~**Monday 1st Tri**~

Hi all, hope everyone has had a lovely weekend. I worked all day yesterday but a lovely friend had the 3 of us over for an evening roast which was very welcome indeed!

I have my 12 wk scan at 11am. I am super worried but mostly about the bloods (no real reason why other than my age) so today won't tell me much. Another opportunity to see and hear baby is welcome though.

I'm nauseous, tired and sore boobs, otherwise all fine, no blood since Tuesday which is great.

Hello to followers!



  • Morning counter. Try not to worry too much about the bloods. If the nuchal measurement of fluid at baby's neck is normal then that's a good indication of things being fine. I hope you get a good photo. I'm very jealous yours is today. We're so similar dyes wise but mine is a week on wednesday!!

    Nothing much happening here. Same old same old with feeling rough. P starts swimming lessons again today so we've got that this morning then this afternoon probably dull old housework.

    Hope everyone is feeling well this morning.

  • Morning all,

    How exciting for your scan today, always nice to meet baby again. Good luck ( not that you should need it!)

    I had my scan Friday and they confirmed my due date as 24th march. Twin 1 lay like a star to be measured and we got a couple of text book pictures of him or her, twin 2 was asleep after 5 minutes of poking and coughing was still asleep, all curled up. So a wander out to the corridor and a bounce about and twin 2 wakes up and proceeds to do something resembling gangham style and wouldnt stay still! A very patient sonographer ( is that what they are called?) and roughly 20 minutes and finally we got the measurements we needed! Has led me to believe twin 2 is a boy! Got nuchal test results straight away and both babies low risk, my blood pressure still high so plenty of monitoring! Will try and pop pictures on later if I can.

    Sorry for the long self indulgent post, I am just over the moon all is well and good.


  • Missed you there AR - enjoy your swimming and never posted on the other thread but amazing bump!

  • Morning,

    Counter- Good luck for your scan!

    AR- Enjoy your day. Not too long til scan now.

    PinkPanther- Glad your scan went well! Hopefully see a pic soon if you can get one on :)

    AFM- Well I had a week of feeling freally quite well and now my boobs are really sore again and im feeling sick! Had a lovely weekend out for dinner friday, lunch out with friends sat then baked some cakes. Sunday was spent sleeping most of the afternoon and then a roast. Only 10 days til scan :)

  • it's so weird, us all counting down to scans etc.

    I spent 8.5 months (Oct to Jul) counting down to my wedding, and then, 2 weeks after we return from honeymoon I've got another 8.5 months of countdown (I'm assuming 2 weeks over to try and prevent impatience and anxiety like last time lol).

  • I'm the same Counter. Planned my wedding for 2 years so had a looong countdown, then get back from honeymoon and 2 weeks later find out im pregnant :)

  • Oh my! 2 yrs of wedding planning would break my head Bertie!

  • Will be back to do personals later, Counter hope the scan goes well today.

    I'm so tired! Have been exhausted all weekend, I feel like I need a day at home to sleep :(  Can't quite believe I'll be 13 weeks on Wednesday. Hoping I'll get a burst of energy soon!

  • AR - we're very close in dates, what's yours? I feel your pain with housework, although where I'm working 6 days and some evenings at the moment I have to do zero housework, which I kind of like! Hope swimming goes well.

    PP - I loved your post. How exciting! My sister is 21 weeks with twins and it's mind-blowing. I can't imagine that. How much earlier are twins usually born? Sorry to hear about your blood pressure, have you had BP issues in the past?

    Bertie, your weekend sounds lovely. 10 days to scan. it'll fly by!

  • Morning everyone!

    Counter - good luck for your scan!

    AR - hope you have a lovely day!

    PP - glad all is ok with the twins! Would be lovely to see a pic :)

    Bertie - sorry you aren't feeling great :(

    Flossy - hopefully you'll get more energy soon!

    AFM - had a busy weekend and I'm absolutely shattered! Wedding was lovely, think I got away with not drinking. It helped that they split our group of friends up so we didn't know anyone on our table. No-one said anything anyway. Didn't sleep well at all all weekend so had a good sleep last night, in between getting up several times for a wee of course! Scan day is Friday for me so just counting down the days. Feel really sick this morning but might be something to do with being tired from the weekend.

  • Morning everyone :)!

    Counter - Good luck with your scan - please come and update us when you can :)

    AR - Hope you have a lovely day

    PP - Glad everything is good with the twins sounds very eventful - Would love too see a picture!

    Bertie - Sorry your not feeling great hope it improves soon!

    Flossy - Sending you some energy!

    Browny - Glad you got away with drinking at the wedding! Sorry your feeling tired and sick!

    AFM - I have had sickness all weekend, some food are really turning my stomach atm.. Cooked dinner last night then couldn't eat it!, I have my booking in appointment tomorrow at 9ish so wont be around till quite late tomorrow :)

    Hello to all that follow.... Been lurking on the TTC boards and should be 3 new ladies joining us soon!

  • Yay!!!! Everything present and correct. All great. Low risk of Downs based on fluid test. Moved me from 11+6 to 12+2 but I'm growing a monster so I'll not be changing my date on that basis. Now wait for bloods. Feeling hopeful. :)

  • CC - glad you are ok, sickness is a good sign! Yay new recruits lol.

    Counter - so glad things are ok and the scan went well :) xxx

  • Mind if I join you lovely ladies??

  • Yay counter so pleased for you :)!  I hope you have a picture for us later lol!

    Wispa congrats and welcome to 1st tri

  • ooh Wispa! Hello, I wondered if you might come over soon. Big congrats!!!

  • ChocolateCupcake

    Been lurking on the TTC boards and should be 3 new ladies joining us soon

    Wispa and who??? Tell! I haven't had chance to get on there today...

    Listen ladies, how bad is this? After the appointments we spent an hour in Homebase picking the colours for the bedroom and en suite. I'm so excited about them being done. We've nearly finished 2 downstairs rooms (just curtains, rug, etc, basics are in) and then moving to upstairs. If we carry on the whole house will be done before baby is due, one year after moving in. Yay!

  • I'm jealous Counter! We've been in our house for 2 years and only managed to decorate the lounge and one of the bedrooms (not even our one!). We did also do the bathroom which was a big job. Typically the bedroom we've decorated as an office will be the baby's room so will need doing again! Finding out I was pregnant has given us a bit of a kick to get things done though and we've ordered new carpet and are going to pay someone to do the painting in the bathroom and hallway/stairs as H has no holiday left until after Christmas and weekends are already filling up!

  • Welcome Wispa,

    As promised here are a few scan pictures......

    7+3 as little blobs in sacks


    Then scans from Friday at 13 +3

     Twin two 

    Twin two again .... 

    And Twin one, who is obviously going to be a poser.....

    Twin one posing again....

    Anyone care to guess the sexes??

  • Amazing pictures pinkpanther! This isn't an educated guess at all but I'm going to say you're having one girl and one boy!

    Welcome to the thread Wispa!

    Currently lusting over changing bags which are probably completely impractical!

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