*Wednesday 3rd Tri*

Morning everyone!

I hope nobody minds me being the first to start todays thread! Eeeeks I'm now in 3rd tri! 

I had the best nights sleep last night! No waking for the loo and my alarm actually woke me up! Yes, I know that this won't last long-ha! Another miserable day here! Happy Wednesday everyone, half way through the week, yay!



  • Morning all!

    Gemini- I too am now 3rd tri - scary stuff ( tho tbh it still doesn't feel 100% real which I know sounds daft!)

    Have a busy day at work today and then I think I'll call and see if they have the results from my gtt on Monday as yet - fingers crossed!

    Hope everyone has a fab day x

  • Gemini - welcome to 3rd tri, hope the good sleep continues for a while yet.

    Afm - LOs behaviour improved yesterday afternoon and I had yoga last night which was nice and relaxing. Off to work today, nothing much to report on baby just feeling very heavy and sleep is becoming a lot more uncomfortable!

    Hope everyone else had lovely days and that noodles ba isn't too far away x


  • Missed you there weeme - welcome to 3rd tri, hope the results come back ok, and works not too draining today x

  • Welcome to 3rd Tri Gem and weeme, great to see you both here :-)

    Banzy - Hope work is ok and you're not too tired!

    Afm - I haven't been on here this week, have I missed much? Last day at work on Friday and I'm so glad I decided to finish earlier, it's too busy and stressful in our office and I'm fed up of coming home, having tea and going to bed! Bump is defo growing this week, my skin feels tight!

    Hope everyone is well xx

  • Morning All, Welcome to Weeme and Gemini!  

    Banzy - glad you enjoyed yoga last night, it's not something i have ever tried.

    BE - How exciting to be finishing work on Friday - it's such a good feeling!

    AFM, MW this morning - I am hoping she is going to tell me baby is still engaged and he hasn't popped back out.  Then have a couple of hours free before I have to pick up A from school so I'll probably come home and listen to my hypnobirthing CD.  Can't believe I only have 15 days until my due date - yikes!

    Howdy to all that follow,



  • Welcome to 3rd tri Gemini, very jealous of your sleep last night

    Weeme - Hope your results are ok

    Banzy - I am getting rather uncomfortable too. Sick of getting stuck on the sofa!

    BE - Wish I was finishing work this week. Although I only have 13 working days left after today! Whoop!

    Not been in much to post recently but have been keeping an eye on you all. Very trying day today. My cousin and her family inc my god children are moving to Australia on Sat. I am saying my goodbyes tonight. Hardly any sleep last night and I am on the verge of tears already. It's going to be horrid but I need to do it. I love them all sooo much.

  • Morning all,

    Gemini- welcome to third tri, glad you had a good nights sleep make the most of it!

    Weeme welcome to third tri, good luck for the gtt results

    Banzy glad Lo's behaviour improved, hopefully yoga helped you relax

    BE enjoy your last few days at work

    Nog good luck with the midwife.

    AFM not much to report. Feeling generally sore and achy, although bump feels absolutely fine. I remember it feeling very big and heavy last time but it feels so light this time, as much as I am stiff and achy I could happily stay at this stage for a while longer as I am totally in denial that baby is nearly here!

    JT 34+6

  • Sorry missed you there LP. Must be very sad to have to say farewell to them all, at least there is always Skype/FaceTime so they can get to meet baby.

  • Morning all,

    Gemini- Welcome to third tri! :) Long may the good nights sleep continue for you.

    Weeme- Hope your GTT results are back and are all good. Keep us posted!

    Banzy- Nice that you were able to unwind at yoga last night.

    BE- Eek not long until you finish now! Bet you can't wait!! Hope the next few days go quickly.

    Noggin- Have a lovely day. Due date is fast approaching, how exciting.

    LP- Sorry that today is going to be a tough one on your emotions. Hope it goes well and just think of all the lovely visits!

    JT- Are you thinking this baby could be smaller with bump feeling lighter? I know what you mean about being in denial!

    AFM- Nothing to report. H was telling me that even though he is super excited about baby coming he is going to miss bump so much. He said I look so happy and content being pregnant and it's going to feel strange her not being in there any more! haha Woke up a few times last night thinking that baby hadn't moved much so spent quite a while lay awake until I felt movement and then went back to sleep.

    Just got in to work to an email off my boss requesting a meeting next Wednesday about an update on my accounts. Why does he think I care when I am leaving soon!? haha

  • Morning all,

    Gemini and Weeme - welcome, although our time here together should be fairly short!

    Banzy - Glad her behaviour improved! have a good day at work.

    BE - ooh, not long to go until mat leave for you.  Do you have much planned for your time off? (Other than have a baby at some point)

    Noggin - were your other 2 on time, early or late?  Don't if they've disengaged, they bob in and out on 2nd/3rd pregnancies apparently.

    LP - Oh that's going to be an emotional one.  Thankk heavens for technology and Skype eh?

    JT - I know exactly how you feel, it's literally only in the last week I've started to get anywhere near fed up, I'm so much smaller this time and having a very easy pregnancy so far.

    Sam - I wish my H was more into my bump, it freaks him out a bit, he can't wait for it to be gone, whereas I am really, really going to miss it.  Hope the meeting goes ok, although you're leaving soon it's important to give the impression that you give a damn Wink

    AFM - well it seems 2-5am is not sleeping time for me.  For the second night in a row I spent those hours awake.  At one point I thought I might have been having some cramps but I think it was just my mind playing tricks on me.  

    Saw a house last night, and you know when something seems to good to be true?  I just really hope this is the exception to the rule.  I'm very excited by it and think the adrenaline from thinking about it is probably not condusive to going into labour, which is no bad thing, I don't really have time to have a baby at the moment Laugh

    Definitely planning a nap later today!

    BG 39+5

  • BG- I really hope the house is the exception to the rule! I think it's about time you start possibly making time to have a baby though as it could be any day now haha!

    And don't worry, I'm very good an feigning interest ;-) Once this meeting is out of the way there should be no more before I leave yippee!!

  • Sam - My uncle has said he'll come to give the house a once over (he's a builder and renovates lots of houses) to check it's all as good as it seems, but he goes on holiday on Friday so tryiing to arrange it all for tomorrow.  When I thought I was having cramps this morning I actually thought to myself that so long as I have baby by tonight, H could still go with him to the house on Thursday instead of me as he'll be on paternity leave Laugh

  • Sam yes I definately think this one will be smaller. That's so sweet about your H missing bump. I will definitely miss mine

    BG sounds exciting about the house. You might end up having another couple of weeks to go so plenty of time ! Or you could get contractions this afternoon, be off to the hospital tonight and have popped her out by morning and discharged ready to go to the house with your uncle tomorrow!( sounds so easy!!)

  • JT - please let it be that easy!

  • BG- hahaha you do make me giggle! I definitely think it will be as easy as JT says ;-)

    I think bump will be missed more because there is DEFINITELY no chance we can have another baby in the house we are in so if we do decide to have another we are probably looking at at least 5 years which seems a long long time with no bump! I think it must be really strange feeling all these movements inside and then once baby is here you know that you won't be feeling them!

  • Last time I was pregnant I kept dreaming that I had the baby and didn't notice I was in labour. I so wanted to "experience" it all that I was obviously subconsciously worried about missing it!! A 30 hour labour and emergency CS meant there was no way I missed it!!

    But yes BG I'm sure it will be easy for you this time. In fact you may want to put something in the slow cooker for this evening for when you arrive back home with your little bundle!

  • It's ok, there's a 24 hour Maccy D's between our house and the hospital Laugh

    I had a similar labour and section- no chance of me missing it!

  • Afternoon all,

    Sorry I am late to the thread today, had a mini drama last night which has left me shattered!

    Started getting some pain in my lower back/side last night about half five which just get worse and worse so by 10pm decided to call the hospital as I thought I maybe had a bad uti or something? Hospital had me in for monitoring as baby was a bit quiet as well. Turns out I've hurt the muscles in my lower back and was also having some BH which were adding to the discomfort. No labour imminent or anything so felt a bit silly but was in quite a lot of pain so at least I got some codeine out of it!

    Didn't get home til the wee hours so am utterly exhausted and have been told to rest up lots now. Currently still in my pyjamas!

    Welcome to the newbies, lovely to have some new faces on 3rd tri :)


  • Popcorn- Sorry about your drama last night! Glad that you are taking their advice and resting, pyjamas sounds like the best idea for today! :)

  • Gosh popcorn, you definitely deserve a day in your PJs after that!  

    Urgh, I've had such a lazy day today.  Well until an hour ago, when I thought I should at least tidy the house, have now cleaned out the fridge, started the oven, polished everywhere, done the bathroom, just about to hoover and then finish the oven and kitchen floor.  Phew.  All my nexting done in a couple of hours.

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