*~* Weds 3rd tri *~*

Good morning ladies. It's hump day, hope anyone struggling with the working week can take heart that we're halfway :)

Baxter went quieter than ever fine got checked and all fine. Feeling a bit low as had quite a big run-in with a colleague, he was pretty nasty to me, the only consolation is that he did it in front of the Chairman, so at least someone else witnessed it, but it's left me feeling a bit off... Loads to do so not taking all of today off, doing half day from home but with hubby sleeping off a night it suits me perfectly! Me + excel + sofa :)

No signs of anything baby-wise. Boobs much sorer than usual and swelling is impressive but that's it. 

Hope AR gets some action soon! And that Monnie's carpal tunnel isn't getting any worse. 

LeeLee - did you come back after your scan? Sorry, might have missed it, hope all is fine.

Flossy, did you sort an anniversary outing? I've booked afternoon tea for my team and I Thurs p.m. and haircut Fri p.m. Thought I might book nails for Sat, plus we've got coffee and cake Mothers Day Sunday. Don't want to feel like I'm just waiting, lol!

Wispa, good news about your car, so rare for these things not to become a massive ball-ache, ha ha. 

Vix - I have had those nausea spells wheh I need to eat, I just assume it's a growth spurt. Hate the nausea though.

SG - hope your early night did the trick. I went to bed early last night 'to read' and I woke at midnight already with a big chunk of good, deep sleep under my belt and I hadn't even realised I'd dozed off, bedside lamp was on and book was abandoned next to me :)

Waving Hi to Bertie. Hello to anyone else!



  • Morning counter! Hope the work thing is ok today, I hate things like that. Very glad all was ok last night too, Baxter was clearly just having some down time :-)

    I'm still here and thoroughly pissed off. Beginning to think I'll make my sweep on Friday after all. Despite loads more stuff coming out and cramps on and off and dodgy stomach and feeling sick. No baby. Early night last night and slept 9pm-3am solidly then on and off. Couple of things to do this morning and seeing friend this afternoon.
  • Might book a haircut for Saturday I think. The sun is out here so that's something to be cheery about at least. Woken up with horrible heartburn too which is something else to put on my 'reasons to be a miserable cow' list. Sorry to be such a grump, hope everyone else is well
  • Early start ladies!

    Counter - glad all is ok with Baxter. Your colleague sounds horrible, is he the one that's been giving you trouble for a bit? Hope you manage to get some rest today. Depending on the weather I'm think we might drive to Greenwich on Saturday for a little wander and some lunch but will see how I feel, hopefully I'll be fine. Our actual anniversary is Sunday but given that it's Mother's Day too , I don't think well even bother trying to get in anywhere for a nice lunch as everywhere will be so busy!

    AR - it's grey and miserable here so enjoy your sunshine. Hopefully with all the niggles you've been having the sweep might do something. At least you're getting one nice and early. Definitely treat yourself to a haircut!

    AFM - 39 weeks today! Crazy how fast it seems to have one but now I feel a bit like it's dragging as it did during first tri. Went out for dinner with friends last night which was nice although I'm rapidly running out of clothes that fit at the moment!

    So I now have my nails booked on Friday, anniversary plans on Saturday, H has said all along he doesn't want the baby to come on our actual anniversary on Sunday and I've said I don't want her to have an April Fools birthday...is this tempting fate enough?! If I get through all of that at least I know there's the potential of a sweep next Wednesday and after that I'll have an idea of what the plan is moving forward plus an induction date if it gets that far.

  • Morning flossy. Plans are definitely the way forward, happy 39 weeks!!! I'm the same with April fools although I forgot that my friends little girl is April 1st and it never occurs to me about the date. H's birthday is 2 days after my due date so don't want that day either ideal. These babies have their own plans though don't they?! Your plans for Saturday sound lovely, definitely better than trying to do a lunch on Sunday.
  • Morning!  Counter, AR, and Flossy, you're all still getting all my baby out vibes!!

    Counter, glad someone witnessed the event, but doesn't make it any easier to take.  Enjoy your sofa day, even if half of it will be spent working!

    AR, yes, definitely book the hair appt for Sat.  It will mean you won't be able to make it due to baby that way.

    Flossy, 39 weeks!  Hopefully baby sticks to your schedules, though I'm not sure how much you'll really mind if you do end up having an April fools baby :)

    AFM, I hate immigration.  Just throwing that out there.  I've been dealing with UK immigration for a few years now and that's all well and good, but now I'm having to deal with Canadian immigration as well, as I will need to sort out a certificate of Canadian citizenship for baby.  It isn't helped but he fact that I changed everything to my married name in the UK, but my Canadian passport is still in my maiden name, and so is my biometric residence permit for the UK, so i think I'm going to have to change those first, and it's an expensive hassle.  Sorry for the moan.

    I had a dream last night our baby came early (not too early, still term) and very suddenly and H missed the birth!  I also dreamt that we suddenly needed to buy loads of tiny baby stuff because she was under 7 lbs!

  • AR - really feel as though you can't have long. Most people only have a week or so of true pre-labour don't they? I know there's exceptions but it seems like you must end up the weekend with a baby to celebrate Mothers Day with?!? Hope so! Do book the haircut, every little helps, either for Sod's law, or another little event between now and d-day :)  

    Flossy, day out sounds nice!

    I *wish* we could pick the dates!!!!! I'm not keen on April Fools either. I'm petrified of going over, but 10th is my sister's birthday, and 13th is my favourite because the best grandad in the world (sadly passed) was born April 13th as well as Andy's old uni friend who was our best man. But I'd prefer today ha ha

  • Wispa, I feel for you with all the paperwork, anyone I know who needs to sort such things ends up well and truly naffed off. One of my oldest friends had a terrible time relocating to USA and another is here from SA and it's rotten!

  • Morning all!

    Counter- what a total n0b your work colleague is! Glad the chairman heard. Half day doesn't sound so bad, enjoy! Glad Baxter was wriggly after being checked, always best to go and be seen when concerned.

    AR- must be very frustrating! Did things go a lot quicker with P? Booking a hair appointment is a good idea, some last min pampering is always good.

    Flossy-  happy 39 weeks! Sounds like you have some lovely plans coming up. I am with you on the running out of clothes!

    Wispa- that does sound a pain, hope you sort it all soon. Oh the baby dreams, I had one last night too that I gave birth with no pain relief... Doubt that will be happening!

    Afm I have had two good sleeps in a row, wooo! Meeting a friend for lunch on her break today and then ironing when I get back... Fun! Baby seems to be very wriggly at night time, did lots of bouncing on my ball last night to try turn her to face the other way but no luck as yet I don't think.

  • Bertie - loving that you got sleep. Really helps!!! Enjoy lunch! I'll say nothing about the ironing!

    Midwife has texted me to suggest I see consultant by 11.30 today (no idea where) else I have to wait 2 more weeks. Waiting for her to call me back but have a husband sleeping off a night and a locksmith here so I'm tempted to skip it... No point in deciding until I hear back from her again which I hope is soon!!

  • Morning all.

    Counter, sorry your colleague is being an ***, not long to go now then you can ignore it for a little bit at least. Lots of baby out vibes.

    AR, more baby out vibes for you. (I think this is going to be a bit of a morning of baby out vibes!) Hope you have a nice day today if baby decides not to make an appearance.

    Flossy, making plans seems like a good way of invoking the law of sod. Hope something happens in the next few days for you.

    Wispa, immigration sounds like a total pain, you have my sympathy! One of the nursery workers at J's nursery just had her baby at 37 weeks, 5lb4, so teeny tiny. It's made me think a little more about being early!

    Bertie, Woo for 2 good sleeps. Lunch with a friend sounds good, ironing less so. Keep on bouncing, hopefully it'll help!

    AFM, work today. It's not looking too busy at the moment, which is good. I had a decent night's sleep last night too, so am feeling quite refreshed. I'm getting lots of BH compared to last time, hopefully this means my body will know what to do and I'll have a super speedy labour. (Hmm.) I'm also getting lots of stretch marks, and had none last time, this does not please me!

    Baby out vibes to all who need them!

  • Wispa - hope all the immigration stuff doesn't drag on too much. I hate paperwork! I still haven't got round to changing anything into my married name (except for Facebook and the place where I get my nails done!)

    Bertie - I didn't really feel any difference when my baby turned, I guess maybe my back hurt a bit less but that councided with finishing work so I figured it was because I wasn't sat at my desk all day. The midwife said you can feel a dip in your stomach when the baby is back to back where they can push their arms and legs out. Here's hoping all the bouncing works!

    Counter - did she say why she wanted you to see the consultant? I'd be inclined to go along just in case it's something that could interfere with your home birth plans?

    SG - glad you got a good nights sleep! It really makes all the difference doesn't it? I thought I'd escaped stretch marks but now we have a big full length mirror in our room I've notice that I haven't! Touchwood they don't seem too bad yet.

    Feel like I've had a productive morning I Sainsbirys so rewarding myself with a cup of tea and chocolate biscuits while I watch Netflix. I'll be more productive this afternoon if I rest now!

  • hello ladies, just a quickie about to go on a call !

    just back from the hospital still no insulin ! yay! next growth scan in a fortnight where i might be given my date for induction

  • That's great news Monnie!

  • Hi ladies,

    I am usually more of a lurker but now I have started mat leave I have a bit more time and thought id join in if that's ok. I'm 36+5 and was finally diagnosed with gest diabetes yesterday, have suspected it for. While but still atleast picked up now. Diet controlling until next tues then in clinic to see how going. Monnie are you a fellow gd ?

    I can't see tickers on phone but sounds like there's a few imminent babies on this thread!
  • Spikey - I share your views about BHs, I positively revel in them (stooped woman) because I had none first time and went very over. I think it might mean my body has some muscle memory from 17 years ago and is going to go in to spontaneous labour like a dream ha ha. Not so good about the stretch marks though. I have a billion so a few more don't worry me :)

    Hello trifle - don't think we've 'met' before, come on in!!! There's 2 ladies in 3rd tri with GD so you're not alone :)

    AFM, saw consultant, midwife joined in too. It went like this:

    Consultant: you're at increased risk of shoulder dystocia because baby's abdominal circ is off the scale.

    Me: I think I birthed well before and I am a lower risk than someone of a petite frame. I am happy - at this stage - with the risk. Exactly what risk are we talking about? Because if t's high, I want inducing at  term. It's then, to me, more about mitigating the chance of dystocia due to size, as opposed to expecting it and being in hospital where I can receive emergency treatment.

    Consultant: Induction has lots of risks, we wouldn't induce you until the very end.

    Me: 40+12??? I am not happy about going that far over if you've called me in for a chat because I am high risk. I have had a very positive induction experience and don't want to go nearly 2 weeks over.

    Consultant: Maybe 40+10....

    Me: Should I be concerned about the baby? Not the delivery but is there a chance something is wrong with the baby based on these stats?

    Consultant: Erm.... we should test you for Gestational Diabetes.

    End of appointment: 1) He has documented he cannot recommend a homebirth. 2) I am sticking with homebirth for the foreseeable because currently Baxter is probably not as big as Harry was and he came out naturally with a tiny graze only. 3) My notes say I can be induced at 41 weeks. 4) I am allowed a sweep at my MW apt tomorrow. 5) I am having the GTT on Monday. 6) I will be growth scanned again before term. 7) I go back and see the consultant 2 weeks time to review (40+1). 8) Off the record the MW thinks I am right to go another week or two and hold out for the homebirth but after that she's really not sure but feels the extra scan will help.

    All in all it felt like they were covering themselves so they could say we were informed. The consultant told us - and in a nice way - that if we've weighed up our personal preferences, my previous birth experience and everything they've said and we still want a homebirth then it's up to us entirely, they just want to make sure we understand the full picture.

  • Sorry for a long one. I just wanted to put it out there as if anyone has any advice/thoughts I'm happy to hear them :)

  • Counter, that appt didn't sound particularly helpful..  Glad you're getting a sweep tomorrow, here's hoping it works for you.

    Come on it, trifle!  

    Great news, Monnie!

    Flossy, I love my married name and wanted to change everything ASAP, but the passport would have been an expensive change, so I decided against it!  What did you watch on netflix.  Any good recommendations?

    SG, hopefully the BH area. Good ing.  I've not had any, but this is my first, and I'm pretty lazy so not overdoing things :). They do say second labours are much quicker and easier!

    Bertie, how can you tell which way she is facing?  I get being able to tell if they're head up or down but can you tell if they're facing front or back?

  • counter- your so brave, shoulder dystocia is one of my absolute biggest fears!

    AR- def book in for your hair and give yourself a pamper, your nearly there now hun, celebrate :-)

    Flossy - not long now hun, i hope you can enjoy all of your weekend plans :-)

    wispa- sorry about the stress, of immigration :-(

    Bertie - beyond jel of your sleep !!

    SG- sorry about work today but at least the sleep will have helped , i look like an AA road map with my stretch marks at the moment

    Trifle- wow they diagnosed that late, did you have a growth scan? yeh i have GD currently diet controlled :-)

    AFM - i did post my little update about my diabetes appt today so i am chuffed about that, i woke up twice in the night with cramp, poor H thought i was in labour again!

    im not enjoying some parts of this rpegnancy haha, i go to bed with BH, so contractions in my tummy, i wake up with contractions in my calf, i wear splints on both hands for carpel tunnel and i wear a girdle belt for PGP lol i test my blood 3 x a day for GD. in my head pregnancy was such a happy positive experience lol !

    glad i can laugh about it though

  • Counter, that sounds really disappointing re consultant app. I had a disappointing consultation yesterday and find that you build self up for it and come out wondering what happened! Great you having a sweep tomo. Are you near the hospital too?

    Monnie: I know! I had a gtt about ten weeks ago and was fine but kept saying to mw and at my appts I hadn't been feeling great and felt linked in to when I've eaten but was dismissed, was only because my urine has glucose in last week was given monitoring k
  • Can't get in with dietician so been advised to have low gi diet? Any tips gratefully received!
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