*~* Weekend 3rd Tri *~*

Had a rubbish night, I'm really struggling with this cough and it's making everything so sore! I don't think my body has the energy to fight it off and be 39 weeks pregnant so any spare 'baby out' vibes would be appreciated (after LP and MrsB!)

What's everyone got planned? Think H and I are going to go shopping, he needs new shirts for work and I'd like to have a nose around the shops! Looking forward to buying some new clothes once bump has gone.


  • Morning BE. Baby out vibes to you! So sorry your cough is lingering, definitely not what you need right now.  Have you been to the doctors? My friend got recurrent chest infections whilst pregnant, I hope yours doesn't develop into this xx enjoy shppping later today and take lots of breaks for coffee/ lunch so your not on Your feet too long.

    AFM prob TMI but we DTD last night to try and shift this baby, doesn't seem to have done anything so far. Think my H thought Christmas had come early. Bless, he has been somewhat deprived lately.

    This morning we have water babies with Isla, then popping to see my sis as I didn't actually make it yesterday, (Isla had a long nap) other than that nothing else planned other than possibly having a baby!!

  • Saw the Dr yesterday MrsB, no infection luckily but just feeling a bit fed up after 5 days of coughing! Resorted to a swig of brandy last night which actually worked.

    Hopefully things will get moving or you might have to DTD again! We did it last weekend but I don't think I can now, feel different 'down there' which I'm pretty sure is pressure from baby dropping? Without going tmi I have a sort of pulsing/throbbing feeling like I've had rough sex! Midwife on Tues so will see what she thinks.

    Hope Isla enjoys water babies and becomes a big sister soon! Xx

  • I feel like that 'down there' too but thought what the heck needed to try something to shift this baby!! It's definitely the pressure of baby making things feel swollen. Oh the glamour!! I would keep up with the brandy if it worked. Won't hurt at this late stage xx

  • Morning ladies!

    Baby out vibes to you both!! BE your cough sounds dreadful! That's the last thing you need supping all your energy.

    Mrs B I love that everyone 'resorts' to DTD at the end! I can't see me convincing H on that in 8 weeks time!

    AFM I've now adjusted to my new sleep pattern, so bed until 2ish, awake 2-4, then some sleep until roughly 5:30-6 then wise awake! I'm sure I'll get this much sleep when bubs arrives!
  • Oh and were finally getting the flooring done in the nursery this weekend and I'm going shopping tomorrow to get the things I'm missing for my hospital bag and get that packed and to go to m&s and order our turkey etc for Xmas. Only 5 more weeks left at work thankfully, honestly they've turned into complete horrors with my pegnancy! Of that I have at least 3 days working from home so hoping it just flies by!
  • Morning MDD  that sleep pattern will definitely prepare you for baby's arrival! Have you got anything planned this weekend?

  • Glad to know it's a normal feeling MrsB! There is definitely nothing glamorous now xx

    Mdd - Morning, hopefully baby will fit in with your new sleep routine! Hope you have a nice weekend xx

  • Morning ladies!

    BE- have you been to the Drs to see if there is anything they can give you for it?

    Mrs B- i think my H would go into shock if I suggested DTD!! might have to warn him that it might be required in a few weeks!

    missdeedee- atleast here is  a pattern to your sleep now so u know what to expect!

    yesterdays event set up finished early which was nice. i was so tired all afternoon though! H has a couple of friends staying this weekend so between getting up for a we, them coming in at 2am, H coming to bed, i think i woke up every 2 hours last night! Heading off to work for the event in a min :-( Think im going to have to sleep on the train later!!

    I can't log on from my phone so i will be lurking but wont be able to post again until tomorrow evening.

    Hope you all have lovely weekends and sending bucket loads of baby out vibes!!!!! xxx

  • Just popping in to say no proper sweep yesterday. She moved my cervix forward a bit but couldn't do a full sweep. Induction booked for wed night. Was gutted yesterday but am just facing facts now. Trying to be positive about it. Hi everyone x x
  • Morning all! A flying visit as got a busy day ahead of painting the nursery, meeting friends for lunch, then out tonight to celebrate a friends birthday!

    Baby out vibes to those that need them. I hope you all have a lovely weekend! :-)

  • Morning ladies,

    Come on babies!! We're ready to meet you now!

    I've been up every hour throughout the night to pee! That's 3 nights in a row so I'm guessing that's it now :(

    We have my h's best friend staying this weekend. Last night we went out for a meal and went bowling. I used the kiddies ramp as I thought bowling prob isn't the best plan!

    I wrote my hospital bag list this morning and wow I'm going to need a massive bag!!

  • Hey all, been painting again today - woodwork. There is tons of it - grrrrr to old houses with fancy banisters, picture rails & high skirting!  Got a horrible bad back now too - well I have most evenings but seems worse today :-(  Sorry to grumble :-)

  • Another whinge from me! So fed up with this cold, don't feel too bad during the day but the nights are horrendous. Been up since 3:40, had honey & lemon, tried steaming, couldn't stop coughing in bed so tried sleeping in my nursery chair and finally broke down in tears at 5 :-( H got up and made me a cuppa and we're now snuggled under a duvet on the sofa (he's asleep). I know it sounds silly but right now I feel like I'm never going to get better. Part of me wants the baby out as I feel that my body can't cope with both and part of me wants baby to stay in til I'm better! Whinge, moan, whinge! Sorry ladies, just feeling very sorry for myself right now!

    Going to have a read of my new parenting book and hopefully I'll be able to doze off at some point.

    Back later for a less 'woe is me' post! Xxx

  • Hi all! Just popping on to give baby out vibes to LP, MrsB and anyone else who needs them. We are hoping to finally be discharged today. So fingers crossed for us! Good luck to everybody. X

  • Hi MS so good to hear from you. Thanks for the vibes. Think baby is too comfy in there. Still no signs at all.

    Fingers crossed you get to go home today x

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