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*~* Thurs 3rd tri *~*

Can't sleep. Unusual for me recently but I'm not really feeling at my best and last night I felt really rough. 

Lovely news from BLL yesterday, looking forward to pic, and today we should have something from ABC, or tomorrow latest. Exciting!

Am excited about home birth but really, really ready to meet baby and fed up of heartburn, pain of being on my feet and tiredness/funny turns. Midwife is expecting me to go over and I'm not supportive of that at all, not a bit, ha ha. 



  • Morning Counter

    Think I will join you on the insomnia bench today. Have been wide awake for ages. Today is the official start of my maternity leave. We went out for dinner with the kids last night and typically the dessert just didn't settle right with me and I have felt sick all night! Serves me right for being greedy. Have the first of my steroid injections this morning. Standard procedure at my hospital if you have a planned delivery before 39 weeks. I am then going to visit an old school friend who had her third girl a few weeks ago. I only have my youngest today as my older 2 are at school/nursery. Her daughter has the same name as my daughter. A very Irish name. Back wasn't too bad yesterday. I am term today which always means so much after having a premature baby.

    Counter -Glad you had good news about your home birth. I hope the MW is wrong and you don't go over. Late pregnancy is hard work. I am quite glad this is it for me! Although my 3.5 year old was talking about the next baby as I put him to bed last night. Seemed quite upset when I told him this was it....his response was to go and ask the Dr for another baby!

    Very exciting about the recent BA. Congratulations to BLL again and hopefully ther will be another announcement from ABC by the end of the day.

  • Hey Ladies

    Counter thanks for the well wishes. What makes your midwife think you will go over? X

    Well its is eviction day today. Im quite nervous. Because I will be getting induced with drip and have to be hooked up to antibotics and a monitor. Managed to sleep on and off. To be at hospital for 8 x Hope everyone else well x x
  • Must of cross posted section 4. Glad your now term and on mat leave. Hope you have a nice day with your friend x
  • Morning! Counter sorry you didn't sleep but good news from mw. On hb not the overdue. What makes he think that?!

    S4 boo again to bad sleep. Congrats on being term!!!! Brilliant :-)

    Abc good luck today lovely. Will be thinking of you. Hope it goes smoothly.

    AFM actually slept better last few nights. Was woken at 3am by what felt like a huge painful contraction but only down 1side of my bump. Odd. Fine now though. Loads if bh's still and *tmi* list more plug yesterday.
  • Taking p shoe shopping this morning. Don't want to walk far around town so plan on Clarks and wh smith then home again! Then she has her 2year review with the health visitor this afternoon. Looks like the sun is out again which is lovely. :-)
  • Hey autumnrose...enjoy the sunshine today. How strange about pain hope its just a one off. Is it tomo you have midwife? Hope that goes ok x x
  • Yep mw tomorrow. I've lots to ask her about things I'm worried about! Also will be booking my sweep and referral back to hospital so I've a feeling it'll all get a bit real!!
  • Hi ladies, just crashing in to say ABC hope all goes well and quickly for you lovey.  It's so strange to think your just along the road! Look forward to your BA xx

  • Awww thanks Missdeedee x x x
  • Very quick one from me as I'm running late, but really good luck today ABC, I hope the induction goes well and we get a lovely BA soon. X

  • Checking in very very quickly during a 5 minute internet break..... Thanks for the well wishes guys! Boys are amazing we are besotted by them , came home last night , managed a good 4 hours sleep all be it in Bits and bobs which is more than I managed in hospital!

    good luck abc and hope everyone else is doing well. Looking forward to the birth announcements

    A quick pic, I know I am biased but they really are the cutest cutest pair xx

  • Sorry to hear about the insomnia, counter, and that the midwife thinks you'll go over.  Is it because your first was late?

    S4, sorry you also have insomnia, butt hat story about your 3.5 yo telling you to go ask the doctor for another is too cute!! I was my moms fourth and I remember asking her for a baby brother.

    ABC, good luck today!!  You should already be in hospital, and it hope it's a quick one for you and you don't have a chance to come back on until yr BA.

    AR, glad you've been sleeping better, but I don't like the sound of that 3am pain.  Pregnancy can be horrible sometimes.

    AFM, volunteering today, trying to put up some roman blinds in our bedrooms, and I have some final address change things to sort out.  H got home last night and Wispa went mad when she saw him.  Made me think about the logistics of us coming home from the hospital with baby and how she will be.  She is normally a gentle giant, but she gets so excited when she hasn't seen us that she goes crazy.  We will think of some sort of system, though, I'm sure.

  • Oh my god pink panther, they are wonderful! I love the photo.

  • Good luck today ABC! Hope all goes well x

    Counter - sounds like a rubbish night. I feel that time is going to start to drag now, feels a bit like being in limbo. Baby could be here next week...could be in 5 are we meant to plan?!

    S4 - well done for making it to term! Do you have a date for your c-section yet?

    AR - enjoy your day. Make sure you get some rest!!

    SG - hope all is well with you!

    AFM - so close to the last day's such a weird feeling! Starting my handover today, I feel like everything work-wise is still an uphill battle but it'll be done soon. Was getting some really odd/uncomfortable pains last night which is  think panicked H so I to tell him it was completely normal! Scared him into action though so should get some house progress made this weekend!  Decorators are coming on Monday at much for a relaxing start to my maternity leave! Can't wait for things to be done though. I haven't been able to unpack any baby stuff or wash any clothes, everything is still in bags/boxes in the conservatory!

  • Oh PP, they're gorgeous! You must be so proud! Hope you're feeling ok, what gorgeous boys you have!

    Wispa - a girl from my NCT class is having her baby today and they dropped the dog off at kennels for a couple of days yesterday (although she's having a c-section and knows she'll be in hospital until Saturday at least). I'm sure there's loads of websites about introducing dogs to babies, maybe have a read around as I bet there are probably some things you can start doing now.

  • Thanks, Flossy.  It's not the introducing her to baby thing that worries me, I know it'll be fine, but it's me I'm worried about with the initial "oh my god oh my god oh my god you're home you're home I love you I love you" that will happen when we walk in the door.  I'm thinking it might be necessary for H to put her in the back garden and settle her down a bit while baby and I get settled in the lounge.  We'll see!

  • Ouch! That hurt.....I don't remember the steroid injection hurting before!

  • S4 - sorry about the insomnia, but great to be on mat leave. I saw the shot was painful. Yuck. Cute your LO asking for more babies. Putting an order in to the doc is one thing, but *this* is something else entirely :)

    ABC - Hope things are going really well for you. And if you're not snuggling yet I hope you feel the end is in sight!

    AR - glad you slept better, hopefully not working might enable you to rest more and in turn get better quality sleep. Fingers crossed. MW thinks I'll go over because I went so very far over last time. Also, baby is back to back (and we think Harry was too) which means less likely to put pressure in the most helpful place to trigger labour.

    PP- look at that pic!!! Beautiful. Congrats! x

    Wispa, I have a dog who's very excitable too. She's super affectionate and attached to us, and if I'm honest, she's a little mental. I am hoping that a home birth (as opposed to being away and returning) might be more calming for her (though it will still be very hard with midwives and all the commotion). Difference is, if my tiny 10lb jack Russell goes crazy and jumps everywhere it's quite manageable. It's a bit more to contend with, with your gentle giant! :)

    Flossy, I imagine it's a bit weird - eerie? - building up to going off. I am dreading it. It's going to be great for you though. And doing all those things will be therapeutic and a good transition from working long days.

  • Back to finish personals....

    ABC- I hope we get some news from you very soon x

    Hope you managed to get the shoes. I took C to have his haircut today. Fitting in a few jobs before baby arrives!

    SG- hope you had a good day and wasn't too late!

    PP- just gorgeous!

    Wispa- I have no experience with dogs, Hope you come to a decision about what to do.

    Flossy- enjoy your last days. Just think no commute!

  • Hi 3rd tri ladies,

    I'm ABC's pester person. She had induction gel at 8am when she was only 1cm. I haven't heard from her since 1.30 when she was getting cramps. I'm hoping the lack of texts means things are happening but will update you as soon as I hear anything.

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