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Hello ladies, how is everyone doing on Hump Day? 

We had the in-laws over, they loved the house, MIL was excited at how big I am now (she's been quite disappointed the couple times we've seen them. I struggled to stay 'with it' until they left at 9.30pm. Am still quite swollen so will take BP in morning, and have a very, VERY lazy day :)


  • Morning. Glad your Inlaws like the house, must be lovely showing it off. I really think you should give your mw a call today, just to be on the safe side.

    Awful heartburn and reflux overnight here, seems to have suddenly got so much worse again. Bump seems to have dropped a bit too and is making my hips even more uncomfy even though I know it's got to happen. Going to try a new toddler group with p this morning and maybe park later. I'm sleeping ok but I'm so tired constantly. Which is making m
  • e grumpy.

    Wow read that back, I'm a miserable cow aren't i?!?!
  • Hope your bp is ok counter xx

    AR I'm so excited your bump has dropped, can you tell when the head engages?

    Afm sorry I didn't get back on yesterday, my company changed to windows 7 and it wouldn't allow me to sign in!

    For those who asked pgp is the same as spd, it's just pain in the pelvis and inner thigh, some back pain. Mainly when getting into bed, or sitting down, or walking up stairs, getting in the car etc. so all the time!

    Today I have my anesthetist appt, please please keep your fingers crossed for me, I need them to say I can have an epidural!!!!

  • Are you set on an epi monnie?? I hope it all goes well for you. I did reply yesterday and say my bmi is 36 at the moment but I e not had an appointment. Perhaps it varies by area.

    You generally get a lot of pressure when baby engages but it doesn't mean much with second babies as they can engage and pop back up loads before labour.
  • Counter, even if your BP is technically ok, I'd still give the midwife a call!  Glad the in-laws liked the house.

    AR, I think you're entitled to be grumpy, isn't that what late pregnancy is all about?  I hope the new toddler group is fun, and that you have nice weather for the park.

    Monnie, my fingers are firmly crossed for you.  If you have to be induced on the drip, you definitely want the option of an epidural to be available to you, but if it isn't, there are still other pain drugs you can have, right?  And the pgp sounds awful.  I've had one particular pain in my tailbone when I walk long distances, but I don't think it has a fancy name or anything.

    AFM, baby was still really quiet all day yesterday, but I lay down to watch a movie and counted some movements and just got to 10 in two hours, and that was with a cold drink and a snack before hand.  Then she kicked a bit more as I lay in bed before going to sleep, but not as much as she had last week.  I think she might just have moved and changed her schedule, but it's annoying not being able to relax at anyone during pregnancy- it's one damn worry after another!  I woke up coughing and wheezing and heartburn-y at about 4 in the morning, too, but the upside of that was that she kicked up a storm for about half an hour to make me feel better as I chomped on a couple heartburn tablets.  Wow, now I sound grumpy!!

  • AR- theres a whole section in our notes about the 'management' of women with a bmi over 35, its so patronising !

    im set on the epi, becasue im being induced and the midwife said once they give a drip of sentocin, they alwasy recommend an epidural as you can go from 2-3 cms dialated to 8cms in half an hour . that scares me haha!

    the other pain relief options dont appeal to me to much becasue they all have sickness as a side effect and im thinking when im in the midst of labour i dont want to add that to the mix aswell haha !

    try sleeping with a few extra pillows Wispa, see if that helps night time. i always find a cold glass of water and laying on my side gets madam dancing! xx

  • Morning!

    Counter - glad you've been able to show off the house! I'm so looking forward to that being possible here! Hope you give the midwife a call today even if it's just to put your mind at rest.

    AR - does heartburn get better when bump drops as everything isn't so squashed? I hope so for your sake. Hope P enjoys toddler group.

    Monnie - hope all goes well with the consultant. I guess even if you don't have the epidural it's nice to know that the choice is there for you so hopefully it works out.

    Wispa -mine can be like that. When I went to get checked out at the hospital she started wriggling around as soon as they strapped me to the monitor. The midwife didn't mind at all though, I think they'd rather you're a bit over cautious.  I find chocolate always gets her moving (and if I have to then obviously I'll eat a big bar...just for the baby of course!)

    AFM - crappy nights sleep last night as between the weight of the baby and this bloody cold I can barely breathe. H moved himself to the sofa (I think my snoring is keeping him up!) but I was tossing and turning all night. Fortunately he's off today so I have some company!

    Baby wise she was really active last night like she was trying to escape which made me wince. A lot! Did two loads of baby washing so at least the stuff in the hospital bag is ready to go (up till yesterday it all still had tags on). I'm getting more and more worried about how big she's going to be. It's not at all rationale but I'm freaking out at the prospect of little old me having a 9/10lb baby and just don't see how physically it'll work. I'm assuming this is a normal fear at this point...

  • Morning

    Counter- Hope you can have some rest today. Hope BP is OK too.

    AR- I feel your pain. I was like that over the weekend but it seems to have eased off now.

    Wispa- Do you know the location of your placenta? Mine in anterior high and this really has muffled a lot of the movements. So I haven't felt this baby as much.

    Flossy- makes it feel all real when you sort the baby clothes!

    AFM- still plodding along. Not much change... Swimming today with my middle child, after he goes to pre school.

  • Monnie-fair enough. I went from 0cm to birth in 4 hours with p and was begging for and epi. Trouble is by the time anyone believed i was progressing that fast it was too late!

    Flossy- all normal fears but I'm sure you'll have a nice normal size baby!

    S4- creeping closer to the secret date! Enjoy swimming
  • Monnie. I start out with three pillows, but in the night I tend to lose one and go back to normally sleeping!  Oh well, it's not going to kill me.

    Flossy, I'm torn between not wanting to be a bother to them and wanting to be extra extra sure everything is fine.  I hope your cold goes soon, doesn't sound fun at all.  And I do think the size worry is normal.  I know it's not a perfect indicator, but how have you been measuring?

    S4, I've got an anterior high placenta as well, but up until a few days ago I was feeling much more, which is why I worry, but I suppose baby might have moved into a position where she's kicking at the placenta.  Enjoy swimming!

    I felt a grand total of 2 movements from 8-10am, had a tall glass of ice water and some chocolate, and since then I've felt 9 movements, all pretty evenly spaced out.  Hold the phone, I might have just felt the 10th.  So, nothing to worry about, right?  I wish she would go mad for a solid 10 minutes or so like she used to.  I haven't had anything like that in over a week :(

  • Wispa, honestly if you're going to be worrying yourself you're better off getting checked out. It's probably absolutely fine but they might be able to confirm that she's wriggled into a position you can't feel and put your mind at rest.

    I've been measuring spot on at every appointment. Although my midwife is so rushed all the time that I'm not entirely sure how accurate she is when she takes the measurements!  I'm 38 weeks and she's hasn't mentioned anything about a birth plan, it was only when I bought it up as she was practicing kicking me out of my appointment last time that she said we'd look at it this week. Nor has she even mentioned breastfeeding or anything like that. It's literally BP, measure bump, listen to the heartbeat and out I go!

  • Wispa please call and speak to a mw if you are at all worried. I promise no midwife ever will mind and reassurance is worth so much.

    Flossy I think id be saying something about being so rushed all the time. It's not on, especially for a first time mum. I never wrote a birth plan with p and had a very open mind. I did talk through with H how I felt about certain things and some things is prefer so he could vocalise it if I couldn't.
  • To be honest with the birth plan thing I am pretty much the same, in that I'm really open minded. I'd love to avoid an epidural if I can, and have spoken to H about why, and told him that I want him to say no the first two times I ask in case it's just me asking in a panic!  I've gone through the post labour stuff with H too, it'd just be nice to have a professional make sure I haven't forgotten anything!

    I guess it's a positive and it's because I'm low risk, but I can't help but think I get overlooked sometimes because I'm not kicking up a fuss. The anti-D was a perfect example, she just told me to book it, no reasoning behind it, I had to find it out for myself. There's a standard NHS leaflet about it but she didn't even give me one of those. Just seemed a bit dismissive. It doesn't help that I'm giving birth at a different trust, I've found the midwives there a lot more helpful and they actually discuss things related to the boxes they tick (unlike the community midwife who just ticks everything!) My 40-week appointment and any after that are back at the hospital so I'm pleased about that.

    I find it really weird when people post things like 'I've text my midwife to see what she thinks.' I don't even know the name of the one I usually see!

  • That is such a shame really. I've had a good relationship with my community mw both times (although never been given a text option!) although more so the first one. My community mw with p also works at the hospital and ended up delivering her which was lovely. You'd be well within your rights to complain, the least she should be doing is explaining stuff she's referred you for!!!
  • just back from my appt, i can have an epidural :-)

  • Great news, Monnie!!

    I ended up going in to the day assessment unit to be monitored.  The first 20 minutes on the monitor there was noting, even despite the glass of water, but heart rate was fine.  She had me sit up and drink some more and baby started moving around a bit, but I couldn't feel most of it, probably because of the anterior placenta.  She said she wasn't terribly unhappy about it, but referred me for a (probably unnecessary) scan anyways, so looks like I get to see baby again!

  • I'm glad you went to be checked wispa. Always best to be on the safe side. And yay to seeing baby again :-)

    Monnie that's good news
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