*~* Monday 3rd Tri *~*

Morning all, my last day here so thought I'd start things off nice and early. We're off to the hospital in a bit, have to be there for 7.15am, hoping to meet baby early in the day. Had a lousy night's sleep because despite having done this twice before, I am really nervous but I'm sure it will all be fine - can't wait to meet her/him, hopefully her or it will be nameless for a few days!

Lots of baby out vibes for all those who need them x




  • Good Luck Margo, am sure it will be fine and you won't have to wait long!

    Lookin g forward to hearing your BA later xx

    AFM - finally moved crib to useable position in our room and have emptied it of junk. Slightly panicking I have almost a week left before ELCS and still so much to do - baby better not try to come early!

    Off to MW later and then a quiet afternoon.

    IDC 38+2

  • Morning.

    Good luck Margot. Can't wait to see your BA later

    IDC - H got our crib down last night. Forgot how much room it takes up. You haven't got long left now.

    Afm - 39 weeks today. I hope baby isn't too late. MW tomorrow so we'll see. A better nights sleep last night. Much cooler here so will try a walk. Got to go pick my washing up from mil's as ours isn't getting fixed til Thursday. So glad all baby bits are washed.

    Hi to all that follow x

  • Morning Margot. Oh how exciting. Hope all goes well. Can't wait for your BA. xx

    IDC don't panic about getting things done I'm sure you'll be ready in time.

    AFM Isla's at nursery this morning so it'll be quiet here til 1pm. I should really get on with the housework but might just sit and watch daytime tv instead!! 28 week MW appointment tomorrow which means bloods yuk! First time I will have seen her since 16 weeks. I also take delivery of a shiny new iPhone 5 tomorrow yay! Been using mine for 6 weeks now with a completely shattered screen. Annoying to say the Least. Hope everyone has a great day xx

    ETA hi daisy. What a pain your machine is broken at least you have someone nearby that can do it for you though. Oh lots of impending BAs - I'm excited!! 

  • Morning,

    Best of luck Margot, hope to see a nice early BA! I can't believe today is here already!

    IDC - well done on getting some bits sorted. You're so close to the finish line now! How is your H and son doing?

    Daisy - hurrah for 39 weeks, surely you must be soo close to meeting your little girl now.

    AFM - had a top weekend with our friends at the dogs on Saturday night and then the same bunch plus kids went to Southend for the day yesterday, really lucked out with the weather. Must have walked close to 4 miles in all, feel ok today although I am yet to get out of bed...

    The only downside is that we seem to have a bluebottle fly infestation in our kitchen Weep, we found a load of maggots in our food bin 12 days ago so having done some research I think it's from them as they hatch 7-10 days later, so fingers crossed when I get downstairs there are less today. It's totally been freaking me out thinking there must be something rotting, we've had every appliance out and looked under, on and behind every cupboard but can't find anything so hoping that it is just from the bin last week.

    Didn't sleep great last night, but think that was due to the flies rather than pg related.

    Off to feed the ducks this morning, then popping to Aldi to pick up some bits (I've used 2l of bleach in the kitchen this weekend) then a chilled afternoon.

    Baby out vibes to those who want them

    BG 35+3

  • Morning all,

    Margot- very very excited for you this morning. Hope you don't have too much hanging about at hospital before you get to meet baby.

    IDC hope MW visit goes well

    Daisy- oh dear I don't think I could cope if my washing maching broke! Hope it is sorted before baby arrives!

    MrsB - good luck at MW

    AFM- had a fab weekend. On Friday my friends surprised me with a trip to a spa for the day as its my 30th birthday this sat. It was perfect after two busy days of DIY. I had a lovely facial and manicure then we had afternoon tea and chilled out in the pool.

    On sat it was my friends 30th birthday party which I basically spent the whole day eating at, it was great!

    Baby wise she seems to be getting very strong, have been getting more like pushes than kicks like she's trying to burst out of there! I've told her off and said she's not allowed out until October as I'm not ready haha!!

    JT 30+4

  • Just popping on quickly to wish Margot all the best, hope everything goes smoothly and you get an early slot. Looking forward to reading your BA! So excited for you!!


  • Missed you there MrsB - just do a little housework then reward yourself with some sofa time! GL at the mw.

  • Missed you there BG. Hope the bluebottles die down. God the thought of maggots is horrendous I don't blame you for the sleepless night!

  • Missed another one! Morning noggin hope you are well x

  • Eeeeek good luck MArgot :)

    IDC - ooo not long :)

    Daisy - good luck at MW

    MrsB - i'd just have a relaxing moring :)

    BG - errr the flies gave me the heebie jeebies. gla dyou had a nice weekend

    JT - sounds like a great weekend

    AFM - i didnt do anything all weekend. i had to have a nap both sat & sun afternoon so not sure how im gonna get through today haha. last week at work though and only 4 days as i have wednesday off. :)


  • Just popping on to check all is well. No time or energy for personals yet. I need some breakfast first, so tired today!

    Best of luck to Margot and looking forward to your BA later. :-)

  • JT - sounds like a fab weekend, hope your birthday week continues to be just as fab!

    Twink - hope you get through you last week of work without falling asleep!

    Only 3 flies this morning, hurrah! Have also just noticed that all the sunscreen I was putting on yesterday was actually a gradual tab building moisturiser - no wonder I caught so much colour Laugh

  • BG the fly thing sounds very traumatising. We have 2/3 a day in our kitchen at the moment as we are always leaving the back door open for the dog. Drives me nuts.

    Hubby still sore (and being a miserable sod so staying well clear) and son is a lot better. Eye isn't swollen today although he has a massive scab. Hoping it will go soon otherwise pics of him with baby will have to be taken at a side angle!

    Hello everyone else!

  • Morning All!

    Margot- very exciting that you get to meet your baby today! Hope you don't have to wait around too long.

    IDC- I'm sure everything will fall in to place and it will all be ready before baby arrives. At least baby has somewhere to sleep now! :)

    Daisy- Very organised that all baby bits are washed. Let us know how you get on at the MW

    BG- You have my sympathy on the fly situation! With the weather being so hot the past few weeks our cat had practically moved out and flies seemed to have moved in. Just happened to pass the cat bowl and realised that it had maggots in because the cat hadn't been in for a few days and I hadn't realised!!! I was literally in hysterics and the cat food is now covered over with a plate any time the cat goes out.. completely gross and made me feel like a scruff bag! :(

    MrsB- I definitely think you deserve a feet up and TV morning. Yey about your new phone!

    JT- I know what you mean about baby getting stronger, I feel like I have a kick boxer in there some days! Glad you had a lovely weekend.

    Noggin- Hope you're well :)

    Twink- Yey for last week at work! Bet you can't wait to finish now.

    LP- Hello :)

    AFM- Took wed-fri off work last week hence lack of posting. Was really lovely to just have a break and managed to get some painting done. Still lots to do though but need to keep ploughing on with it until it's all done! Had step daughter over the weekend and had a nice few days but I have realised just how tired I'm getting. Not sleeping too good either. Think baby might be kicking me awake and then it takes me ages to fall back to sleep.

    Hope everyone has a lovely day!

  • Morning all

    Margot-hope your having lovely newborn cuddles right now, can't wait to read your BA

    IDC- that week will probably fly by as well, fingers crossed baby doesnt try to make an early appearance

    Daisy- glad you slept well, baby out vibes to you

    MrsB- just stay where you are and catch up on daytime tele, will be relaxing morning for you. Good luck for midwife tomorrow

    BG- sounds like a lovely but energetic weekend. Hope you get some rest today and the kitchen sorted

    JT- glad you had a nice weekend sounds fab being pampered

    Morning noggin

    Twink- yay for last week at work so exciting

    LP- try and rest today

    Samjh87- you need to get some naps in, I slept awful for the last few nights and slept in until 10am today!

    AFM 37+5 today finally packed my hospital bag yesterday! Have the midwife tomorrow, I hope she tells me baby will ne here soon im so ready now!

  • Haven't got time for personals as in at work but wanted to say good luck to margot. Hope your having lots of cuddles :-) x

  • Just popping in to wish Margot luck, looking forward to the BA x

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