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^^^^Thursday 1st Tri^^^^

Morning ladies, I'm awake extra early this morning so thought I'd start a thread. How is everyone feeling? I'm not feeling too bad, hard to tell if my lightheartedness is still there as I'm in bed! Not much elsexto report. Hi to all who follow. 


  • Morning you are up early! Hope you still feel fine after getting up.

    I'm struggling with breakfast at the most. I'm hungry but feel sick at the same time so its taking me forever to eat it!

  • Morning WG and bunny. Just popping on to say bye as due to the scan moving me on 8 days I think I should be in 2nd tri now. Thanks to all for their support, cu you all in 2nd tri soon. Xx

  • See you in a few weeks raincloud!

  • My new bathroom is leaking down into my lounge. Today is not going well. I shall be back later for personals. ARRRRRGGGHHHHHH!

  • Bunny - hope you managed to eat some breakfast, feeling sick is such an awful feeling.

    Raincloud - see you on 2nd tri soon!

    Gavi - oh no to the leak! Hope it's nothing too major?

    Well, I'm up and have had breakfast (and fed the LO!) and I have to say, this is the best I've felt for a few weeks. A lazy day planned here as it's wet outside, looks like sticker fun for us today haha.

  • Morning ladies,

    WG: That was an early start! Hope the lightheadness was just a 1st thing in the morning thing.

    Bunny: Hope lunch is easier than breakfast

    raincloud: It's great that you're 2nd tri, I'll 'see' you again just before you go up to 3rd tri!!

    Gavi: Oh my, sounds bad, hope you're able to get it fixed without too much damage

    AFM: My worry about eating too much & putting on weight pushed my to put on my bigger jeans yesterday which apparently have the opposite effect on me as someone said that I looked like I was losing a lot of weight! Love it! They were also talking about the dance moves for Grease that I'm going to be performing at 4 1/2 months. I joked that I didn't think I'd be able to do leap frogs!! Luckily they're not setting the dance moves until after Easter when I will have told them about the baby so I won't have yto make silly excuses. I should be fine with the rest of the dancing though

    Hi to all who follow

  • WG - that is an early start, enjoy your lazy day though.

    Bunny - hope you've managed breakfast.

    Raincloud - have fun in the 2nd tri!

    Gavi - that's terrible about your bathroom, is someone coming out to look at it?

    Blackkat - sounds like you don't need your bigger jeans after all. What part are you playing in Grease?

    AFM - have had a busy few days. Got my scan appointment through yesterday. They're obviously dating me further along as I'll only be 10 weeks so think I'm going to
  • Morning everyone! :)

    Weathergirl- pleased to hear you're feeling greatbtoday! Enjoy your sticker fun!

    Bunny - did you manage breakfast? Its an awful combination of feelings! I can only stomach toast with marmite in the mornings.

    Raincloud - hope to see you in a few weeks in 2nd tri!

    Gavi - is the leak bad? I hope it hasn't caused too much damage.

    Blackkat - its bard making excuses, i know i struggle at work. it'll be such a relief when you can share your news. Is there much dancing involved?

    Picklepants - eeee your scan date has arrived! Do you have long to wait?

    AFM - I told my parents last night that I was pregnant. They were ecstatic, this will be their first grandchild. Just need to tell PiL now, arghhh. Worried about that one! Today im feeling ok, a bit light headed so H made me some brekkie in bed. Ha!

  • Morning all! Good luck to Ducky today who has her scan!

    WG - glad you are feeling well today

    Bunny - I know that feeling well!

    Raincloud - see you there soon!

    Gavi - hope you can sort the leak soon!

    Blackkat - great that you got those comments!

    PP -  your posts always end short lol. Glad you got your scan date through - if you are early you might get to have another one!

    Boo - its lovely telling people. I'm sure the IL's will be happy for you :)

    AFM: last day in first tri! Feels so strange! I'll miss you lovely lot but will see you soon over there!

    Went to a pub quiz last night and came second! :) Nothing to do with me though I suck at general knowledge!

    Pay day today so might go shopping to get out of the house. Such a lovely day:)

  • Oh my goodness what a long morning! We got there for 8.45, clinic was running behind so went for scan at 9.30, everything looked fine but bottom twin was shy and hiding so they asked me to go back and wait for my bladder to fill up even more. Went back in just before 10 and was bursting for a wee! Bottom twin was still hiding but with lots of wiggling and lying on my side we got him into view! Both nuchals were normal :) we were then sent back to waiting room.

    I then had a midwife appointment who did my wee sample and blood pressure. We were sent back to the waiting room.

    I ten had a consultant appointment and we discussed risks of twin pregnancies, the screening results, my birth options. Then we were sent back to the waiting room.

    Finally we were called to the desk and booked out 20 weeks scan before, you guessed it, being sent to a different waiting room! Had bloods taken and now home and having some much needed lunch before heading to work.

    Will try and add pics now, then do personals...

  • WG - You were up early! Glad to see you feeling better mind.

    Bunny - Hungry sick is just the worst :( hope it is short lived.

    Raincloud - See you on 2nd tri next week!

    Gavi - Oh buggertits about your bathroom! Hope it has stopped or being fixed as we speak.

    Blackcat - Woop for someone saying you'd lost weight! I love it when that happens.

    PP - you'll probably get a repeat scan a couple of weeks later - never can have too many scans!

    Boo - Aww that's great your parents were so excited. How lovely!

    Browny - Thank you for the good luck wishes. Wishing you all the best over on first tri! See you there next week!

  • Great pics Ducky! Glad the second twin played ball in the end. I had to wiggle and cough and prod mine to get into the right position! Great seeing them moving around isn't it? X

  • Browny - I didn't even realise that it ended mid sentance & have no idea where I was going with it! Well done on the pub quiz & enjoy the 2nd tri!

    Boo - so exciting telling people isn't it, when I told my dad he was totally shocked & asked if I was having the baby next year, he's usually quite clever! Why are you nervous about telling your PIL's?

    Ducky - fab scan photos!! Glad twin2 played ball in the end. Sounds like you had a productive day of getting everything checked/booke
  • WG - you were an early bird! Hope you're not too tired for the rest of the day!!

    Bunny - there is one solution, don't stop eating!!

    Raincloud and Browny - good luck - hopefully see you there in a few weeks!! We'll miss you on here!

    BK - nice work! I wish that happened to me!

    PP - yea, just go for it and then they'll give you another one, which is awesome!

    Boo - glad to hear they were happy. We told our PIL yesterday and they were very pleased too, so try not to be too nervous.

    AFM - well, leak is all fixed - I left it with FIL and the builder's to sort and came to work for a rest. Means we will have to redecorate the lounge before bubble comes along, as I won't get chance afterwards. Pregnancy wise I am feeling OK today. still a bit tired and nauseous at points but better generally. MIL is very excited about becoming a grandma - just hope she keeps her lips sealed for the next fortnight!!

  • Just nipping back quickly to say great scan pics Ducky, glad all was well. Well after my early start this morning I'm flagging

  • Browny - will hopefully see you in second tri soon!

    Ducky - fantastic scan pictures!! Must feel so great to see them again!

    Picklepants - im nervous as they're not ones for sharing their emotion, so I have no idea how they'll take it. We're living with them atm whilst we save for a house. Which will now need to take a back seat. They'll not want us to stay here long term when we have a baby, I just hope they'll share our happiness before anything else.

  • Hi everyone

    No time for personals but hope you are all ok and keeping well.

    Fab scan pics ducky!!

    Nothing to report from me, the next few weeks are seriously going to drag!

  • Gavi glad the leak got fixed, shame about having to redecorate unless you wanted to of course!

    Weather girl sounds like you've been busy today

    Black cat that's a good comment to get! Maybe I should get some bigger jeans

    Pickle pant we had our first scan with k and were dated at 10+1\2 weeks so got another one a couple of weeks later!

    Boo that's great, its lovely seeing peoples reactions, especially family.

    Browny have fun in 2nd tri, I love a pub quiz.

    Ducky fab scan pictures! Shame the appointment took so long!

  • Sorry missed youmrs l, hopefully the next few weeks will go quickly

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