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Morning gang,

Well the sweep didn't do anything over night, maybe something will start today? I've no plans other than to potter about the house whilst A is at nursery. May go for a walk if it's not raining. May have a baby? Who knows.

Thinking of investigating reflexology for tomorrow if nothing has happened yet.

Thank you for all the baby out vibes yesterday, please keep them coming!

BG 40+5



  • Morning BG - was wondering if anything had progressed with you, hopefully something will happen today!

    Not been feeling right the past couple of days, bit of a dodgy tummy (sorry) and just feel a bit groggy and odd. Hope I'm not coming down with something!

    Hello to everyone :-)

  • Just sneaking on to send baby out vibes to BG xx

  • Thanks CK!

    Hope you're not coming down with anything too nasty BE.

  • Morning Ladies!

    BG_ Lots of baby out vibes for you, hopefully its not far off now!!

    BE- hope your feeling better soon! I had a funny tummy over the weekend but it seems to have sorted its self out now. Wasnt sure if the huge womb was just putting pressure on my digestive system!

    We had our first NCT class last night that went well. H was horrified when he found out it was 2 1/2 hours but it flew by. seems like a a really nice group of people so hopefully I'll make some maternity leave friends!

    Got the midwife this morning so Ive taken a flexi morning. Having a relaxed breakfast before getting my butt in gear!

  • Morning,

    BG baby out vibes to you. Hopefully you can get out for a walk to get things going.

    BE hope you feel better soon and don't come down with anything nasty.

    AFM have got a pregnancy massage this morning which I'm looking forward to, feeling quite achy after lots of cleaning yesterday. Then popping in to see my mum and dad and just running a few errands. Yoga tonight, should be nice, I always sleep much better after yoga. Other than that, nothing to report...baby is fine, lots of stretching going on in there!

  • Sorry missed you there Mrs Bass. My H was a bit put off by the length of our NCT classes but he ended up quite enjoying them. Glad you've got a nice bunch of ladies. I've already met up with some of ours, its lovely. Hope mw goes ok.

  • In a rush today ladies, but wanted to pop on and see if there was any news from BG. Baby out vibes heading your way by the bucketload! xxx

  • BG - lots of baby out vibes for you, enjoy a relaxing day while A is at nursery.

    BE - hope you're feeling better soon and not coming down with anything x

    Mrs Bass - glad the Nct class went well x

    Popcorn - sounds like a lovely day, enjoy the massage.

    Afm - had a pretty good nights sleep but still feeling a bit tired. Have a child free day so I'm going to potter round the house cleaning and will probably fit a nap in too.


  • Morning little pixie, missed you there x

  • Morning ladies,

    BG Get walking up and down lots of stairs, and bouncing on your ball. Fingers crossed something starts soon

    BE hope you feel better soon

    Hi ck hope you are well

    MrsBass glad the NCT class went well

    PC massage and yoga. Sounds like a lovely day

    LP hi hope you are well

    AFM more decorating :( got the midwife thus afternoon. Then meeting up with friends tonight for gossip and cake

    JT 35+6

  • Hi Banzy, enjoy the child free day!

  • Morning All,

    BG- Baby out vibes by the bazillions being sent to you!

    BE- Sorry you're not feeling too good. Hope you perk up soon.

    MrsBass- Glad they seem like a lovely lot at your NCT class. Hope the midwife appt goes well today.

    Popcorn- Very jealous of your pregnancy massage! Enjoy every second :)

    LP- Morning :)

    Banzy- Try to take it easy today and definitely fit a nap in if you can.

    JT- I do sympathise with you on the decorating front. It feels like it is never ending in our house too (and we still have 2 doors upstairs without handles..). At least you have gossip and cake to look forward to.

    AFM- This time in 2 weeks it will be my first day of annual/ maternity leave! I can't blinking wait!

  • JT - sounds like a busy day, enjoy the cake tonight!

    Sam - 2 weeks will fly by!! 3 weeks for me and I can't wait!

  • Morning all

    BG more baby out vibes coming your way.

    BE hope you feel better soon

    Mrs bass glad you enjoyed your class. I didn't do NCT but a lot of my friends did and they've made friends for life.

    Popcorn. Enjoy your massage,sounds lush.

    LP morning!!

    Banzy enjoy your child free day. I do love one of those occasionally!

    JT don't over do it with the decorating. A gossip and cake with friends sounds like my kind of evening. Have fun.

    Sam whoop! Let the countdown begin

    AFM my inclination yesterday was correct. My friend got asked to go in a day early to be induced as they were quiet. She had a little boy named Reuben early this morning. So happy for her. A quiet day here today, weather is rubbish. Looking forward to going to the cinema this eve with H. Mum and dad are having Isla to sleep as thay have her on a Thursday anyway. MW rang yesterday to arrange a GTT test for me, my BMI was 30.5 at booking and currently measuring 2cms bigger than date so she just wants to check everything's ok. I was a bit dubious if my BMI anyway so I got my H to measure me and they actually have my height wrong on all my notes so seeing MW next week so she can adjust. So might not be a need for GTT anyway as my actual height takes me under 30 BMI. Hi to all that follow x

  • <crash> come OOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNN pester baby! BG wants to meet her bubba gump! Hell, I want to meet you! And more importantly, learn your name!!! Wink

    Stay positive, stay chilled lovely BG, she'll be here at some point soon xxx

  • Thanks for all the vibes girls. They seem to be working, although I'm not convinced. Contracting every 10-15 minutes. Will try that walk soon.

  • BG- So excited! Really hope things pick up for you!

  • Sam- hopefully all the decorating will be worth it. Once I get to 39 weeks I'm putting a ban on all DIY and making H put all the tools in the cellar out if the way!  Hope the next two weeks go quickly for you

    MrsB what do you plan to see at the cinema? We went last month and I took a cushion in a bag to wedge behind me as I knew I would be so unconfy for two hours otherwise

  • Oh exciting! Get walking!! x

  • We're going to watch About Time JT

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