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  • No you aren't!

    I've had from random strangers  'put him down he wants to crawl'. When he couldn't crawl.

    'he's too hot' he wasn't.

    'he's probably hot' when he was crying. Actually he was tired.

    I feel like saying 'thanks for informing me, clearly you know my baby better than I do! Now do *** off...'

  • You have to let it go over your head because it's never ending and will drive you insane. My neighbor told me yesterday I buy too much for my son because everytime he sees him he has something in his hand from the shop like a car or paints. Feck off old man!

  • I'm a grumpy mummy too. I HATE when people try to tell me he's hungry. I feel like they are saying "you're starving your son". He is very well fed actually and gone from 9th centile at birth to over 50th centile now, I hardly think he is starving!! And yes I think part of it is what LLL says, it feels like they're telling me they know my son better than me.

    I know I *should* let it go over my head but it pees me off!

  • It is annoying (especially when its from the inlaws! Weep) BUT I find it best just to smile sweetly, nod and curse in my head!

  • It does my head in. I just want to tell people to F off.

  • I have one friend who every time she sees A says 'oh look at her hair, isn't it getting darker and thicker!'...actually no, its getting a lot thinner as she's loosing some and its getting lighter....stop telling me things about my baby that are wrong!

  • This is my ultimate bugbear at the moment, but thankfully the inlaws have now left the UK for some time so i dont have to deal with it face to face.  Examples recently have been - Is she too hot in that, is she too cold in that, does she need feeding, is she tired, has she been winded, has she slept enough, I think she sleeps too much, is she meeting her milestones!!! arrrgggghhhh

  • I only had comments about his size. I still get them now, as he is nearly 2, but is big for his age (wearing 3-4 yr clothes, size 6 nappies, size 7.5/8 feet)

    It's the "trying to be funny" comments that pee me off. "Do you feed him miracle grow?" Yes, hilarious.

  • it doesn't get any better, M's 3 next week and last weekend MIL babysat her for the first time (yes you read that right).  When I got back it turned out they'd taken her out on a scooter and "it was obvious she wasn't used to using a scooter, you should take her out on one more often".  Get to fk and don't tell me what to do especially when you take no interest in her the rest of the time.

  • I couldn't care less what comments people make.  They are generally just showing an interest and that to me is nice.  

  • Wjbs. People are just making conversation generally. Much like bump comments really.

  • It drives me mad! i also can't stand 'what's wrong with her?' You know what, if i lnew I'd shut her the f**k up!

  • Mainly just my PIL!! My MIL is a bit random, and likes to analyse his behaviour.  Her comments have included:

    "He just doesn't like being on his back" - er,no, he's perfectly happy on his back generally

    "He just sees you as food" - usually when she's holding him and he's following my voice

    The best was on Monday when she said "you do know your baby is crying" - yes I did, he was just shouting before going to sleep, and I was answering the door to you!!

  • ROTFL at Garfield, the times I've felt like saying that!

  • smashedcrab

    "He just sees you as food" - usually when she's holding him and he's following my voice

    Oh charming!! I'd want to smack anyone who said that about my child!

  • MinnieMouse

    Maybe I'm just easily irritated?

    I'd say someone showing interest asks name, how old, sex if they're a bit dim!

    It is as you say people assuming they know your baby better than you!

    No I agree. I can think of loads of things to ask/say about a baby to show interest before you get to "he's desperate for food" (clearly implying "you're not feeding your baby when he's hungry, why don't you feed him, I know he's hungry and you don't") or "she's too hot" (clearly implying "you haven't noticed she's hot, why haven't you sorted her out?") and "he only sees you as food" is just indefensible IMO! I'm genuinely shocked someone would say that to a mother.

  • I'm easily offended I think and people keep telling me how big E is.  Like I don't blooming realise... woman in tesco the other day "ah, she's adorable,  how old is she?  9 months?" No 20 weeks.  

    The comments and interference won't ever stop but thankfully I've perfected my grin and bear it look.

  • Doesn't bother me in the slightest, I think a lot of the time it's just people trying to make conversation.

    When I read threads like this it makes me worried to ever say anything to anyone incase they take it the wrong way lol.

  • Aww, people are just trying to be interested in your child. Just nod and smile, nod and smile.

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