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  • Morning!

    What you up to today? Is that you now officially finished work?

    My poor H has a migraine so is off back to lie down. I think we have a weekend of pottering ahead but nothing strenuous thankfully! Bought hospital bag components so might assemble them. Gawd that sounds dull!!! Hope you all have more exciting plans than me!

  • Morning ladies

    Hope you are all ok?

    My appointment with the anaesthetist didn't go exactly how I wanted yesterday! Firstly on a positive note I can still try and have a natural birth in the Labour ward, they agreed I am not to have any spinal intevention due to what happened to me previously, therefore no epidural or spinals, so if worse come to worse and I need a C section I will have to be asleep, which is something I've always known however the parts of that that upset me are that hubby cannot be with me whilst I'm asleep therefore he will also miss out on his baby being born, I am not allowed to have skin on skin, and cannot establish breastfeeding until the GA is out of my system, also they said I will be in more pain as I cannot have any numbing therefore will need more pain relief which will stop me from breastfeeding for an even longer amount of time!

    I know its all if's and maybes at the moment, I'm just so hoping I can get this baby out without the need of a section but its in the hands of the gods!

    Anyway that's my rant, feeling quite low at the min so will take myself off for a bit and get my head round everything

    Baby out vibes to those who need it xxx

  • Morning ladies

    NLH, I'm sorry to hear the meeting didn't go as well as you'd have hoped. Are you leaking colostrum at all? Someone suggested to me recently that if any leaks to try and catch it (they mentioned little cups that sit over your nipples, sounded like nipple shields to me? Which you can then freeze and give to baby when it arrives. Just thought id mention in case it's something you'd like to try, so baby would get your colostrum when you weren't able to feed, if it came to that, although hopefully it won't though and natural birth will work out. I'm not leaking and didn't with M so doubt it'll be something I'd be able to do anyway. Also might be worth contacting a local breastfeeding counsellor before the birth for advice?

    SP, enjoy hospital bag packing! It'll be nice packing those tiny little clothes :)

    All ok here, just heading out to give the decorator peace as M has asked him questions about pink paint and butterflies on and off for am hour now Laugh got some boring jobs to do later in the house, and M has asked H if they can go to the football this afternoon(!) So I might get a few hours of quiet, unless she changes her mind which is entirely possible! 30 weeks today, happy to see that number!

  • Morning

    Big hugs NLH, easy natural birth vibes to you xxx

    Sweetpea, enjoy building your hospital bag, I still have bits to put into mine!

    Weekender, happy 30 weeks! Enjoy a bit of you time if they do go to the footie.

    Afm,  no plans this weekend, feel in limbo but need to make sure we enjoy our last weekend - eek!

    Picked up the new car yesterday so might go for a drive. Xxx

  • Hi everyone

    NLH- Big hugs, I hope the initial shock has worn off. DId they say why your H can't be present if you have a section?? Fingers crossed it'll be a natural delivery and none of this will be relevant for you.

    SP- Enjoy pottering! Sounds good re the hospital bag, it'll feel good when you're all done and prepared! I was thinking of doing similar this afternoon as I have all the bits and pieces I just need to chuck it in the bag!

    Weeekender- happy 30 weeks, and hope you get your peace and quiet!!

    Mrs P- Enjoy the new car! Sending lots of baby out vibes for you!!

    AFM I dragged the H to Dunelm Mill this morning and we finally have curtains for the lounge!! Unfortunately our windows are annoyingly sized so I'll need to take them up (or rather- ask my Mum!!!) but getting there. Had a rubbish night's sleep, very achey and uncomfortable so not planning to do much for the rest of the day :-)

  • Evening everyone

    NLH - It must be disappointing to hear that from the consultant, hopefully you will get the natural birth.

    SP - That sounds exciting to me! Although maybe makes me feel like I need to get organised :)

    WE - Happy 30 weeks! Hope you managed to get some rest.

    Mrs P - Eek, but so exciting!

    Rose - Ha ha, I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't have a clue about sewing! Hope you sleep better tonight, being uncomfortable is horrible.

    AFM - Had our first antenatal class today. Felt a bit of a fraud as didn't tell the group we had lost our first baby but to be honest I didn't want to worry them all and it felt a bit like I had a head start on them having experienced labour before. I'm sure next week will be easier as its about post natal and baby care which I know nothing about!!

    Managed to get the heating fixed last night so toasty warm now. Luckily it wasn't anything too expensive. Currently chilling out as H has gone out with his mates, might even go to bed soon (rock and roll!!)

  • Evening ladies,

    NLH - sorry your appointment wasn't as you hoped. At least you can be prepare if you have to have a c section but hopefully you can deliver naturally.

    SP - hope you got your hospital bag sorted. It's not boring, I love doing stuff like that! I'm a bit gutted everything is ready really haha. Hope your H is feeling better.

    Weekender - thats exciting you have the decorator round. Did you manage some piece and quiet this afternoon?

    Mrs P - Yey not long to go now! Baby out vibes. Enjoy the new car too.

    Rose - I feel your pain, I am constantly uncomfortable now. Not too much longer to go.

    Mrs V - glad you got the heating sorted :) not a good time to be sat in the cold. Glad the antenatal classes went well.

    We went to a breast feeding class today and then another talk at our birth centre. I shouldn't complain because it's all good prep but I feel like its a bit of information overload and I'd rather just get it over with now! It was a bit tricky getting to hospital today with all the floods in our area. We found a non-flooded route but hopefully it doesnt get worse as we have to cross the Thames. Also our hospital is having renovations so it looks like the birth pool will be out of order noooooo! We have our last NCT tomorrow which is the parenting skills bit which I am looking forward to.

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