^*^ Thursday 3rd tri ^*^

Morning ladies! How is everyone? Fantastic but very different news yesterday for CK and Weekender. Hope both well doing well x

Not much here. Work is hard going. Midwife this morning, think this is the last monthly appt and we move to fortnightly. Makes me feel like we're starting to get close... And some guy at the bank totally freaked me out on a con-call y/day saying 'in case I don't speak to you before, good luck with the baby and everything, hope it goes well'. Whaaat?!? Felt like that moment when someone you see rarely says to you in October 'if I don't see you before, have a good Christmas' - and you're like 'that's MONTHS away yet, ya weirdo!' Lol!!!

Hope everyone is well. Nearly the weekend!!! :)



  • Morning! I'm up early for my 4.30am pit stop but will be trying to get more sleep shortly, I can't quite face this being my wake up time! Wonderful news for CK, and glad Weekender is out of hospital now, sending lots of baby in vibes her way.

    Hope the MW goes well Counter. I know what you mean about the fortnightly appts- it makes it feel like things are ramping up a gear!

    Not much to report here. I've had quite a lot of twinges/cramps this week but nothing significant enough to make me think I'm anywhere near going in to labour yet. Have to say I've been feeling increasingly uncomfortable (and therefore grumpy!) so pity my OH putting up with my huffing! Had some friends over for dinner last night- she is 24 weeks pregnant so lots of baby talk which is lovely.

    Busy couple of days coming up- off to get my eyebrows/lashes tinted today (I read somewhere that then at least in the countless photos of you and baby you look semi-decent without too much effort- probably wishful thinking but I'll give it a go!) and seeing my Dad for lunch, then on Saturday H's Nana is having a surprise 90th birthday so lots to keep me busy…. but if baby wants to arrive in the meantime that is fine by me!!

  • Morning all,

    Counter- Hope the MW appt goes well

    Rose- Sounds like you have a lovely few days coming up. I hope your Nana enjoys her birthday

    AFM- yesterdays 4 hour meeting actually wasn't too bad. Noods kept her feet out of my ribs so I managed fine. I woke up this morning at 4.30 for the loo and have been up ever since with nausea and just a really unsettled feeling. I hope it passes soon as I have another long meeting later.

  • Good morning

    Counter hope midwife appt goes well x

    Rose enjoy your day today

    Bll hope you feel better later

    Afm been up since 5.30 as L woke me he has got into a habit of wanting a drink but thats a whole other thread. Busy day at work again - and thats about it x
  • Morning! Huge congrats to ck again. Can't wait for the birth story, it must've been quick!! Counter look after yourself at work please. Hope mw goes well. Rose sounds like you're busy which is fab, keeps your mind off birth!! Bbl I really feel for you with the nausea, not nice at all. Abc hope works ok and you aren't too tired.
  • We need to update the due list with the next few in order now ck has popped! AFM 13.5 hours at work yesterday and literally didn't stop except for 20mins to eat lunch. I ache all over this morning and didn't sleep well despite being wiped out. Whooping cough jab this morning then toddler group. This afternoon I need to go into town with p and get various bits of shopping. I might try and nap when p does though!
  • Morning!

    Counter, hope mw goes well. I like seeing them fortnightly, makes it all seem a bit more real :)

    Rose, hope you're fast asleep now! Sounds like you've a lovely few days planned.

    Bll, hope the nausea passes, sounds rubbish.

    Abc, I was woken at 5 yesterday, luckily today was nearer 7! We're now arguing about playing on the wii before school!

    AR, that sounds like an awful day :( hope you get to nap today.

    Really pleased to read Ck's BA :D
  • Hey autumrose hope you get more rest today...parents nights are a killer without being pg x last term i had two late nights in a row due to school shows it was horrendous x
  • Afm I'm good apart from being tired but that's about normal for me. H is back tonight which is great and J is going to a friends after school so I have all day to get the tidying done I want to.

    I now have a load of gas and air and oxygen and various other medical bits in my dining room! Birth pool liner should be arriving today just need to pick up pool from a friend.

    I really don't see how this baby can get much bigger, she feels huge!
  • Morning!

    Congrats again to CK and WE I hope you had a lovely night at home!

    Counter - Early start for you! That's good your MW appointments go fortnightly so early. Mine have been every 3 and I've only just moved to fortnightly.

    Rose - what amazing advice re the eyebrows and eyelashes!!!  Might have to copy that. Certainly booking in for hair and maybe even shellac nails while on mat leave! So vain!!

    BLL - thats rotten about the nausea - hope you survive the day!

    ABC - Hope you have a good day!

    AR - What a hectic you day had! It's rubbish when you don't sleep well despite being so tired. Hope you get a nap in today.

    Isis - Oh my that must be scary having everything ready to go!! Hope you have a productive day of tidying!

    AFM - was awake again in the middle of the night but managed to doze on and off till 7. I think the baby has moved as the bottom of my bump is solid compared to the top and the skin is tight and slightly sore...I wish I could tell what was what but it just all feels like baby! Only 2 sleeps till H is back from snowboarding. YAY!

  • Morning all,

    Counter- Hope midwife goes well. I have 1 more that is a 3 week gap and then its 2 weekly. I know what you mean about people saying that!

    Rose- One of my friends is pregnant too, it's nice to have someone close to chat to isn't it. A bit of pampering sounds like a good idea :) I have a pregnancy pamper package so am getting my eyebrows and lashes as part of that. Atleast i will feel a bit more gam even if I dont look it!

    BLL- Hope the nausea passes for you. Glad the meeting wasnt too bad. is todays another 4 hour one?

    ABC- hope you manage a lay in soon!

    AR- You must have been nakered! Hope the jab is ok, i need to book in for mine. Enjoy the shops and hope you manage a nap!

    Isis- Oooh exciting have most of the bits ready. Atleast you can take the housework slow :)

    Sweetpea- I have to ask my midwife where she is as i cant work it out. Glad you managed to get back to sleep. bet you cant wait to have H back.

    AFM- Went to see my friend last night who is pregnant so had lots of baby/pregnancy chat. Woke up by the cat mewoing, i am sure she is trying to prepare me for these sleepness nights! Baby seems to be rolling around this morning. Had some interviews for my replacement yday and a few more today, fingers crossed they find someone good.

  • Hugs to all that need them!

    Today is my last day at work and we have an event on, so no time for personals. Had twinges during the night so thought I might not make my last day but I have! We have a meal out after the event so my duaghter and I are going to that and I'm viewing it as my opportunity to say "goodbye and see you in 11 months!". My SPD has started playing up but I'm sure it's just because I'm close to labour and the ligaments have now relaxed ready for giving birth. My officemate has taken my gym ball across to the room where our event is being held so that I'm not sat on a rubbish chair all day.

    My daughter (2 years old) is also now really unsettled when I leave her at nursery so I guess she senses that her world is about to change. Two days in a row she has screamed when I left her and I can count on one hand the total number of times that she's screamed when I left her since starting nursery 16 months ago. She also needs to move up a group at nursery but there isn't room for her to move yet so I think she is getting a bit frustrated and bored. I'll have to have a word with her keyworker to see what can be done.

    Hope you all have a good day.

    Sue 38+6

  • Thanks ladies, I got a bit more sleep which was nice!

    Sweetpea I am jealous of the shellac nails - I love them! Sadly mine are in no state to be manicured at the mo. Good idea about the hair too! Now wondering if I can fit in an appointment between now and DD….

  • I'm now debating getting my nails done!
  • Haha Isis I'm also sat here pondering whether I could get some (short! Don't want to hurt H in labour when I am squeezing his hand!) acrylics put on… a lady from my NCT group has them and they're lovely.

  • I had gel polish done at Christmas and they looked ace! I have a fringe so I'm not worried about my eyebrows lol I did look a fright after J's birth though so this time I'll spend 5mins making myself look presentable.
  • Rose - how clever to have a bit of a facial tidy-up before bubs arrives. If Baxter is late I may squeeze that in, just for the sake of it ha ha. Hope you're not too uncomfortable, a couple of weeks of that won't be much fun.

    BLL - hope that meeting is a really quick one for you!

    ABC - 5.30am start is rubbish for you. Will you be hitting the sack early later?

    AR - be sure to get that nap, you need it! At least yesterday is out of the way now :)  How many working days is it now?

    Isis - excellent that hubby is homeward bound. Very excited for you re your homebirth kit! Awesome.

    Sweetpea - MW said every 2 weeks, but she said may as well wait 3 so I'm happy with that. Hubby back soon, great - is he having a fab time? No injuries I hope.

    Bertie - how real does *that* feel? Getting someone in to stand in for you?! Are you apprehensive about that, or fairly chilled?

    P/Sue - happy last day to you! Hope your daughter feels more settled now you're off :)

  • I'm walking on air! Apart from d!ckheads at work who are really starting to get me down - men who panic and blame others all the time are no fun to work with. But moving on, lol...

    MW appt went really well. For the second time I am showing signs of urine infection in water, but no symptoms and otherwise pretty well (ear almost back to normal) so she just told me to keep an eye on symptoms should they arise. Blood pressure same as every appointment. Iron levels at 120 from 126 so no problem. And the midwife was excited that everything so far puts me bang on course for my homebirth! It really means so much that she (and the student mw there) were excited and interested in that. Size is all fine, measuring large but not a concern. A good 9lb-er is her best guess right now. Go back in 3 weeks.

    back at work I spoke to our new HR lady about expressing milk and pointed out that my boss will be uncomfortable with the conversation (especially the word 'breast'!!) and that I am aware there's no legal obligation on him for me to have somewhere to do this. I talked about the abandoned offices in our building but she says we'll speak to the lovely deputy manager of the hotel on this complex (it's a beautiful, old 4 star place) and his wife is 36 weeks. She reckons he'll provide me somewhere warm and private if I don't mind crossing the car park to go there. And we'll not bother telling the boss, save his blushes. How great is that?!

    My sister and the twins are en route to home as I type. Happy days!

  • Afternoon ladies

    Can't believe CK had her baby, must have been very quick! Congratulations if you are reading this x

    Coutner - Hope the MW went well. I know what you mean about time going quickly.

    BLL - Glad your meeting went well, hope you are feeling better.

    ABC - Rubbish about your early start,

    AR - Yes, who's next on the list?! I think there's a few of us with Feb due dates!

    Isis - How long have you got left now?

    SP - I know what you mean. My stomach was so tight last night and it feels like its almost going to split - lovely! I was thinking about my nails too, I've already booked a full body massage for my first day on mat leave!

    Bertie - Hope you get your mat cover sorted out.

    PS - How exciting about it being your last day at work.

    AFM - 36 weeks today, how did that happen?! It feels like I don't have much more room to expand at the moment so religiously applying bio oil!!

    H last night admitted he's scared about the baby having something wrong after what happened last time. I had no idea he was feeling like that and tbh I'd not been worrying about it until now :( I'm trying to think positively about the fact that the consultant signed us off and so must be confident about baby being ok. I just wish he hadn't mentioned it now but on the other hand at least I know how he's feeling. This pregnancy thing isn't easy is it?!

  • Aw Mrs V. It's good your H is sharing his fears with you but not so good it's put concerns in your mind. Last time I spoke to my mum I expressed concerns about the baby's health and her instant reaction was, "I wondered when that would kick in" she went on to say how it's so perfectly normal to have those fears and many pregnant couples go through this. Given what you have experienced it's almost to be expected but definitely take heart from being signed off by the consultant. You've had detailed scans and the vast majority of things would have been detected by now. Nothing is ever a certainty but all we can do is remain positive as worrying doesn't help anyone. Hopefully your H will feel better for speaking to you and I'm sure you can reassure each other from here. Big hugs missus!! (P.S - 11.5 days!!) xxx

  • Mrs V they wouldn't have signed you off if they had any concerns. Pregnancy is fraught with worry unfortunately. It's good your H shared, perhaps sit down and talk about it and then try and forget about it.

    Term is Tuesday, I know I'm being optimistic in her coming soon but J was early (38w).

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