*Monday 2nd tri**

Morning all!

Thought I'd start todays thread, what with it being my last two days in 2nd tri, eeks!

Booooo to it being Monday again! :-( up early ready for work, it's going to be a long day I fear! Although I must have had a good sleep last night as I didn't wake for the toilet, I feel so shattered and lethargic this morning. Roll on 5.15pm!

Have a good day everyone, will try and check in tonight! :-) 


  • Morning!

    Bummer to monday but yay to last few tri days :-)

    Had a busy weekend here and have a busy week. Nursery this morning and gymnastics this afternoon with my lovely (almost)new pram

  • Sorry, using on mobile strikes again! All seems ok with baby - lots of movement and the kids like feeling the kicks/punches.

    Hope everyone else is good.

    ck 20+3 x

  • Morning!

    Gemini, must be exciting moving to third tri! I'm knackered too, seems par for the course!

    Ck, that's so lovely you're getting loads of movements, I'm desperate to feel something!

    Afm, I'm just trying to figure out where I can get some gaviscon from and something for constipation, so glamorous lol

  • Morning!

    Gemini, good luck on third Tri :) hope work isn't too long for you today.

    CK, that's great the kids are enjoying the movements too.

    Isis, poor you. It isnt very glamorous isn't it!

    Afm, not a huge deal to report. Had a rubbish nights sleep peeing every five minutes which is new for me. But felt a few more kicks yesterday which was lovely. Dreading work although we booked a week off next week to go to Cornwall so will keep thinking about that.

  • Morning all

    On my phone so no personals until tonight. Hope we are all well x

  • Isis - Oh the joys! Hope you get things sorted x

    LD - holiday will be lovely. Hope its a quick week at work and you sleep better tonight. X

    mrsP - morning, have a good day at work x

  • Morning ladies, also late for work so just a quick hello from me.

    CK is your scan soon!? Any more thoughts on what the flavour is?x

  • Got an appointment at 9.50 so at least I should have some relief from the indigestion then I think we'll go to asda as the cupboards are bare!

    LD, up peeing is rubbish, I reckon it'll be 2015 before I have a full nights sleep again lol

    Morning mrsP, hope you're ok?

  • Morning All - Yep Monday again

    Gemini - cannot believe your heading into the 3rd tri!

    Isis - oh the glamour of pregnancy huh!

    AFM - had a very busy weekend and i am shattered! this week is gonig to be a busy one to! got a half day on friday so going to take a look at some buggies with a friend who is two weeks ahead of me :)

  • Morning!

    Gem- Im knackered too, why is it on my days off, i wake up at 6:30am and Im wide awake. When I need to get up at 7am, my body isnt having any of it!

    CK- how exciting for your kids to be able to feel the baby!!! Are they excited about the new arrival?

    Isis- I had indigestion the other day, its what i put my sat night reflux down to too. is Gaviscon ok to take? its ebtter now but it might be worth me getting some in!

    Little Dude- bet you are counting down to your break! we are hoping to get away for a few days but probably wont be until November! H has gigs most weekends then out NCT classes start soon on a Tuesday!  Its been a pain trying to find a few days we can actually go away!

    Mrs P & missdeedee- good morning!!

    NLS- hope you manage to get some time to chillax this week!

    I turned over in bed during the night and forgot i had the extra weight at the front and almost pulled a muscle as bump strained to follow me! I must remember to 'pick it up' and take it with me when I turn over!

    Had a great day y.day with a couple of my besties! My friend is organiaing a 'not a surprise' baby shower! Not sure how i feel about it yet, but hopefully there will be cake so sure it will be ok!!

  • Hi all, on my phone on a train to Birmingham. Meeting my Mum there and taking LO to Sealife. Had a slightly disasterous morning with trains (missed one - despite running down road carrying toddler, handbag & holding bump) then next one was canceled. Finally got directed to a posh Virgin train. Phew :-)

    my horse seems to have developed some strange lumps over past few days. Suspect ringbone. It would explain the 2 bouts of unexplained lameness he has this year. Which is & ot good. Vet will take a look Wednesday to confirm / give prognosis. Worse case scenario will be put to sleep, best case he will be a happy-hacker, more likely he will retire hlive out his days in a field. Am pretty upset to say the least ....

  • Morning everyone

    Gemini - Glad you had a good sleep, despite the early start. I have Monday blues too!

    CK - Glad all is well with you.

    Isis - It is all glamour isn't it?! Hope you get sorted out soon.

    LD - Where are you off to in Cornwall? That's where I live.

    Mrs P - Morning.

    NLH - Friday sounds exciting. Lovely that your friend is pregnant at the same time.

    Mrs B - II'm sure the baby shower will be lovely. I've been to a couple now and the last one was nice because it was just a girly get together really as she didn't want any presents until the baby arrived (and there was lots of cake!)

    HF - Sorry to hear about your horse. I hope its the best case scenario for him.

    AFM - Monday again :( Had a nightmare journey to work and ended up being late but at least the day will go quicker as a result. No news re baby really. Only 8 days till scan and I cannot wait! Getting more and more nervous though as it approaches.

  • HF that sounds like a hectic start to the day, hope the 3 of you have a great time at Sealife though. Sorry to hear about your horse, hope that its the best case scenario!

    MrsV- I said to my mum it might be nice for a few of us to got to Harvery Nics or somewhere similar for lunch and she just said "oh no, that's not what she is thinking of" oh...ok then! Guess i'll just go with the flow!

    I am so knackered, could easily fall asleep at my desk :-(

  • Well I'm back with half a litre of gaviscon and some lactolose, hopefully I'll be feeling a bit better soon. MrsB, gaviscon is most definitely fine and you can get it on prescription in pregnancy so you don't need to pay for it.

  • Morning all! Slightly late on this morning after a busy start at work!

    Gemini - how exciting you are moving to 3rd tri!

    CK i'm jealous of all the movements and kicks you can feel! How exciting!

    Isis - glad you got something sorted. What a pain!

    LD - Oh I hate being up loads in the night. It's exhausting! How lovely to have a nice trip to look forward to!

    Mrs P - Hi!!

    MDD - Hello missus! Hope you aren't running yourself ragged at work!

    NLH - If I remember right you've been thinking about buggies since before your BFP! Lol! Any ideas on what you'll go for?

    MB - that's really sweet of your friend! I'm not sure how I feel about baby showers either....I'm discouraging my work from organising one. More americanisms are arriving in the UK but I hate the idea of people feeling obliged to buy presents! It's like wedding present list dilemma all over again!!

    HF I'm really sorry to read that about your horse. How utterly devastating. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a good outcome.

    Mrs V - That's great that the scan has finally come around! It must be very scary but i'm sure everything will be okay.

    Phew! The thread is busy today!! Which is great! I am another one who had a crappy night - there must be something in the water! H and I went looking at prams and pushchairs yesterday. It's early days for us but there's so much to consider and think about! It's a minefield! Nice to do something baby related. Still waiting patiently on my bump......

    Have a great day all.

  • Hello everyone, wow it’s busy in here! Hope you are all good.

    I just popped in to see how you all are really. I’ll leave personals for today if you don’t mind. I’m not too bad. Another 2 days with no sickness (touch wood!!) so I’m really hoping this is the start of me feeling better. Bump all but disappeared last night which freaked me out a bit. It’s not really back today, I’m just all wobbly again. A week until our gender scan so looking forward to that.

  • oh thanks for letting me know Isis!

    Sweetpea- prams are a minefield! I completelly agree with you about  the showers! There is no way Id organise one for myself, and i sont really want people to get pressies. Ive no idea who would actually come either!  I am grateful that she has thought of it though and making the effort. im sure Ive have a great time!!

    OB- Glad the sickness is staying a way for a bit!

  • Mrs B - the baby shower will be lovely. Thy so sweet of her. Hope you manage to take a holiday in November. We weren't going to bother and then did a last minute thing. So looking forwar to it now.

    Mrs V - we are going to St Ives. Can't wait. Hope the weather will be nice.

    Horsefan - sorry about your horse.

    Isis - glad you have medication now :)

    Hi Ob and NLH.

    SP - I can't get my head around prams either. Still not managed to make a decision but it's fun looking.

  • Evening all! Wow it has been busy n here today. Just finished cooking and washing up after a manic day at work ( I work in a govt funded childcare setting and we have lots of new lovely children starting)

    Now time for a sit down and chill out! Enjoy your evenings everyone! :-)

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