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Hello ladies. A new week, glorious sunshine pouring in here :)

My weekend went by in the blink of an eye. How about you?! I/we dashed about getting loads done, with regular sitting breaks due to pelvic pain. Saw my sister last night, those twins left me so broody. They're 7 weeks now, one is still fairly dinky and one has grown a lot. Spent ages holding each one and was funny watching Baxter kick them! my sister gave me a lovely little hamper with various bits for Baxter and for me which touched me and made me think about how close to the end we are. 

Busy day at work today, trying to finish up sets of accounts and I've 3 appraisals to give too. Soon as I can I'm out of there, hoping to be home by 4. :)


  • Morning! This weekend has flown I agree. Can't believe the twins are 7weeks now, how fast has that gone?! How lovely of your sister to do you a hamper.

    We had a nice weekend too, just pottering really. The braxton hicks are strong enough to stop me in my tracks when I get them now, they seem worse during the day. Swimming with p this morning then just the garden this afternoon, it's so gorgeously sunny here.
  • Morning!

    Counter, sounds lovely seeing your sister and her twins!  I hope her able to get away from work as planned.

    AR, swimming and garden sound lovely, too!  Hopefully the BH give you a rest today.

    AFM, the weekend did fly by, actually, but did nothing exciting.  Unless you count drying washing on the line in the garden exciting, which I kind of do.  Super sunny here as well, and hoping for another lovely day.  In baby news I'm driving to Basildon today to view and potentially buy a nearly new bugaboo buffalo.  Apparently the warranty isn't registered yet, and she's giving the original receipt as well, so if everything is as described then I might have a pram by lunchtime!  I'm very excited.

  • Oooooo wispa that is exciting!! One of the best bits of being pregnant the first time was choosing and getting the pram. We set it all up and I spent ages playing with it in a sort of surreal dream that I would actually have a real baby to put in it! Let us know how you get on
  • Morning girls!

    Counter - Sounds like a lovely weekend and lovely of your sister to give you the hamper.  Hope you manage to get work finished!

    AR - Jealous of your garden/swimming day, it's cold here today!  

    Wispa - Ah exciting that you're getting your pram!  I loved getting mine :)

    AFM - not done a great deal over the weekend apart from getting the wash basket emptied and to the in-laws for lunch.  It comes round to Monday much too quick for my liking but after today there are only 9 more Mondays until I finish whoo hoo!!

    Hi to all who follow :)

  • Morning ladies

    Didn't get on over the weekend, but agree it has flown by!

    Counter- Sounds like yo had a lovely time with your sister and twins. How lovely to receive a hamper.

    AR - enjoy swimming. An afternoon in the garden sounds fab.

    Wispa- Hope the pram works out for you.

    AFM- not a lot to report. 'Busyish' weekend. It was H's niece's birthday on Saturday so we were busy out with that, A then had a birthday party from her class yesterday. My back has been playing up over the weekend too! I am finding it hard to have food settle in me now and at best can describe it as having acid reflux! Has been awful the last few nights I have been going to bed! Not a great thing when I am going out with my aunt and cousin for lunch today!

  • Morning,

    Counter I can't believe the twins are 7 weeks! That's flown by. I bet it made you ready to meet your little one. My baby always kicks when I hold my nephew lol. Hamper is a lovely idea :) hope works ok for you.

    AR hope the braxton hicks aren't too painful! I'm sure you are going to que jump ;) enjoy swiping and time in the garden. Lovely day for it.

    Wispa how exciting, hope its all ok for you and you get a bargain.

    Vontrapp getting the wash basket empty always makes me happy lol. 9 Mondays, that will fly by :)

    S4- weekend sounds nice. Are you taking anything for the heartburn? Mine is a right pain lately and I have started using rennies. Someone also recommended tums but think they are only online? Enjoy lunch, I seem to eat out far too often lately!

    Afm had a nice weekend browsing around Bury with H and got lots of baby washing done. We have had to move the room around to fit her some drawers on until we eventually move. Have midwife today and then see the haematologist weds about my platelets.

    Did you wash your Moses basket lining etc? Mine smells a bit chemically.

    Oh and i saw Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan yesterday, random lol.

  • Morning!

    Counter - can't believe the twins are 7 weeks! These weekends are going by in the blink if an eye. It's scary to think we're now at the stage where we could only have a weekend or two left without a baby! Hope you can leave work by 4!

    AR - sounds like a nice day. It's not quite as nice here today as it was yesterday. Definitely make the most of the weather!

    Wispa - exciting about the pram! Hope it all works out, sounds like a great deal.

    VT - hi! 9 Mondays sounds like a lot but I bet it flies past, how exciting!

    S4 - sounds like a busy weekend. Hope you manage to enjoy lunch today.

    Bertie - I haven't even got my Moses basket yet! I assume it's all washable so if you think it smells a bit it might be worth doing it now rather than deciding when babies here that you need to do it.

    AFM - first day of maternity leave! Feels odd, particularly as I've been up since half 6. So far I've drunk tea and watched trashy tv, I should probably try and be a bit more productive this afternoon so going to pop out for another roll of wallpaper for the decorators and might have a sneaky look in mothercare. I can see this getting expensive! Baby wise all seems ok. I'm convinced she won't be making an early appearance so I feel quite relaxed about everything at the moment. Will try and take a look at my birth plan this week before seeing the midwife on Friday.

  • VonTrapp- missed you there. It is nice to have a countdown....The 9 Mondays will fly by.

    Bertie- hope MW goes well. We never had a moses basket. Just a crib.

    Flossy- enjoy ML. I never made it to my first ML (since I had her at 31 weeks) my subsequent ones I have always had a child to look after at home! Am looking forward to lunch, we are off to Prezzo. Shame I still have one child with me! My cousin will have one too!

  • Vt- you'll be amazed how fast it flies by! Sounds like a nice chilled weekend

    S4 I've for awful acid reflux again. It's horrible isn't it?! Hope lunch doesn't make you suffer

    Bertie- good to see you! Our basket is lent from a friend but if it was new I think id wash it all

    Flossy- yay to ml! It definitely takes a while to wind down and get out of work mode I think.
  • VT, 9 weeks will go by I'm a flash!

    S4, Oi to the reflux, I hope lunch is fine for you today.

    Bertie, I haven't washed anything yet, but if it smells chemically, I think maybe I would, just to safe. Although, I think anything sold for babies in the UK should meet strict guidelines.. But better safe than sorry, right?

    Flossy, did you pop in to mothercare? I popped in yesterday and the was loads of sale clothing, but it was all so jumbled up that I couldn't be bothered looking through it. I wonder if everyone who queue jumps has some sort of idea it's going to happen early... You never know what could happen!

    Aaaaaand as for me again...

    I am the proud owner of a bugaboo buffalo!!! I was so skeptical about it that I didn't let myself get my hopes up, thinking it had to be fake because although £650 is a lot of money, it's still £210 less than RRP, and for a pram that has only been used a handful of times it's a huge discount. So since it was advertised as unregistered with bugaboo and coming with original proof of purchase, I asked the seller if I could register it online before leaving with and it was legit, so here we have it:

  • Oooh that's lovely! Why was she selling it, did she just change her mind? Such a good deal! When we looked at it one of the things the shop assistant said was that lots of people sell them on as they hold their value quite well so to get one that's barely used for such a good discount is great! You must be pleased. We took our pram out to show my parents at the weekend (since they paid for it!) but I haven't really had a play around, my bump keeps getting in the way!

    I did pop to mothercare and spent a bit too much! Only got a pair of socks and a breastfeeding top for me in the sale, the rest was full price, oops! I do still need to get measured for a couple of bras but other than that I'm going to try not to buy anything else!

    AR - it's hard going from 12 hour days last week to nothing, I feel guilty! I'm sure that'll disappear once baby is here.

    S4 - everyone has said to enjoy this mat leave because if happens again there'll be a little one to look after so it won't be much of a break! Might book myself a massage or nail appointment this week as a treat. Hope lunch was nice, I love the salmon pasta in Prezzo!

  • I'm just being nosey whilst Zara sleeps!

    Wispa, I have a bugaboo bee and I absolutely love it so far. We've used it loads with the car seat as well as with the pram bit. Even my 4yo can push it although I don't advise that! What a bargain, you must be delighted.

    I promise you ladies life with a newborn is much easier than late pregnancy. We've had the HV this morning and Zara's put on 10oz in a week so I'm feeling pleased.

  • Hello, just thought I'd sneak on and say a quick hello to all of you.

    Isis that's great weight gain I bet your pleased.

    Wispa loving the Bugaboo, I'm itching to get out with my Stokke, but I'm just not that mobile yet after the section. My Mum has had her out twice in it so far (she's been excited about taking her out in a her pram for week lol), and Grace looks so cute and snuggly in it.

  • Flossy, she said she's as selling it because she was finding it too heavy and big for her car.  She was quite a tiny woman, actually.  I'm hoping to have a few good plays with it before the bump gets in the way.  It's fine now, so I need to get out in the garden with it and have Wispa on the lead and get her used to walking beside it!  And I'm really nosey, so give us a peek at what gve bought!

    Isis, I'm over the moon about it!  Cannot believe my luck.  Glad to hear you're finding motherhood better than late pregnancy, and amazing weight gain from Zara :)

    BLL, I hope you manage to get out soon with your stokke, even if it's just a quick once around the block.  Babies do look so cute in their carrycots.

  • That's a fab deal wispa! Brilliant!

    Isis and Bll nice to see you and hear you're both doing well. Isis I am sooooooo ready to get to the newborn stage and be done with the late pregnancy stage. I want to be able to move easily again, especially with a toddler about!!!
  • Deffo! I knew I was struggling but it was only when she was here that I realised just how much I was struggling. Just to make you jealous I can bend over and run upstairs ;)

  • I'd love to be able to bend over to put my shoes on!

    Bet you can paint your toenails too...show off ;)

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