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Hi all!

I'm feeling cheery as I am functioning more of the time now. Worked 12 hours yesterday and got a lot done. Work is good, my boss is planning on phasing out and passing the department to me over next 6 months, great!!! But they don't know I'm pregnant lol. And I'm feeling very happy about 2 team members who are very young but committed and hardworking... by adapting the dept. structure I've managed to get them both a promotion and 10% pay rise. I will meet them this week to tell them and am so excited. They really deserve it. 

I'm 10 weeks today! I remember when I couldn't imagine making it to 5 weeks... I still panic that there's a problem and I don't know, hubby says I'm getting more than enough symptoms to convince him we're fine lol.

Wishing Weekender a lovely scan today! 10.05, I haven't forgotten. Keep us posted if you can xx


  • Morning Counter, glad to hear work is so positive for you! I hate my job and can't bear the thought of being there for one more minute let alone 6 months!

    Good luck to Weekender, will be thinking of you!

    Time is going so slowly! Only 5+3 today just want to get my scan! It didn't arrive in the post yesterday so think I might ring the hospital today. But I don't want to piss anyone off iykwim so unsure what to do! Tongue Tied 

  • Morning ladies

    Counter, that's great about work and you feeling better.

    Browny, just give them a call and ask how long it should take, theyll understand and I'm sure they won't be pd off its their job to deal with their patients ie you. Let us know how you get on.

    Thanks for the kind wishes I'll update when I can xx

  • Browny, call them. My sister didn't want to cause a hassle and she's now got to turn up to a consultant appointment without a scan because, for no reason, she didn't go in the system for her 20 week. Worth chasing, I'd say.

  • Ok, I will ring today then. Thanks for the reassurance! x

  • crashing in to say good luck weekender!

    Hope everyone is well x

  • Good luck this morning weekender, hope all goes ok :)

    Counter- that's great than you're feeling better. I feel like my head is never at work these days so on the occasional day I'm super productive I feel really good!

    Browny, it's definitely worth a call. You can always tell a little white lie like you're away for a few days and you wanted to make sure things didn't clash ;)

    As for me I had a bit of a stress this morning as I realised that for the past two nights my boobs haven't really been hurting. They've been ok in the day but have been so sore when I've been sleeping that rolling over was waking me up. They just don't feel like that anymore and the occasional nausea I had (which was never really that bad) seems to have pretty much gone. So now I'm worrying. Typically the only symptom that's continuing is my terrible skin, I've been getting lots of spots on my face and my chest, good job the weather is turning and I can live in big jumpers to cover myself up!

    So glad I have my scan next week as I need to have my mind put at rest, even if its just temporarily. In good news, one of my best friends had an adorable little baby on Sunday and she even said that labour wasn't that bad...that's the sort of story I like to hear!

  • Morning All

    Glad you're feeling better Counter - functioning is a good aim! Lovely news about the department too it does make a difference to give nice  news to people!

    Browny time does go so so slowly the first few weeks - I'm 12 today and feel like the last couple have gone a bit quicker. Sorry work is pants - at least there is light at the end of the tunnel and Mat leave! Definitely ring the hospital - it's what they're there for.

    Weekender will be thinking of you this morning - loads and loads of vibes!! xxx

    HI Mrs V!

    Flossy as hard as it is to do try not to stress too much - symptoms do come and go depending on what day/week/hour it is and that is normal. Good news about your friend - we love easy labour stories ha ha.

    AFM I'm struggling a bit this monring - was sick again and feel pretty pants, contemplated staying in bed but think I should save that until I'm really bad! I thought it was supposed to ease off now! Scan on Thursday eeek.

  • Morning,

    Sorry didnt get on yesterday.

    Counter- Yay to 10 weeks! Glad your feeling better now. Ah thats lovely about work.

    Browny- I would chase it up.

    Weekender- Good Luck!

    Flossy- Dont worry about symptoms, i havent had any strong ones at all really and my early scan at 8 weeks showed that the baby was growing fine and had a heartbeat.

    Griff- Not long til scan! A day in bed would be nice. its turning really chilly now!

    AFM- I called the midwife centre yesterday as I am 9 weeks and hadnt heard a thing about my booking in, my doctor hadnt sent the referral or given me the maternity pack i was supposed to have. Now have an appointment for next thursday so hopefully will get my scan date through soon.

  • Hi Flossy, when's your scan next week? Try not to worry, quite a few people seem to have minimal symptoms and there's so much going on with your body it will ebb and flow. Great news about your friend's baby :-)

    Hi Mrs V!

    Hey Grif, pants day for you today. Yuck. I hope you feel better soon. I know what you mean about saving being ill for when you're *really* ill but don't go in if you really aren't up to it. Scan Thursday, wow!!

    Bertie - how annoying! Good job you chased it up. 9 weeks already. Whoop!

  • Spent ages doing a reply and then the computer ate it :(

    Flossy - its natural to feel like that but try not to worry. I know its easier said than done!

    Grif - sorry you are feeling so ill, but at least your scan will come round very quickly!

    Bertie - well done for chasing! Stupid GP. At least you are back on track now.

    I rang and was put through to my consultant's secretary's voicemail. I left a message but am very doubtful I'll get a call back! Will try again tomorrow if I dont hear anything.

  • Quick update ladies, all was fine, due date 22nd march. Be back with a pic later, thanks for all the vibes xx

  • Brilliant news WE! V happy for you!! Be seeing you on 2nd tri soon!

  • Thats great news weekender! cant wait to see a pic :)

  • Excellent news Weekender :)  Congratulations!

    Counter, my scan is next Thursday. I have my booking in appointment first followed by my scan. Feel a bit sorry for OH as he hates hospitals and we're going to be there for quite a while as there's an hour between the two appointments. I might send him outside while I'm have my booking in appointment actually and then get him to come back when I'm having my blood done. I've managed to reach almost 29 without ever having a blood test so I'm a bit scared!

    Grif, look after yourself! The couple of bad days I've had I've dragged myself into work and ended up regretting it. I've found that its harder because you can't be honest about why you're feeling so bad.

    Bertie, good job you chased! I can't believe you've got to 9 weeks and they haven't referred you! My doctor is rubbish but at least they managed to send my details to the hospital!

  • YAYYY to Weekender, great news!!!

    Flossy, won't you need your OH for the booking in (medical history, genetic stuff etc)? Maybe he could wander off in between though, as you say. My booking in took over 90 minutes! Don't be scared about the blood test, it's the tiniest little pin *** and actually if you choose to watch, it's quite interesting!! :D

  • Weekender that's amazing news - we're no longer due date buddies!! So so pleased it went well - pic? Also did you get my e-mail lovely? It was from my work one so hope it came through!

    Flossy I'm feeling a bit better but if it's awful tomorrow I may give in and rest! Work do know (I work in HR and ended up blurting it out when I was 5 weeks ha ha!) and they are being good but I feel like a right moaning minnie about it all.


  • Definitely use it to your advantage if you're 'out' at work (so to speak!). I probably would have had a day off by now if they knew, even if its just to catch up on sleep, I was a zombie before I went on holiday!

    Counter, you're probably right about OH coming along. Not sure how much use he'll be as he tends to switch off when people talk about anything remotely medical but since we've been together 10 years and he has a tiny family I'm pretty sure they're all quite healthy. I'll bribe him with a nice breakfast on the way to the hospital.  I'm sure I'l be too nervous to eat but nothing stops him!

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