*~* Tuesday 3rd Tri *~*

Hope everyone is managing some decent sleep right now.

i managed a couple of hours but then decided to have a cuppa and read etc as was getting frustrated not being able to get back to sleep! Still got period pain and still losing bits of  bloody show, wish the pain would ramp up a bit now as I don't want this to go on for too long! A bit worried about bouncing on the ball or anything though as don't want a bleed again, sigh, feeling restless and irritable!



  • Morning!

    Not managed on here for a while.

    BE - hope things are ramping up!

    I woke about 2am and couldnt get back to sleep so came downstairs and had tea & toast and read a book. Sorted the washing out and paired all the socks. Trying to decide what to do next lol.

    I have playgroup with Phoebe this am then need to pop to nursery for Aarons parents morning, see what they have to say about him. Then we will may pop to the library or over to my mums. Will see what the day brings.

    Hi to all who follow

    ck 29+4

  • Morning BE glad all is ok and I hope things kick off soon and this bubs arrives!

    Hi CK how are you? I had similar sleep issues, I woke at 12:30 and lay in bed until 20 to 2 then decided to get up. I did most of my asda online shop and fell asleep downstairs on the sofa for, wait for it!, 3 full hours!! Not great sleep but I'm grateful for the 3 hours on the sofa!

    LP I'm still hoping things kick off for you today ahead of tomorrow, baby sparkles is well and truly on notice now.

    Nursery is coming along, we now have a gliding chair and stool and wardrobe built and by the time I get home tonight will also have a cot. The furniture is lovely and while I pondered over it at the time (mostly due to price) I'm glad we got it now!

    Off to get ready for work, that place is really getting me down just now so just want to fast forward to mat leave.

    Hope everyone is well and all our new mummies are enjoying there new babies!!x

  • Morning all,

    BE - Get some rest, dont go bouncing wasting energy, just in case you are in for the long haul.  Did the hospital say why they think you had a bleed?

    CK & MDD - i cant believe i lie in bed wide awake for hours on end and you two are productive - getting up & doing stuff. LOL

    Are we getting a flash of the nursery MDD?

    AFM _ i ordered carpet for hall/stairs/landing yesteday. Hurrah. The end is in sight. Its being fitted 2 weeks tomorrow. I promise a few pics after as a reward for all my moaning about it :-) I have been reading the spinning babies website and decided i really need to start getting down on all 4s and doing some of the other exercises to turn this baby - its killling my back, plus i read it can make babies late, labour longer and more likely to tear - well baby#1 was the right way round but 15days late & 3rd degree tear - although labour was quite quick - i need to turn him!!

  • Morning all!

    BE - I don't think it will be long now for you. Look after yourself x

    miss dee dee and ck - sorry you didn't sleep well. Its so bloody frustrating I know. Best thing to do is get up and do something but like HF I usually lie there in the hope I will drop off again

    HF - sounds like you need to get scrubbing floors! Sending super vibes that baby turns x

    well I had a lovely evening. My besties surprised me with a visit for Chinese and brought cake and lovely presents for me!
  • For some reason the mobile site only lets me write so much?!?! Anyway body butters, socks, shower bits, and other goodies. Oh and the cake was home made. Must have done me some good as I slept really well last night thank goodness.

    Chilled day again. Bit of cleaning then off to my parents for tea tonight. Spicy wings followed by steak!!!! Yum x
  • Morning,

    BE- glad ur ok! Did the hospital give any advive about ball bouncing etc? Hope things pick up soon for you!

    CK- hope u manage yo catvh up on your sleep

    MissDeeDee- sounds like the nursery is really comming along! Don't forget to flash when you've finished! We must get a wiggle on with ours!

    HorseFan- some girls from my nct class used the  spinning babies website and said it was great!

    I've been feelin lots of movements recently which is great. They obviously feel different as there is less space and cant really feel them from the outside but happy to know baby is wiggling around. Feel like I can actually make out their movement more if that makes sense. I felt something the other day that felt like they were stretching and can make out shapes like feet of legs by poking my bump! At least I think I can!

    Night time wees are becomming more  frequent but I am managing to get back to sleep so im not complaing!

    Baby out vibes for LP and BumpEnvy!

  • Morning!

    BE, really hope things move quickly for you, but hope you have a relaxing day

    CK, enjoy your day today, whatever it may bring!

    MDD, pleased you are happy with the nursery. Hope work goes quickly for you .

    Horsefan, pics, pics, pics!

    Afm, took myself off to the spare room as realised I struggle to fall asleep as I worry about keeping H awake. It worked!

    Hi to all that follow, if there's anyone left!

  • LP- sounds like a greag night, what fab friends! Hope u are feeling more positive! Enjoy ur night tonight!

  • LP, baby out vibes to you!

    Mrs Bass, wriggly baby is a great feeling. I still can't work out which bit it where though x

  • Morning all, I'm on my phone at the moment but when I get on laptop later I'll be back for personals.

    I had a lovely day yesterday, h was off work so we went on a date like 15 year olds! Bowling, cinema and pizza! I'm feeling very sorry for myself today as I've been sick a few times through the night :( I've now got a mega headache and I want to go to sleep. But we have a man coming any minute to do a few odd jobs, fitting cupboards, putting up shelves and fitting an outside light so I'm dressed and sat waiting :(

  • CK - At least you won't have so much to do during the day! Hope you have a nice day.

    Mdd - Looking forward to a nursery flash! Work will soon be a distant memory :-)

    HF - They said it was just 'one of those things' but not to worry. Yey for carpet decision! Good luck with the baby turning exercises.

    LP - Glad you had a nice evening and you seem to be in a good frame of mind about things, still time for Sparkles to make her appearance before your induction though!

    Mrs Bass - They didn't tell me to NOT do anything so I guess it's just what I feel comfy doing. Right now I'm too tired to do much anyway. Your movements will be like that now, I've loved feeling baby's feet, can't wait to see them!

    MrsP - Glad you slept well :-)

    Afm - Feeling tired and rubbish! Was up from 12-7, thought contractions were kicking off at 3 so had a nice bath but now just back to constant period pains. Had a 30min sleep at 7 and now just resting in the hope I'll doze rather than pressuring myself to sleep and getting frustrated! The show seems to have stopped now, got midwife at 2:45 so hoping she can offer some encouragement! Trying to hold back the tears, feel like this is going to go on for days and not sure how I'll have the energy for it :-(

  • Missed you Custard, sounds like a lovely day yesterday :-) sorry you're feeling poorly, hope you feel better! X

  • MrsP- glad u managed to get some sleep!

    Custard- sounds like a great day y.day! Really hope u are feeling better soon!

    BE- id just snuggle on the sofa with ur duvet and take it easy! Hopefully the midwife has positive news for u!

    The we are going for a wonder to Blenheim Palace today. Ive spotted an old fashion sweet shop in the village though so may have to stock up before we go!

  • Hi ladies

    Just sneaking in whilst feeding S. just wanted to give LP and BE baby out vibes.

    BE - get your rest, I felt like my contractions lasted for days but then all of a sudden ramped up. Very unpredictable so I'm glad I had had a restful day. Glad everything is ok and good luck x

  • Thanks Banzy :-) xx how are you getting on?

  • Another one sneaking in whilst feeding to offer baby out vibes to LP and BE. Hope things pick up soon ladies x

  • Thank you Sam :-) hope the feeding is going ok? Xx

  • We're doing ok thanks BE. Having a few feeding issues. More with my boobs than S, I'm quite engorged so in a bit of pain but S is trying his best to cope with being squirted in the face!! All good apart from that, I could stare at him all day, he's so beautifuul!

    Afternoon Sam, hope you're getting on ok too. Hope feeding is improving for you too x

  • Yes, baby out vibes LP and BE looking forward to hearing your news x

  • Feeding has really improved, S' s latch is really good now so nips are improving slowly but surely!

    Only problem we are having is that boob seems to send her to sleep so keeping her awake to feed is difficult. She is also still wanting to feed constantly in the evenings/ night time and won't sleep in her crib.

    Its a good job shes super cute because she can be such a monkey! Haha

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