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Good morning ladies!

i have been awake since around 04:30, I have my scan today and managed to dream about missing it because of the hours being wrong.. Think it was forward not back tho lol! So been awake since listening to the storm.. Sounds pretty bad out there! 

Scans not until 09:45 so hopefully I will get some sleep by then! 

Hello to all that follow x


  • Morning CC

    So exciting that you have your scan today! Very good luck, make sure you come back and show us! I'll be thinking of you at 9.45 x

    AFM, I was getting cramps and pains for hours last night, woke up today and they're still there a little bit. It kind of feels like very mild period pains. I know they're probably stretching pains, but it's still worrying. I cried to H a little bit about them last night as I was getting worried, but they're a lot milder this morning. On a plus I tried another CBD this morning and I've gone up to 2-3 :) I'm 16dpo today, 4+2 :)

    Hi to all who follow x

  • Morning! Wave

    ChocolateCupcake - how exciting...enjoy your scan...pic later please Fluffy

    Figaro - I'm sure they are just stretching pains, I've been getting them too, I did as well when pg with my daughter around the same time AF was due which never showed! It's funny how we pray for all symptoms in the 2WW and then as soon as we get our BFP the symptoms worry us!!

    AFM - 4 weeks today! Bounce Did another test yesterday and the line came up practically straight away and ridiculously dark! Having waves of nausea and feel like I could sleep for a year!! Sleepy

  • Will of course update you ladies!

    Fig - They are totally normal, It's hard to not worry about them though! hope they aren't too painful though!

    BM - Yay to 4 weeks! Boo to nausea and feeling like you can sleep for a year!

    I am feeling knackard now! Will have to nap later haha!

  • CC- good luck i cant wait to see the picture !

    figaro- they can be scary but my midwife said as long as theres no blood, its just your uterus stretching and your baby getting comfy !

    BM- the tiredness was the worst thing for me in the first few weeks. jsut rest whenever you can and ask hubby to help out!

    AFm- im 10weeks today ! eeekkkk, still got some stretching going on. bit of morning sickness this morning, but my mum got me those bands for your wrists for travel sickness and they have worked a treat !

  • Morning ladies.

    CC - yay for the scan today, hope everything is going well (I'm guessing you're in now!) Looking forward to an update and pic later.

    Figaro, try not to worry about the cramps, I had lots of it with both my last pregnancy and this one, it's very normal.

    BM - yay for 4 weeks and a darker test! Not so yay to sickness and tiredness.

    Monnie, fab news the bands are working for you. I tried them but they didn't seem to do much, so have taked them back off as they're a bit of a giveaway at work.

    AFM, tired tired tired. I went to bed at 7.50pm last night, but still want to sleep today. Still another 3 weeks to the scan, times is passing so very slowly. I'm still feeling sick on and off, but it's not as bad as it was I don't think, as long as I keep eating loads I stay fairly able to function.

  • Hi!

    I have been moved from 12+4 too 13+6! Everything is perfect! 

    Best I can get! Even tho the pics the right way around! its coming up upside down and side ways lol!

  • Aw, CC, you've got a little baby in there! Congratulations!

  • congrats cc thats beautiful!

  • It was amazing! He/She was naughty and wouldn't show her the back of the head fluid haha! she got it eventually!

  • Awwww CC how lovely!! Love

    I do love scan pictures! Fluffy

  • Afternoon all!

    CC - what a lovely scan picture, bet you're so pleased :)

    Figaro - I had cramps just like you are describing so try not to worry

    BM - yay for darker line!!  Hope the sickness and tiredness abate soon

    Monnie -  glad the bands are working for you!

    SG - I'm just the same with the tiredness, as soon as I get in the house I just want to sleep and the same with eating.  I've just crammed down two bread rolls with a 600g carton of soup hoping I'll stay full until tea!

    AFM - 9 weeks yesterday and ticking along nicely, only feeling sick when I'm hungry, it's just the tiredness that's the killer.  We went to H's bother's house on Saturday night to have a meal with him and his wife and it just came over me that I had to leave and go to bed.  Thankfully they know what I'm like and found it funny when I just sat up and said "I need to leave.  I have to go to bed"

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