*~*~ Weekend 3rd Tri ~*~*

Happy weekend everyone! What are you all up to?

We're off for a second viewing of a house this morning and hopefully a first viewing of another one but the estate agent is struggling to get hold of the tenants in that one to arrange it, grrrr. We still don't have ours on the market so don't expect anything to happen too soon but hopefully seeig this house again will help us decide what to do.

No other plans really, may try and go out somewhere tomorrow.

Less than 24 hours until September, I'm more confident of a September baby now, if not of a vbac (see separate thread)

Baby out vibes to those who want them!

BG 38+1


  • I'm not third tri anymore, but just sticking my nose in to say 'hello' and for some baby out vibes. Surely we must be due a BA this weekend?

  • Morning,

    BG I love looking at houses. I'm addicted to right move even though we are nowhere near close to finishing the work on our house ready to sell.

    IDC hi, how are you getting on, are you recovering well from the CS?

    AFM no plans really. H is doing dIY so I'm keeping out of his way. Off to the supermarket in a bit then making a big batch of soup this afternoon. Carrot and coriander mmmmm

    Hope everyone has a nice weekend, I agree we need a BA, not been one for a while

    JT 33+2

  • CS recovery has been AMAZING. Can't walk too far, but have been bending, getting on and off the floor and generally doing most things (bar lifting/reaching high). Scar is healing now but they made a bit of a mess of it this time. Not too worried though. Will give it a year and then maybe have it operated on to tidy it up.

    Baby 1oz over birth weight on day 10. He's git at slight umbilical hernia (looks like big outie sort of, as opposed to bulge above belly button) which has panicked hubby, but it seems like he will grow out of it so hopefully it's no issue.

  • Morning!

    BG have fun nosing around the house. I miss house hunting some days, its stressful but fun! I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed for your vbac.

    IDC hello! Great to hear that your recovery is going well, nice to "see" you

    JT carrot and coriander is my favourite soup mmmm

    AFM currently sat in the Ikea returns dept waiting for AGES to return a blind we bought for the nursery that doesn't fit. There is a half hour wait! Had a nice last day at work until my maternity replacement decided to throw a strop and burst in to tears half an hour before I left...not good. Nothing really planned today, bbq at ILs this evening :)

    I think noodle is in need of baby out vibes, I think she's the next BA!

  • Morning all

    BG - good luck with the house viewings!

    IDC - glad to hear from you and so happy you are healing well. I'm feeling more and more confident about my section from all the positive stories on here.

    JT - that's my favourite soup, yum yum.

    PC - hope Ikea doesn't wear you out too much and you manage to replace the blind.

    AFM - H is currently doing the gardening and occupying L :) I'm doing housework (boring) but after lunch we are going to the park for ice cream - the weather is so nice here today not a cloud in the sky!

    Poppy 36+6

  • Afternoon all

    BG- good luck with the viewing, I love looking at houses get addicted to right move!

    Hi IDC how are you? Sounds like baby is doimg well

    JT- have a lovely relaxing day

    popcorn- what did she throw a strop for? Hope ikea domt keep you waiting too long, lovely day for a BBQ

    Poppyseeds- make the most of chilling in the sunshine today. Have fun in the park!

    AFM 40+3 still no signs, went for a curry last night just gave me chronic heartburn all night haha. Hope everyone has a good day

  • Afternoon all,

    Will hopefully pop on for personals later, have had a very busy day so far and am exhausted! Manual labour should be illegal in 3rd tri (I've been grooming and photographer for my horse who's on loan at a show all morning and then fencing all afternoon - just got in!) Restful afternoon and evening planned, before an early night - as I have to get up and do the grooming / photography bit again tomorrow!

  • Wave IDC, glad your recovery is going well and he's putting on weight.

    JT - me too, H is dead keen on this house but I feel a bit cheated if we don't go to see more Laugh. Hope you haven't spent all afternoon cooking, it's lovely weather out there.

    Pc - hope you managed to get the blind sorted. You don't need to bother with Ikea now you're on may leave though! (says me who was there last Sat on a bank hol weekend Laugh)

    PS - icecream in the park sounds fab. I took A to the park yesterday after work and bought him an icecream from the van and now he knows what the ice cream van is he's been asking for one every time he hears the chime - which seems an awful lot! I'm trying to rectify my mummy fail by telling him the tune means they've run out but he's not believing me yet.

    Noodle - well done on the curry. I suggest to H that we go out for an extra hot curry for our anniversary on Thursday. Hope you don't have much longer to wait.

    Mrs50's - how did they get on? What type of comp was it? Hope you feel better after a rest.

    AFM - seen the house and answered some of our concerns over it. Also got H to test out the walk to the station and it was only 13 minutes at a comfortable pace, which is a lot better than the 20 we thought it would be. Need to sit down and work out what to do, whether we could keep and rent out this house or not, if not get it on the market. Still want to see the other house too yet. It's just such a massive decision to make, I'm scared of making the wrong move.

    H and A are currently asleep, I've just ordered shopping now going to clean the bathroom. Wtf? Is this nesting?

    Must finish that hospital bag soon too!

  • Happy Sunday all!

    BG - Hope you and H aren't finding house planning too stressful!

    IDC - Glad things are going well :-)

    JT - Hope the soup turned out well and you are enjoying a quiet weekend!

    Popcorn - Oh dear, I hate returns! Hope the BBQ was good.

    PS - Sounds lovely :-)

    Noodle - Lots of baby out vibes to you!!

    Mrs50s - Hope you get plenty of rest later on!

    A good weekend for me, H got a new job offer on Friday so we went out for a nice meal last night to our favourite restaurant, they were really accommodating for me and made me a really yummy fruit cocktail when I thought I would have to have lemonade! Then I woke up this morning to a text from my cousin announcing the arrival of her little girl :-) now feeling ultra excited about becoming a mummy! Have had the music channels on all morning and bump has been very active, especially when boy bands are on so now H thinks it's a girl hehe.

    Hope everyone is having a good day xx

  • Ooh my fruit has changed :-)

  • IDC glad recovery is going well

    PC hope ikea wasn't too stressful. I can't cope with it at weekends. Can't believe your replacement had a strop! Be glad your out of the way if that!

    PS hope your ice cream was nice. Definately too cool for it here

    Noodle sorry the curry didn't work

    50s hope you have an easier day today

    BG glad the second viewing went well. I was starting to think yesterday I should probably pack my bag soon so you've made me feel better knowing yours isn't done!

    BE congrats to H for the new job!

    AFM made the biggest batch of soup ever, and I normally absolutely love coriander, but the smell made me feel really sick I can't bare to taste it! It's all been put in the freezer for now. I'm assuming pregnancy has affected my smell but I couldn't stand being anywhere near it!

  • Hope we've all had a lovely weekend. I am absolutely shattered, party yesterday followed by friends over in the afternoon and H's sister over straight after. Shopping this morning, baking cakes and then BBQ with my family here with party games for the kids. I have just finished tidying up and am enjoying a well deserved sit down! If only I could enjoy it with a nice glass of red :) Have my last 4 days left at work, its going to be a bit of a crazy week with K going back to school as well. Oh well sure it will fly by. Happy it is now September so won't have another August baby.

    Feel like my bump has grown in the past few days but he seems quite happy in there!!

    Here's to a good week ahead for us all.



  • Hope everyone had a good weekend! Still no sign of this baby as yet!

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