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Morning ladies! Weekend starts tomorrow, thank goodness! 

I've got midwife first thing, and this is the first appointment hubby has had to miss. Then my appraisal, not had one for 10 or 15 years so not really looking forward to it. Am going to broach the possibility of afternoons working at home from bed, if I can't shake this virus or if I'm still getting episodes of raised BP. Then various meetings. Then home to bed! :)

Hope everyone is feeling good and sleep is being had! xx



  • Morning counter. Afternoons at home in bed sound like a very good idea to me. I'm worried about you!! I know you have so much going on at work but you need to look after yourself. I've had a dreadful night sleep, in so much pain in my hips which ever way I turn or lay. I'd do almost anything to fast forward a few weeks. Today I'm going to visit my horse And then have a friend coming over this afternoon with her toddler and baby. Huge congrats again to weekender and baby out for sp.
  • Oh AR, I really do think losing out on sleep to pain is the worst thing. We can mostly cope with anything if we can get a decent night's sleep. Especially when preggo! And I don't suppose naps are the norm with P around? Your day sounds nice, if you're not too exhausted! x

  • P does nap after lunch for 2 hours but it's the only time I have to get anything else dove. I'm trying to spend them with my feet up but getting comfy is impossible. I had a slightly hysterical 5minutes at 2am in tears thinking about managing for another 5 weeks but feel a bit calmer now!
  • Morniiiiing!

    Counter hope the MW goes well and you get info about mat physio. I meant to say ours is self referral and the number is In the hand held notes but I'm sure it's different for each area. I'm sure your appraisal will go well given how hard you've been working. Fx for flexible working arrangements!

    AR that sounds AWFUL! Have you got any friends/family nearby who can help with P to allow you to rest in the day? Enjoy the visits to see your horse and friend - hope that cheers you up!

    I had a crappy sleep too but then blah blah blah - nothing new here! Lol! Baby seems quite comfy although I'll find out today whether there's been any shuffling round or engagement. I have the MW at 2.30 and will have the option of a sweep but thought I'd get examined first to see whether there's been any softening etc. I'll let you know how it goes.

    Anyone seen a photo of baby Cameron yet? Bet he's gorg!

  • Just seen your update AR - stuff the housework and rest! Night time awakeness is grim. Glad you are feeling better this morning xxx

  • Aw bless you! I sympathise. Yesterday is the best day I've had in a while mobility-wise. And it really made me realise how rotten the bad days are and you literally think to yourself 'I can't make it through, I just can't'. And then that's upsetting in itself. Maybe you're going to have to pinch some of that time for power-napping AR, I know you want the time for getting practical stuff done, but sleep deprivation will turn you in to a monster if you're not careful!! ;)

  • Hi

    Counter Im worried about you too. Think it sounds like a good idea to talk to your work x

    Autumnrose sorry you cant sleep ... think you just need to rest/sleep when p does its hard leaving stuff undone. You had any physio?

    Afm enormous amount of pressure last night in my pelvis and bottom. Back and hips with shooting pains. Bump very active. Also 37 weeks for me today so guess baby is fully cooked now x Not got midwife again until week tomo...wish it was tomo just to reassure me about pain lol x x
  • SP, good luck for 2.30! After Harry went 17 days over I've been heartened by the babies here mostly being quite timely. So the pressure is on you not to go too far over either ha ha. Would be good for you to hear about some progress today. You seem chilled though, good for you :)

  • Morning sp. Weekender has put photos on fb, he's so so gorgeous!!!! Reminds me why this is all worthwhile!!! I hope the mw goes well and you're favourable for a sweep, fx that gets baby sp moving!!! My mum is just down the road and would help if I asked. Thing is this is the last of my exclusive 1 on 1 time with p and I'm already feeling irrationally emotional/guilty about that so I don't want to not be with her as much as I can.
  • Missed ypu sweetpea hope midwife goes well and update us later x x
  • ABC, what sort of pains do you think? Muscular, stretchy pains, or internal, bladder-y pains? Or something else entirely? Really do give a call if you're unsettled, a week seems an age at this stage, don't be worrying x

  • Unsure counter just seem to be in evening dont if its just baby sitting really low...ill see how I am later and maybe see if she can see me tomo x
  • Counter 17 days is a looooooong time to go over!! Was that by choice or just the way things were at that time? They want to induce after 12 days here so at least I have an endpoint. In my job I do a lot of teaching about cognitive behavioural thinking (we are what we think) and while I recognise the challenges and limitations of it - I try my hardest to live by it. I can only attempt to help myself rather than get entrenched in negativity...having said that I'm  only 1 day over due!! Lol!!!

    ABC can you ring a MW for a chat? Or see your GP meantime? I get various sharp pains on and off and assume its baby moving or my body preparing....however there's defo no point worrying if a quick phone call or appointment can put your mind at rest.

    AR you are such a sausage and a fabulous mum! I can't imagine what the transition from 1 to 2 is like but please do take help when you need it. P won't remember the specifics of spending time with granny rather than mummy occasionally esp if it means time spent with her is easier for you because you are better rested. We are hard on ourselves.

  • Abc I don't think you're going to make your dd my lovely. Agree with the others re calling mw for a chat if you need to. Do you feel like baby us really low? I feel like I have a bowling ball in my pelvis and if I push on the area (like after going to loo) I can feel a huge pressure and hardness right underneath. Not sure if that's actually baby. Sound familiar? Take it easy at work. Xx
  • Counter - I think talking to your boss about afternoons at home is a good idea. If you push yourself too much you'll end up having to finish work earlier than planed but if you take it a bit easier, hopefully you'll last till due date. Glad you're feeling better after the day off.

    AR - quality time with P is important but you need to look after yourself too, there's a reason you finished work early! I'd save leave the jobs around the house and nap/rest with P. Sure your H won't mind too much!

    SP - good luck at the midwife today. Hopefully there's some movement but if not at least you have an induction date so the end is in sight!

    ABC - I'm with AR, I don't think you'll make your date! How much longer are you working for? Do you have any option to finish a bit earlier/cut down on the hours?

    Weekender - if you see this, huge congratulations again! Hope we get to see a sneaky pic!

    AFM - still ploughing through my massive to do list at work! Working from home tomorrow as I have a midwife appointment right in the middle of the day. My friends sister had her baby two weeks early yesterday, went in to be induced and ended up with a c-section under general. I've asked for no details until after I've had mine(!), but he's so cute and she's doing really well. Strange to look at the pics of him and think that the little one wriggling around inside me is just a bit smaller!

  • Morning flossy. Pics of babies do hit home don't they, I was thinking that about photos of weekenders baby yesterday!! Seems oddly real and also surreal at the same time. Don't push yourself with work, it'll all get done.
  • Morning all.

    Counter, hope the MW and appraisals both go well. I hope you do manage to sort something out with working from home, it really seems like you need more of a break, please take it easy.

    AR, so sorry you're sleeping so badly and in so much pain. I think it would be worth asking your mum to help for an afternoon here and there, I totally understand the guilt (I feel so bad keeping J in nursery while I'm on maternity leave and that I should be having him at home with me, but I need some rest, and when Attila arrives I really want her to have some one on one time too like J had. Plus he enjoys nursery. *justifies self*) but you do sound slime you're really suffering.

    Sp, hope things are positive at the midwife and your cervix is nice and soft and ready for sweeping! I've never had one (my last MW appt before J arrived I wasn't remotely engaged so declined being rummaged for no good reason) so good luck if you go for it.

    Abc, yay for a full term baby! Sorry you're suffering too lovely, it definitely sounds like baby is gearing up for an early appearance.

    *to be continued when I can see p2!*

  • Flossy, it's so weird thinking of the baby inside as an actual full size baby. I got j a little doll baby for Christmas to try to encourage him to play and be gentle (not happening) and the baby inside is now bigger than that, which is v freaky.

    Afm, I have a midwife appt this morning too, hence posting at this time rather than being on the way to work. I'm looking forward to hearing the hb again, and will mention the pelvic pain to her as I'm still sore following the bump on Tue. I'm joining the bad night's sleep club - lots of toddler wake ups followed by not being able to get back to sleep and then an early start, yawn!

  • Morning guys, massive congratulations to we can't wait to see pics.

    Can't do personals as on my phone but reading it's reassuring to know we are all suffering a little and in the same boat, knowing how you all feel to some extent ( I have finished work and have to other little ones so easier to sit and relax!)

    So I am 37+3 twins still in my tummy, evenings are spent timing Braxton hicks which got upto every 10 minutes and almost a call to labour ward before tailing off last night. Babies have moved and now not sure who is where but lots of limbs and lumps to be felt!

    Discovered some amazing soap ( grandpas pine tar soap) that has helped so much with my horrid rash ( puppps or pep as it's now known I think) I am enormous ( measuring at 51 weeks pregnant if it were a single pregnancy) and just emptying the dishwasher has become a chore!

    Booked for a c section Monday ( sorry to anyone I que jump!) and due to existing medical problems really really want to make it till then and not have to go in!

    Enough rambling about me, baby out vibes to sweet pea hopefully you will beat me to it! Take it easy everyone else!

  • Morning

    Counter- Hope MW goes well. I have just come out of my staff review/appraisal.....rather weird considering it is my last day!

    AR- sorry you didn't sleep well

    SP- hope baby surprises you and makes an appearance soon. Baby Weekender is very gorgeous!

    ABC- hope you are not in too much pain

    Flossy- Hope MW goes well. Work will be done!

    SG- these MW are busy today with all of us ;-)

    PP- not long at all now for you. Baby in vibes until Monday

    AFM- last day at work today. World Book Day here too, so could only go as one book character....'Mr Bump' Finally had my whooping cough injection yesterday. Arm is a little tender today but is fine. I think this is the first maternity leave I have actually made it to. All the others I have started early or been in hospital! 36 weeks today

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