*Wednesday - 3rd tri*

Morning all, 

Though I'd start the thread as I am awake with heartburn and have just finished my glass of milk so contemplating getting up but really can't be bothered.

Not much happening here, have mw tomorrow who I haven't seen for a month, unsure as to when I'll see her after 2mo either. I've hardly seen anyone this pregnancy. 

MrsP - I hope things ramped up for you and you have baby now xx

ck 38+5 x



  • Good morning! Heartburn and I are good buddies right now too! CK - how come you've had so little interaction? I just assume their routines are similar across the board. I'm still monthly now, but think it moves to fortnightly next month.

    Things fine here, in a good phase at the moment, and super-busy. I still get my breath taken away by some baby movements which is silly really, I guess I forget he/she is there and then Whoosh! There's a disco going on! :)

  • Morning,

    Ck, no such luck. Contractions get down to. 7 mins then slow again. Not sure how much longer I can do this, I've had no sleep since Sunday night now. Going to hospital to have bp measured this morning, hope they can get things going.

    Counter, I  loved the wriggles, but was amazed at how painful some kicks could be


  • Morning ladies

    CK, hope thr heartburn went, does milk help it for you then? Know what you mean about midwives, I had an appointment on Christmas eve and next one is in 4 weeks.

    Counter, some of the movements are unreal aren't they? I actually jumped at one the other night - baby doesn't like being squished at all, I had my arm on my belly and he kicked it off!

    MrsP, so sorry things haven't got going properly. Hope the hospital can help.

    Well I'm due back at work today and have spent the night awake worrying about it. I've decided I'm being daft forcing myself to go in,I'm going to call in and ask for a holiday today them go to gp and ask to be signed off. Having a massive bleed at work terrifies me and I just can't deal with it - thought I was doing ok with it till I tossed and turned all night. I never take time off work but this has me really worried and I think I have to put myself and baby first

    Wish me luck with them!

    Hi to all on later x

  • Mrs P, you poor thing! You just need things to HAPPEN! Hope there's some progress soon. You must be exhausted.

    Weekender, hope you start to feel better in yourself soon. You've had such a nasty scare, it's no wonder you're feeling like this. Do you think you will stay off now? When were you due to finish up? Good luck at doc's x

  • Morning ladies,

    CK - sorry about the heartburn. Is the number of your appointments just because this is your third baby?

    Counter - some of the kicks are unreal but it's the rib jabbing that's worse for me. I can barely breath.

    Mrs P - sorry you are still in limbo. Hope the hospital can help.

    Weekender - that's a good idea. I don't think you should push yourself to return to work. Put your and babies needs first.

    Nothing much to report here. Im actually counting down the days now until I finish work and I never thought I'd say that. I'm worrying a bit about being bombarded by family after the baby is born. I'd quite like some time to get used to things but our families seem to think they can rock up to the hospital en masse. Have you all discussed your expectations with family/friends?

  • Morning ladies

    CK - You were awake early! I know what you mean about the MW, I was literally in there for 5 minutes before Christmas and I'm not seeing them again until next week!

    Counter - Ha ha, I know I keep saying to H that baby is having a rave in there.

    Mrs P - Sorry you are still in limbo, hopefully you can push to be induced sooner?

    WE - I'd be the same in your situation, there's no point going to work if you are going to be so stressed out about it. I'm sure your work will understand.

    LD - Me too! Only 27 days to go for me :) And I never thought I'd say that either. With regards to the family thing, are you planning to tell them when you go into labour? Perhaps don't and then they won't be able to rock up until you ring and tell them baby's here! My mum has actually asked me not to ring her until baby has arrived so she doesn't worry and I'm happy with that. I know everyone's family is different though.

    AFM - In work early this morning so catching up on MD (much better use of my time). Baby wise all good I think. Saw my friends twins last night and strange to think it will be me really soon (although glad its just the one baby!!).

  • Morning, you're all busy this morning!

    CK - my midwife appointments seem pretty haphazard too. They're not following the pattern in my notes it just seems to be fitting me in when they can.

    Counter - good to see Baxter is still being lively! I still don't seem to be at the stage where she's hurting me yet but I'm sure it'll be coming soon!

    Mrs P - sorry to hear nothing much is happening. Hope they can do something for you today, you must be exhausted.

    Weekender - I think that's probably a good plan for you. The last thing you need is to get worked up about what could happen while you're at work. You definitely need to put yourself and the baby first.

    LD - I'm worried about that too...more about H's family than mine though! I told H we need a code word to get rid of visitors when they've outstayed their welcome! I don't think I'll be telling people when I go into labour if it can be helped. Although I might changed mind when it comes down to it.

    Mrs V - bet the little twins were so cute! Must have made it feel very real! Not long left at work now for you either!

    AFM, working from home this morning before the midwife so I'm still in bed. Had a rubbish nights sleep last night and feeling a bit crappy but I do need to get up soon. Going for lunch with my parents then to the hospital for bloods and the anti-D injection as well as my 28-week appointment. I keep thinking of questions I need to ask her but then forget, need to start writing them down as baby brain has definitely ramped up! Could barely remember what day of the week it was yesterday!

  • **Crashing**

    I'm not actually joining you guys until friday but i have been nosing in recently and noticed Mrs P's posts. If you happen to come back today Mrs P i just wanted to tell you not to worry too much. With P i had nearly 4 days of contractions that went up and down from 3 minutes apart to 10minutes again. I barely slept as was beginning to think actual labour would be impossible as i was exhausted. My waters then went, contractions ramped up and i went from 0cm to birth in 4 hours with just 30minutes of pushing. So please please don't think you won't be able to do it or nothing will happen ever....you will get there!! Hope that's vaguely helpful at keeping your positiveity up. xx

    See you all properly in a couple of days!

  • Morning All

    Blimey you lot get on here eary! i cant keep up with all the personals!

    ended up going up to be checked by the midwives yesterday! got a royal bollocking off them when i phoned for leaving the hospital without being checked! anyway they said im anemic and have given me some iron tablets!

    will try and get back on during lunch to do personals! x

  • Hey everyone. Heading out in a min but just thought I'd have a look and see how you are all getting on. Hope you're all ok!

    Mrs P, hope it goes ok today at the hospital. Lots of baby out vibes x

    I'm 35 weeks today and got my 2nd growth scan this afternoon. Feeling a bit nervous. Been very sicky again lately and I'm well and truly fed up tbh. Clearly not going to stop being sick until he's born :(

  • Morning! Nice to see it so busy!

    CK - that's crappy about the heartburn. Hope you manage to get some rest over the course of the day to compensate.

    Counter - Glad you are keeping well and busy. I know what you mean about the kicks - amazing! It when I can feel bubs turning and sloshing about in the centre of my bump that I get slightly nauseous! I prefer the elbows and hands poking out the side!

    Mrs P - big hugs to you. I hope that you have a similar experience to AR and things get going soon. Mega baby out vibes to you!!

    WE - good luck with your work and getting signed off. You are undoubtedly making the right decision. This baby kicks my arm off the bump if it's resting there too! Funny!

    LD - when is it you finish up? I know what you mean about feeling overwhelmed in the initial days. It might be worth setting some boundaries and limiting who visits in hospital and then spacing visits out over the first couple of weeks. Our families will visit in hospital (although H's parents already had their holiday to South America booked when we got pregnant and leave two days before my due date!) and I will invite my best friend but that's it I think.

    Mrs V - You really are working right up until the end!! I'm about a week behind you and finish in 23. Soooooo counting it down!  I still have really correlated finishing work and having a baby!! Ha ha!

    Flossy - hope all goes well at the MW. My memory is the same - it's dreadful!!

    AR - hello! Look forward to seeing you here soon!

    NLH - glad you went and got checked out. I started on iron tablets about 10 days ago and I can't say I've noticed much difference - I'm still shattered and out of breath. Hope they work better for you!

    OB - nice to see you! It's awful that you've been so sick throughout :( Hope all goes well with the scan - be sure to let us know how you get on.

    Phew! Not a lot to update here. Blew up the fit ball last night although that's mostly for my H who has lower back problems and was told to sit on one! Ha ha! I'll be in labour and he'll be bouncing on the ball. Starting reading a birthing skills book which is really great!

  • SP - I finish technically on 31 Jan but am working that last week from home meaning that actually I'll only check and forward emails as they come in. So only 7 more office days. Cricky!!!

    I think I am going to have to have words about coach parties to the hospital. I am more worried about H's family but luckily they are in Sheffield (200 miles away) so their visits need forward planning, I just dont want them all to turn up at once.

    I love my birthing ball SP, its so comfy now.

    Flossy - Hope your anti d went well. I couldn't get over the size of the needle!

    Mrs v - i bet the twins made you really broody. It would with me.

    Hi OB, NLH - hope you are both ok.

    Hi AR - Yey to third tri on Friday.

  • Just popped back hoping to see how Mrs P got on at hospital.... Is silence a good sign?!

  • Hey folks,

    Hope you are all well, I won't catch up on personals this late in the day because not sure if anyone will be back. I hope things have ramped up for MrsP

    I ended up going to work today. I made it clear that I'd be struggling to go in every day and feel really anxious about it, so they've agreed I can work from home the next couple of weeks and we can review after my 32 wk scan which is a week on Tuesday. So will see how that goes. I'm aching tonight after sitting all day.

    I'm a moaning minnie these days ladies, sorry!!

  • I survived my anti-D! I was so worked up about it because of the horror stories I read about needle size/how much it hurts, I ended up taking my mum in with me. In the end it was absolutely fine, although my arm really aches now. Glad it's over with!

    Also she measured me and said bump was spot on for size which I'm looking forward to saying to the next person I work with who says I'm huge!

  • Glad your work are being good to you WE.

    Flossy, you're braver than me :) glad the bump is measuring right.

  • Thanks all for your kind words. Back home, blood pressure is ok and had another sweep. 1-2 dilated and contractions ramped up to 5 mins apart but took some co-codomol and have managed a couple of hours sleep - utter bliss!

    Contractions back to 15 apart now but manageable.

    I'll be induced tomorrow and am ready for it!


  • Good luck MrsP. Hope induction goes quickly. When I had M I went in for induction, was 3cm. Put on drip and she was born in under 7hrs, hope yours is nice and quick x

  • Thanks everyone, just heading in to hospital now for induction!

    Thankyou all so much for your support, it really means a lot.

    See you all on the other side xxx

  • Good luck MrsP, hope all goes well!

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