*~* Wednesday 3rd Tri *~*

Morning all :-) 

LP - Happy Induction day! Hope you are feeling well rested and ready to finally meet Sparkles :-) 

I slept! Had a curry last night with a small glass of wine, ate some pineapple, dusted & hoovered then took some paracetamol and went to bed. Managed almost 7 hours with a 45 min gap in the middle and I feel so much better for it! 

Hope everyone has a good day, I'm going to try and stay relaxed now in the hope that the midwife was telling the truth and things get moving!


  • Morning!!

    BE- Glad you had a fab sleep! Hope all the things you tried yesterday make baby BE get a wriggle on! :-) cant wait to see your BA, eeks!

    Happy induction day to LP! Cant wait to start seeing lots more BA very soon :-)

    AFM- just getting ready for work, going in loaded with cakes and treats for my work colleagues, spreading them all over three days so that everyone gets some. 3 more days left! :-)

    Have a good day everyone. Hi to all that follow *waves*

  • Morning.

    It great to read positive posts this morn!

    BE- so glad you got some sleep! Haveca nice relaxed day!

    Gemini- ur lucky work mates! Any lucky u just 3 days!

    Baby Bass is still rather wigglie but when it's not it seems to pick the same position, with one foot in my rib!

    LP- best of luck for this evening!! Not long unyil u will be cuddling your baby!

  • LP hope today goes well and baby sparkles is here soon!

    BE great news! Hopefully things will progress now and your all rested for it!

    Gem enjoy your last few days, much be a great feeling!

    Mrs Bass I had a permanent foot in my ribs until bubs decided to turn round last week, I know have a very obvious head just to the left and above my belly button, you can both see and feel the bit lump! It looks so strange and I think actually freaks my H out a bit!

    AFM I also slept!! I went to bed at 10, woke about 2ish for the loo and fully expected to go back to just lie in bed but I fell back asleep and woke at 10 to 6 just before my alarm! Was soooo nice to have a good sleep! Nursery is looking good, I'll def flash some photos when it's done (hopefully this weekend!!)x

  • Good luck today LP. Will be looking out for your BA! Concentrate on all the squishy newborn cuddles you can look forward to soon :-) x

  • Well slightly quieter today aren't we?! lol.

    BE, glad you feel better. Sleep can make such a difference! Hope it is not too much longer for you! x

    Gemini, enjoy your last three days..and the cake!

    MtsBass, such an uncomfortable feeling isn't it? lol. I have the head down in my pelvis but a foot in my ribs, urgh!

    MissDD, yay for sleep!

    Hello Sam! :o)

    Afm, 37+6 so from tomorrow I am all set for homebirth. Baby has been head down in my pelvis for two days now and ouch! Had our breastfeeding session at ante-natal yesterday and I can honestly say I have never felt so patronised, will definitely be giving feedback on it next week. I am very pro-bf and am hoping to ebf for 6 months but my goodness, was very intense and almost brainwashing, even OH didn't like it :/

    Hope everyone has a good day, big big hugs to Little Pixie, cannot wait for baby Sparkles to be announced! :o)

    C x

  • Missdeedee- glad u managed to sleep!

    Chimp- that is such a dhame! Was it an NCT one? Ours was great & H said it was the most useful of all the vlasses. Didbu get some phone numbers & websites so if u need supportbor advice u can go tonsomeone else!

    I guess I am just happy baby bass is comfy!

  • Gemini - Enjoy your last few days at work, hope your colleagues appreciate the goodies!

    Mrs Bass - My baby has been in the same position since 31 weeks. Hope you have a good day.

    Mdd - Really glad you also had a good night, it really does make a difference!

    Hi Sam! Xx

    Chimp - That sounds a bit rubbish, we only had one 2 hour session here cramming everything in because they don't have enough staff to run anything properly right now! Hopefully baby won't keep you waiting too long :-)

    Afm - Had a bath this morning and was almost falling asleep! So thought I better get out and I managed another hour of napping :-) feeling happy and excited about it all now and really hoping the midwife was right about baby coming this week! Else I fear the good mood may not last hehe!

  • Morning ladies and thanks for the good luck wishes. Having a chilled day today. It's pretty cool being able to plan. Cleaning done, bag checked etc. Roll on 9pm when I can call and hopefully go in!!
  • Morning ladies,

    BE- baby out vibes!!

    G- enjoy your last 3 days. I feel slightly cheated as I didn't have a last day :(

    Mrsbass- foot under ribs - check! I keep tell her off for hurting me! Mean baby!

    Mrsdeedee- can't wait for the nursery flash. Mine is finished but messy as covered in Christmas presents!

    Hello Sam! :)

    Chimp- sorry your class was a bit much. Mine was quite good but I'm guessing it's a learn as you do thing. I will be that annoying patient who asks a million questions!

    Afm- I *only* had 4 wees last night! Inbetween this I slept pretty well. I was up with h this morning when he went to work 6-7.45 then back to bed (just to warm up ;) ) and slept 8-10.30! Fab nap!  Baby keeps putting her feet up my ribs and kinda twists them. She's also got into a lovely habit of sticking her arms out so far round my side it's practically my back!  What's all that about! I'm on a mission to finish washing all baby things today and finish wrapping up Christmas presents. I want to have my bags packed by the weekend.

  • Morning (just)

    BE, Yeay for sleeping well! Fingers crossed baby wants to make an appearance soon!

    Gemini, hope the 3 days fly by and you have a nice easy time.

    Mrs Bass, hope your ribs get some respite soon, mine are taking a battering too.

    MDD, pleased you got a good nights sleep too! Can't wait to see the nursery!

    Hi Sam, hope you are all doing well!

    Chimpanzee, must be lovely being all set for the home birth! How exciting. I haven't started the nct yet, but I'm not looking forward to the breast feeding one, I too hope to ebf, but I'm not going to suffer badly to do so. I've been warned about how pushy or patronised they'll be!

    LP, enjoy your day today, best of luck for tonight! Really hope to see sparkles BA! Xxx

  • Just popping in to say hi to everyone and good luck LP looking forward to your BA xx

  • Sorry, pressed reply not return!

    Custard, 4 wee's, I thought I was bad with two! Sounds like you're getting all organised too, must start thinking about all of this!

    Hi Mrs B, hope you are all doing well xxx

    Afm, prepping for a meeting at work to agree to going part-time on my return, so keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow!

  • Hi all, feeling tired today - LO seems to have caught a cold and was awake for hour + half during night and then it took me another half hour ish to nod off after (approx 5am). Yawn!

    Sorry for lack of personals. Just .... BE - I can't believe you are still here!

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