*Friday - 3rd tri*

Happy due date to meeeeeBounce

It really doesn't feel like it! Nothing to report here, maybe sticking various body parts out of my stomach atm. Another restless night due to heartburn & a cold. The end is in sight! 

Just can't wait to meet my little baby, although I had a dream last night it was a boy so i best look up some boys names lol

ck 40+0 :-) 



  • Happy due date CK!!xx

  • Morning all,

    Makes a change for me to be on here early but I couldn't sleep for little feet in my ribs.

    CK Congrats on your due date not long now no matter what happens. Have you thought of any names yet?

    AFM-I'm having a really rubbish week. We had the garage burgled yesterday night on top of everything else. I've also started with quite bad ankle pain. It's fine if I'm on my toes (in heels) but trying to walk flat footed makes the back of my ankle feel like it's ripping. Not sure if it's a pregnancy related weight issue or just a flare up of my existing neuro condition because it sometimes causes my muscles to shorten. Oh and the burst blood vessels in my face from all the vomiting are not clearing up at all. Sorry I know that sounds whiny like I said I'm just having one of those weeks. Hope you're all doing well xx

  • Morning!

    CK - happy due date!!! Wonder if your dream was a premonition!! When do you see the MW next?

    MDD - hiiiiii!

    BBL - you poor thing :( I'm sorry to hear about your week. That's awful about the burglary! Was much taken? Such a horrible thing to happen. Sounds like you should speak to someone about the ankle pain - you can't go on like that. Hope you have a relaxing weekend.

    AFM slept much better after two terrible nights. Feel better for it today! The massage was so amazing yesterday and I'll defo be back for another before the pregnancy is up. My H leaves for Italy tonight for a snowboarding holiday for a week - baby in vibes please!!!

  • Happy due date CK! Hope you don't have to wait too long.

    Hi MDD

    BLL - Poor you, that sounds like a pretty bad week. Did they take anything too valuable? I can't believe you can burst a blood vessel from throwing up. Make sure you get plenty of rest this weekend.

    Afm - last day of work Yey and payday Yey. Not much to report babywise. Can't wait to catch up on sleep next week!

  • SP - glad the massage was good. I am very jealous! Hope the baby stays put whilst your H is away.

  • Morning all

    Happy due date CK, hope baby doesn't keep you waiting much longer

    BLL, does sound like a rubbish few days, was there much taken from your garage? Hope your ankle clears up

    All ok here, glad it's Friday and looking forward to H being off from lunchtime, he was away most of last weekend and I really missed him, blimmin pregnancy hormones! Got lots to do this weekend to get organised but got a nice DVD night planned with him tonight too :-) babywise all seems ok, 4 days till next scan

    Hi to all on later x

  • Morning

    CK happy due date. Won't be long now!

    BLL -sorry you are having a bad week. I hope you're not in too much pain. Unfortunately for me I see pregnancy as a means to an end. A very lovely end though. With your due date not too far away take each day as it comes.

    Not a lot to report here. Was at work yesterday. 5 more weeks to go! Taking C to have his pre school jab today, so hoping he'll be OK.

  • Missed some of you

    SP - glad you slept better. Your H is lucky!

    LD enjoy your last day at work.

    Weekender- yay for the weekend! Enjoy time with your H

  • My goodness, I must type slow!

    SP, pregnancy massage sounds amazing, def go for more! Glad you slept well it makes such a difference!

    LD, yay to mat leave starting! And to payday! Mine isn't till next Tuesday, seems a lifetime away! Enjoy your weekend x

  • Happy due date CK! Xx

  • Hi all,

    In answer to your question the burglary wasn't too bad a bike and the rest was tools and things. It's just a hassle sorting out all the paperwork and everything.

    SP- Glad you had a better sleep

    WE - Enjoy your long weekend with your H

    S4 - I think I've tried so long for a successful pregnancy I'd romanticised the whole pregnancy to being a wonderful experience, which no doubt set me up to fail. Although comparing to others I know that are pregnant at the same time, I've had a pretty bumpy rides with bleeds and months and months of vomiting. I think there's a bit of guilt in having hated it as I've spent years just wishing my life away wanting to be where I am now.


  • BLL you've longed for a baby and a family - don't feel bad that you've not enjoyed pregnancy especially since it's taken such an awful toll on you xx

    LD - woo hoo to last day!!! Hope you have a treat in store for this evening to celebrate (esp as it's payday!)

    WE - aw enjoy your time with your H! I just know I'm going to be hysterical saying goodbye to mine tonight! Defo the hormones!!

    S4 - hope the jab goes as well as poss!

    Hi BE!

  • Gggrrr! I was awake from 3am to 6.15 and wrote a reply about 4.45am and then before I pressed Send the battery (worn out by Solitaire and Ikea home shopping!) went flat. Starting again....

    CK - HAPPY DUE DATE!!!!!!!!! Hurrah! Hope you're not feeling too bad. Do you have any plans to try and get baby shifting or are you going to wait and see what he/she decides to do?

    BLL - what a horror of a week for you, really hope you feel better soon. Hope the swines didn't get much of your stuff. And please don't feel bad about not enjoying pregnancy. I know that sometimes you think (about lots of things in life, not just this) that you are lucky and so shouldn't moan but you're entitled to feel how you feel and you've been through a lot, vent as much as you like! x

    Sweetpea, very glad the massage did some good. Hope hubby has a nice trip  :)


    Weekender, yay for some hubby time. Enjoy :)

    S4 - 5 weeks will fly by if your BP behaves itself like it has been, fingers crossed!

    AFM, tiredness tears before work yesterday, last night I left on time and walked through the front door and got in to bed, still dressed, with a stinking headache. Missed a load of sleep but feel okay-ish today. 47 days of work left and I'm wondering how I am going to make it through, I'm a right Moaning Minnie at the moment. Good job I can smell the weekend on the horizon! Have got NHS antenatal course tomorrow and next week we've a private Baby/Toddler first aid course at home for the 3 of us. I found a bargain online and thought it couldn't hurt, so am looking forward to both of those things :)

  • Morning,

    CK- Yay to due date! Do you have any names in mind? or have you thought it was a girl so just thought about girls names?

    BLL- Sorry your not feeling too good and having a bad week. Burgled garage! Hope they didnt take anything valuable.

    Sweetpea- Glad you enjoyed the massage, I am going to book mine today. Baby in vibes!

    LD- last day of work! Wooo! Catching up on sleep sounds bliss.

    Weekender- enjoy your night wih H, have you chosen which DVD you're going to watch? Not long til scan :)

    S4- You must finish work around the same time as me. I have been counting down the days!

    AFM- Baby has been moving around lots since early this morning, think she's changing position. Had a night in with H last night, just watching TV so was nice to do nothing and relax. Nothing planned for tonight, just usual dinner and DVD I reckon. Maybe popping to Ikea tomorrow but that place scares me! Was so confused last time I went lol.

  • Counter- I was typing slow and missed you!

    Hope the tiredness eases and you get some rest over the weekend. Thank god it's Friday hey. I really want to do a first aid course, that sounds great. I may search and see if there is one in my area. 47 days, hopefully that will go quickly for you.

  • Morning Ladies

    CK - Happy Due date, sending the baby out vibes your way x

    BLL - so sorry to hear about your crap week, i hope things start to look up for you, have a fatty cuddle from me x

    MDD - Hello (waves) x

    SP - Pregnancy massages rock, i had one last saturday and felt like a zombie after i was so relaxed, defo try and treat yourself to another before the pregnancy is up!  x

    LD - Congrats on your last day of work! enjoy your time off before baby arrives

    WE - sounds like you have a lovely evening planned with hibby, enjoy it x

    S4 - 5 more weeks, yay! x

    BE - Hello lovely lady x

    Counter - not long to go now hun, work will soon be over! enjoy your first aid course i've heard there really good! have a hug too x

    Bertie - good luck with Ikea :)

    AFM - firstly sorry i haven't been around, had so much going on, also as i am not at the office anymore i am no longer infront of the computer every morning to get on here! had an amazing baby bump photo shoot on monday and got the photos back and i am so happy with them and really glad i did it! baby wise i am very very uncomfortable now, 36 weeks today!

    had consultants yesterday, we discussed my fear of going overdue and getting another clot, they totally agreed with me and said it would not be wise to let me go over nor would it be a good idea to induce me as they said if they do induce me the chance of me needing intervention will be higher and in her opinion having a C section would be more dangerous for me than going overdue due to the fact that from any operation you are higher risk of getting a clot especially with abdominal surgery, so anyway week after next i have to go in for a sweep i will be 37+6

    if that oone doesnt get things going then i will go back the week after for another! but hopefully things will start moving on thier own, she told me to start walking more and getting on my ball to try and encourage baby to move down! also had a growth scan and saw the little person asleep with its hand in its mouth, was very cute!

    today i am doing a super clean of the house with my parents! trying to get things sorted now as i am thinking baby will be here before due date! got my baby shower tomorrow really not looking forward to it at all! will hopefully be ok though

    anyway sorry for the long old post! there is so much more going on at the moment that i could get into but i just dont have the energy, so hugs to you all xxx

  • Hey Bertie - are you getting anything specific at Ikea? My basket is over £400 right now, I need to seriously trim it back. I had a budget for everything we were doing in each room and I've spent that elsewhere, the Ikea stuff is just extra. Plus, with 3 of us in the car I don't think we'll even get it all in to drive back from Lakeside ha ha

    I saw someone on here had been on a baby first aid course and I googled, found a man who says I was his first enquiry via Netmums and so if I give a good reference (provided he *is* good) he'll do the 3 of us, 1.5hrs, for £25 all in. He's qualified with the local council and I thought it might be interesting.

    NLH - baby sucking on hand, how very cute!!! it's not long until your sweep then. Exciting. Lots of nesting to do, lol. I hear walking is amazing for helping baby along, and one of the few things the midwives actually stand by, whereas lots of people have anecdotes about other stuff walking seems to highly recommended. Good luck then! Don't be leapfrogging CK to an earlier date though lol!

  • Hello eveyone! Just diving on at work, MD wouldn't let me in all morning and now i'm at work so not got time for personals although i'll try and get back later. GTT came back clear yesterday which is good. Super achey today though, flippin spd. Looking forward to the weekend of not having to run about as much.

    HOpe you're al well.

  • My niece and nephew are a little closer to being born! About 1 cm apparently! They've told her that if no more progress 4ish they'll c-section her. However, judging by everything I have ever heard about having a baby in this particular hospital it won't happen, they won't keep her informed and it'll be delayed until tomorrow. I hope she gets some sleep and some respite from the pain. Can't wait to meet them :)

  • Hi ladies,

    Please forgive my lack of personals, I've had a PTA meeting followed by food shopping and extreme hunger means I'm somewhat lacking in mental power at the moment!

    I'm feeling huge  and fed up, I've had several people ask me how long I have left this morning, I wasn't v impressed lol

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