*~* Wednesday 3rd Tri *~*

Morning lovely ladies! How are we all? 

LP, Banzy & MS - Anything to report? Baby out vibes coming your way like Tsunami waves!

MrsB - Happy Birthday to Isla! Hope you have a lovely day and bump is well behaved!

AFM - In a much better mood this morning as cold is subsiding, just got the cough and sore throat. Going to get on with some house bits this morning (spent the last 2 days in bed) and hopefully do something with my mum this arvo as she finishes at lunch today.

Decided that we're starting all the 'baby out' methods now, although there's no scientific proof anything works, I thought it might be a bit of fun and something to pass the time! So, it's time for pineapple, clary sage, blowing up balloons etc! 



  • Morning BE thanks for Isla's birthday wishes. We got her a wooden kitchen as her big present which she is busily playing with now.

    Glad to hear you're feeling a bit more human. Still, don't go over doing it today.

    AFM taking Isla to soft play this morning unfortunately H still has to work so going with a friend and her LO. Then family coming over for tea and cake later this afternoon. Absolutely no signs from baby that she will make an appearance soon so just a waiting game now xxx

  • Morning BE - glad you are starting to feel better, enjoy your afternoon with your mum

    Mrs B - happy birthday to Isla, have a lovely day.

    AFM - 40+1 and kept awake most if the night with contractions again. They seem to be coming every 5/6 mins a bit more painful than yesterday's. decided to send H off to work as I had contractions all day yesterday and nothing happened but said if they develop any more I will ring him straight away. Luckily LO has nursery so I have just got to muster the energy to get her there and then just concentrate on relaxing today. Will probably go over to my dads for a bath and continue timing contractions.

    Baby out vibes for LP and MS - hope you're feeling a little better today MS x

  • MrsB - Aww sweet, I used to love 'cooking' with my kitchen!

    Banzy - Oooh sounds good, hope that this is it!

  • Morning girls.

    BE - glad you are on the mend. X

    Mrs b - hope Isla has a lovely day

    banzy- that all sounds very promising! ! Fingers crossed

    nothing from me. Had a nice day yesterday at my bestie's house. Her 3 year old told me the baby is coming Thursday. I'm getting annoyed I have no signs. I have been trying!!!! Suppose I should be grateful that I still feel well and active and not 100% fed up yet. Look at me trying to be positive :-)

    hi to everyone that follows x x x
  • LP - Let's hope your friend's LO is right!

  • Morning

    BE, good luck with the baby out techniques! Have fun trying ;-)

    MrsB, happy birthday Isla, hope you both have a lovely day x

    Banzy, good luck, hope this is it! Will keep checking for that BA!

    LP, positive mental attitude, I like it! Baby out vibes to you , maybe she will appear by stealth!

    Afm, midwife appointment yesterday , all ok. Must start doing pelvic floor though!
  • Hi all, in a rush (situation normal) as off to Swindon to visit old uni friend. Gotta go via Boots tho to collect 2nd half of my antibiotic prescription - as they only had 4tablets in stock yesterday when I went in (they popped out to 2 ddifferent chemists to see if they could track some down too!

  • Morning ladies, popping on quickly to say that waters broke last night. Got checked over at hospital and as no contractions or other signs of labour was sent home and been booked in for induction at 9pm tonight if nothing happens in the mean time. I'm disappointed i wont get my water birth and will have to be induced. Trying to get plenty of rest now so i have the energy to do this. See you on the other side and wish me luck!

  • Morning Mummysimpson, fingers crossed things get moving on their own, but if not , wishing you lots of rest today and a very smooth induction! Good luck xxx
  • LP - at least you are feeling relaxed, hopefully that will help when the time comes x

    Mrs P - get doing that pelvic floor, I keep forgetting!

    HF - gave a lovely day with your friend

    MS - good luck with it all, looking forward to seeing your BA very soon. Positives vibes that something starts before tonight!! xxx

  • MrsP - I keep forgetting about pelvic floor too!

    HF - Enjoy meeting up with your friend.

    MS - Yey for waters breaking! Fx those contractions get going soon. Good luck! Xx

  • Good luck MS I hope things start on their own before tonight. Thinking of you xx

  • Morning everyone!

    BE- glad you are feeling better! Never heard of the blowing up balloons one!

    MrsB- Happy Birthday to Isla!! How old is she today?

    Banzy- its soundign promissing, baby out vibes!!

    LP- lets hope the 3 year old is right!! Baby out vibes!

    MrsP- ive been doing pelvic floor since day one! ALthough apparently u are supposed to do it 3-5 times a day!! I sometime go a few days without doing it! ooops!

    HorseFan- have a good catch up. hope Boots have enough drugs today!

    MummySimpson- that's great news 9although not great about not getting your water birth) You'll be getting baby cuddles so soon!!!

    Back at work today booo, but  only 4 days (have an event sat) then we are off on our summer holiday next weeks! H has been so busy with the band over the summer this is our first opportunity!  

    thought Id have a relaxing bath las tnight but our bath is small and it was quite tricky to get somfy in it now. i hope the hotel next week has a nice big bath!!

  • Mrs bass Isla's 2 today

  • Morning Mrs Bass, apparently blowing up balloons is good as it increases pressure in the abdomen! Hopefully the next few days go quickly so you and H can enjoy your time off together.

    MrsB - Isla's such a cutie! Hope she's enjoying herself x

  • Mrs Bass - lovely to have a holiday to look foward to, hope the next few days fly by for you.

    Lovely photo Mrs B, little cutie!

    Still here having contractions and bouncing on my ball. Nothing seems to be progressing though! I'm very impatient!!

  • ah Mrs B, was that her Birthday pressie?! How adorable!

    BE- never heard of that before! Hope it works!

    Banzy- me too! have a busy weekend both work and socially too so i'll be ready for next week! keep bouncing have u got a movie or DVD u can put on to distract you?

    All we have done is book a hotel, we have no other plans. Im hoping some walking and pub lunches. I suggested playing russian roulette with teh stand of tourist leaflets they always have in hotels receptions. Pick one at random and whatever it is, we do that that  day. h wasn't so keen though! :-)

  • Yes that was her pressie from me and H she has a shed load more to open from other people this afternoon when H gets home x

  • Good luck mummy Simpson!!!
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