*SENS* help with what to say

My boss's daughter had her baby last night who was born far too early. She had been told the outcome was going to be poor. I would like to send a card but not sure what to write etc? I would obviously like to acknowledge her baby's birth but how do I go about it? Thanks ladies, your help would be most appreciated.



  • I would go very simple with a non-baby card, and say 'Thinking of you all and sending lots of love'.

    Really difficult one. So sad.

  • Opposite to counter I'd go with congratulations, a birth is still to be celebrated even if the life is short.

  • I'd go with an arty card with no words on it and write inside thinking of you and your baby son/daughter. No way would I want a congratulations card but just shows everyone would appreciate different things so there isn't a right or wrong perhaps.

  • I'd pick a plain card, just best to be cautious. Keep it simple. Let them know you're thinking of them. How sad for them.

  • what isis said

  • I would go with a arty card too and then write thinking of you and your baby at this time, I would avoid congratulations cards, but then like others have said everyone would like different things!

  • Yes I wasn't thinking along the congrats card, but didn't want a with sympathy one either. Thanks girls as always your advice has been great.

  • My cousins baby was born at 25 weeks. The outlook at the time was rubbish but she pulled through and is now three.

    I remember my cousin saying she was gutted not to get any congratulation cards.

    I'd say something along the lines of "Congratulations on the birth of your baby. I hope they continue to grow and get stronger every day"

  • Rusty the baby was stillborn so it's a bit difficult to know what to say.

  • Oh god sorry. I read your post all wrong :(

  • Gosh, difficult one. I think I'd go reasonably simple arty - not too bright and celebratory and not too sombre or a 'thinking of you' card. A congratulations is not at all suitable in this situation IMO.

  • I read it wrong too! Id go for the blank option

  • How sad :-(

  • Then to answer your question, I think a condolence card is entirely appropriate x

  • I wasn't sure reading the OP on the outcome, thanks for clarifying, and I agree with the others that a condolence card is entirely appropriate.

    How sad for all concerned.

  • Sorry I didn't word it well. I will go for an blank card I think and write a few lines. My boss was so excited when he told me a few months back and to have this happen is so very sad. Thanks again.

  • I'm sure she'll appreciate your kind words and thoughts x

  • How sad.

    If you know the babys name, refer to the baby by name.

    When my sister died, my Mum was hurt nobody called her Naomi, it was "baby" or rarely "daughter".

  • I read it wrong too. How sad x

  • I would also get either a condolence card, or a thinking of you card. Either way the sentiment is the same and I'm sure they'll appreciate any kind words from you.

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