looks good.  I just kept saying 'that's amazing' so the sonographer now thinks I'm a total idiot lol.  Will upload a picture when I get home tonight

  • That is great news jem!! im sure they don't, it is ruddy amazing!!

  • Thanks all, on my way now. This is nerve wracking! Jem so glad all is well, so glad you had such a good experience. Did you stay team yellow?x

  • Hiya. Sorry its a late check-in. Busy busy as usual. Yaay for positive scan Jem. I kept saying Wow during mine when we saw the heart/brain/fwet/etc. Lol. I'm sure everyone does it!  Goodluck MDD.

    20+5 here. Baby kicks were bit stronger last night so got H to sit with his hand round bump so he could feel them. He couldn't. I was like seriously?? I wonder if he is remembering baby kicks from 40odd weeks last time and expecting the same!? Men!

  • Missdeedee hope all ok! Everyone sounds so busy and happy it's a nice thread.,x

  • Hi everyone, just tentatively popping my head in to say hello and I will (if allowed!) be joining you properly from tomorrow when I will get stuck in with the personals etc. Nice to see some familiar faces and looking forward to getting to know the ones I don't recognise!

  • Missdeedee hope your scan went well...
    Here's my little wriggler (would not keep still, must take after me lol)

  • Keep checking for an update from MDD!

    Hi Rose, welcome to 2nd Tri :-)

  • Jem glad your scan went well.

    All good with us, scan was brilliant, it was utterly amazing, I can't believe how detailed it is!

    Here's babydeedee

    And a foot!

  • Yey MDD that's brilliant :-)

  • Yaay MDD - Lovely foot :-)  and that's an awesome shot of his/her spine!!  Do you or Jem know if you are team pink/blue??

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