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  • Um yes, to just take him is a bit much. I wouldn't be happy with that. If she had asked, then maybe esp as she worked there. I think it is a generation thing though.

  • Way to much, I'd go crazy if someone I didn't know touched my daughter let alone picked her up. What a very strange thing for her to do!

  • Yeah that's a bit weird. I'm not over bothered when people try and stroke E's hand, happens fairly frequently, she's a little charmer. But picking her up, no I'd be a bit freaked by that.

  • That's very strange and I'd not be comfortable at all. An odd lady tried to tell me Ollie was 'freezing cold' one day and tried to touch him. I went a bit fishwife on her.

  • I'd have went ape sh1t, fine fair enough asking you for a cuddle or stroking his hand or something but lifting the baby out is just ridiculous!

  • That's a bit strange. I would've been annoyed too.

  • I'd expect people to ask first... I remember when G was about 6 months, I'd taken him swimming and some old guy took him off me in the pool!  He stayed near me and was chattering away saying that he was a swimming teacher for years and it's good for them to build their confidence in the water, and that having other people hold them helps.  I wasn't keen!

  • I wouldn't mind people holding my baby but I would expect to be asked first.

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