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Morning lovelies, how is everyone today?

I'm feeling whiny today! Work is really getting to me :-( there's some issues at the moment which will probably be completely different by the time I'm due to return to work. Seriously considering changing the start of my leave. Had planned to finish at 36w but thinking of moving it to 32w. Just want to be able to relax and enjoy the pregnancy and don't feel like I can do that whilst working! 

Sorry for the rant xx 


  • P.S I've got 2 weeks holiday after this week so that's a relief. When are you all finishing?

  • Morning BE.  Sounds horrid for you :( If you can change then do as the stress is just not worth it. I am not finishing until about 38 weeks as no smp or ma so need to get as much cash as possible.

    Afm, 23+5. Back and hips are so sore but hoping my new v pillow will help at night! Nothing really to report. Lots and lots of kicking and baby somersaults which is lovely :)

    Have a good day all x x

  • Hey BE. Sorry that work's not great for you at the mo :-(. I would definitely consider leaving earlier if you'll be more relaxed. It's just a job and you and the baby are so much more important.

    Not much to report from me. Getting a few wriggles and kicks from baby, and am getting nervous ahead of my anomaly scan next week.

    Hope everyone has a good day x

  • Hi all,

    BE - Would you get bored 'waiting' for baby to arrive? My 1st baby was 15days overdue. I finished work at 36weeks and got a bit bored (our freezer ended up rammed with lots of cooking/baking efforts!!)

    Chimp - padding around yourself with pillows will defo help!

    Penny - good luck for scan.

    Okay, gonna revel to you lot that we are team blue. Slightly stunned as i thought baby was gonna be a another girl. We have no boys names on our short (we either cant agree or cant come up with any!). All the stuff we own is pink (well its not as bad as that article in news yesterday about that person who'd spend 3k on pink stuff and then had a boy). I will get used to idea - it was a good job we found out i think, so i do have time to get used to the idea.

    (He is gonna have boy bits - i have no idea what i'm doing!!! and then he'll turn into a teenage boy, eeeek, eeeek, eeek!!!!!)

  • Morning,

    BE, it's awful when you have work stresses, is there anyway you can grin and bear it so you can spend longer with LO once they've arrived?

    Chimpanzee, boo to aches and pains but yeay for baby wriggles!

    Penny, when is your scan? I think it's natural to be nervous, but focus on seeing baby and the excitement of that x

    Horsefan, yeay for team blue!!!! I know what you mean about boy bits though! Does it make it feel more real knowing that he's a boy?

    Afm, work today, have my appraisal so not looking forward to that. Not feeling much movement, if any yet but have appointment next week so trying to relax until then x

  • HF- Just popped back on to read your reveal! Haha It must be strange it feeling like a completely new experience now you know he's a little boy. I don't know whether teenage boy grunts or teenage girl mood swings are better though!? Congrats again :)

  • Morning!

    BumpEnvy- that sounds pants! will you have enough to keep you occupied if u finish early? My fear is that id get bord! Saying that, if you are getting worked up at work, its probably for the best to finish earlier!

    Chimp- which pillow did you get? Ive got a bit of an ache on one of my hipes but i thinks its from the weekend sleeping in a tent!

    Penny- what day is your scan? How is the job going?

    HF- Congratulations!! your H will be in charge of the teenage stage wont he?! It will be nice to get some new bits!

    Mrs P- I didnt really feel anything until this weekend so try not to worry!

    AFM- not much to report, work is a bit slow at the moment so im going to be using some flexi time to leave ealry and crack un with unpacking. I was carrying an empty box along the corridor last night and whacked into the banister which caused the box to bump my bump! This is the second time this has happened, my bump is obviously bigger than i realise. Had a few twinges the side it whacked but H says tht even if it was a full box it wouldnt do any damage through the layers of flesh, fat and amniotic fluid so an empty box collision would be fine!

    Felt  few more kicks last night which was exciting!

  • Just popping in to see what team HF is on :-) congrats and I am sure you will get your head around it. No choice really :-) Oh and I know some lovely teenage boys, my cousins boys are lovely. They don't all turn into greasy, grunting smelly bean poles. ha ha!

  • Hi all

    BE - Bummer about work I'm finishing 36 weeks 2 weeks of A/L then 2 weeks of M/L before due date wish I could take more but want to save some for the other end!

    Chimpanzee - Rubbish getting not much mat pay :(

    Penny - Good luck for scan I'm sure it will fine :)

    Horsefan - Team Blue sooo exciting love everyone finding out I'm team yellow so all that to come! That woman in the papers was a bit mental though? £5000 on baby stuff before its even here??? I wish I had that to spend ha ha! And boys always love there mums!! :)

    Mrs Penguin - Must be appraisal time of year I have mine next week although feel its a bit pointless when I won't be here for most of the next year! lol

    Samjh87 - Hi!

    Mrs bass - I did that the other day pulled my chair into my desk a bit too far takes a while getting used to the change in shape!

    Little Pixie - love your description of teenage boys!

    AFM - Work is dull a the moment think lots off on A/L so quiet which means the time drags!!

  • Yeah HF!! Team blue - you know I was CONVINCED ours was a boy - so spent today getting my head around team pink and winding OH up about ganging up on him :o)

    BE - enjoy your hols - fingers crossed its a bit better when you return :o)

    Penny and Chimp - enjoy yer wriggles and somersaults!! So cute!

    Penguin - hope appraisal goes well xx

    Mrs Bass - I too appear to have bump dysmorphia - almost took a table with me on holiday!!

    Rosy Lee - any games to spice things up a bit? I do like a bit of office chair racing when bored :o)

  • I've just popped back for a nosey and read HFs reveal wowee! A blue one, how fab. xx

  • Evening all, haven't managed to get on since starting the thread this morning! Defo changing my leave date to 13th Sept, really looking forward to it :-)

    HF - thanks for sharing with us :-) time to get name hunting!

  • HF, boys are fab! Once you get the hang of the boys bits (hang haha, sorry) then it's fine lol :o)

    MrsBass, I just went for a v cushion from Ikea, no special maternity pillow. I stretch it out as much as I can, place the v bit under my bump and cuddle up. Figured I can use it when feeding after pregnancy too.

    I am only on here every few days or so at the moment and enjoy catching up with everyone :o) I got the job I was waiting to hear on today so lots more shifts and chance to save for baby coming!

  • Congratulations on the new job Chimpanzee, that's fab news!

  • Congrats on the job chimp :-)

    MrsP - yes, it does feel more real. I am trying to visual life with a boy in future - Saturday morning football match taxi duties and the like!

    Thanks MrsB and LP and Sam.

    Weeme - first baby I was convinced was a boy. She had no willy!? This time, convinced girl. My motherly insights are terrible. LOL.

    MrsBass - yes, defo putting H in charge of teenage boy years!!

    RL  - do they? My H isn't that keen on his Mum. LOL

    Been at Whipsnade zoo all day today. Am utterly shattered. Is it bedtime yet?? It was great tho and LO was thrilled with real live elephants, giraffes and lions (prior to today they just existed as characters in books!)

  • Hi everyone

    Late as per usual so no personals but weeme and horsefan, congrats on teams pink and blue! Chimp, congrats on the job

    AFM I'm just fed up with work now.  I'm only allowed to do the rubbish half of my job because there's someone there who has done the rest of it for a while and doesn't want to give it up and I'm not allowed to upset him.  This means that if we have a week where everything goes wrong, I have a busy week.  If we don't, I have literally nothing to do! The last 2-3 weeks have been problem free so I have managed to get everything ready for when I go off on ML despite not being there for half of last week.  Spent all day going a little bit stir crazy. I get bored if I have a lunch break never mind 8 hours with no work.  And now IT have blocked this site again and all the shopping sites are blocked so I can't do anything.  Still got 82 work days left!

  • jem, I love that you count down too, I'm on 88.5 days left!

  • Eek sorry, can't leave my post count on 666

  • MrsP before I got pregnant I was spending at least an hour a day looking for another job.  I hate what I'm doing, don't want to be in the place I am and the company just think they can get away with treating people like s***. Just trying to find any possible way that means I don't actually have to go back now!!

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