~*~ Wednesday 3rd Tri ~*~

Morning all, I've been rubbish at posting (again) as work is so busy and the thread gets so long before I get chance to come on! Only 8 days left at work so will be able to keep up then :-)

Hip and lower back pain has flared up again, sleeping is not easy! Also, our office is too hot :-( so I'm afraid I'm whingey!

Hope everyone is ok, no news from Twink?



  • Morning,

    Not long to go now BE, sounds like you need the rest.

    Really hoping Twink wasn't put back again.

    AFM - still here! Had lots of waves of back pain yesterday which got more frequent in the evening. I went to bed half thinking I'll be up in the night, but I've just woken and it all seems to have died off, phew! Today A is at nursery so it's my first real day of ML. Have carpets being cleaned this morning and then growth scan and consultant this afternoon. If I could have 'small baby' vibes they'd be most appreciated as she is still back to back, despite me spending every spare moment on all 4s.

    Baby out vibes to Noodle if they're still required.

    BG 38+5

  • Hope the appointment goes well BG and lots of small baby vibes to you!

  • Morning all no news from twink, I hope she is enjoying newborn cuddles

    BE- I hope the pain eases today and the office cools although I think it's going to be warm today

    BG- lots of vibes for smallish baby on scan today!  Enjoy your first proper day of mat leave

    AFM well obviously still here 40+7 now :( still no signs of baby being ready to come out! Sweep booked for tomorrow

  • Morning ladies

    BE- are you starting your mat leave at around 30 weeks then? You must be excited that you've only got 8 days left. I can sympathize with the hip and back pains. I was up with it half the night last night too.

    BG- Sending you small baby vibes, but not too small as ive been told i have a small baby at every scan and it can be worrying for the baby's health. Still hoping that baby turns for you.

    Baby out vibes for noodle. How far gone is she now?

    AFM- Going to the midwife this morning, made a whole big list of questions to ask her last night. Not feeling to great at the moment, wondering if I've picked up some sort of bug. Hopefully ill start feeling better as the day goes on.

  • Sorry noodle just missed you. Baby out vibes, hopefully the sweep will do wonders for you if you have to have it done.

  • Morning,

    BE sorry you've been getting back and hip pains, not long to go now

    BG just a false alarm for you then. Perfectly sized baby vibes to you. Hope scan and consultant goes ok, what time is your scan? Let us know how you get on.

    Noodle baby out vibes to you to tide you over until your sweep :)

    MS sorry you're not feeling great, hope the mw app goes ok.

    AFM for anyone who didn't see thread yesterday evening my scan was fine and placenta has moved up so all on course for natural birth atm. Had some fab news last night that my cousin proposed to his gf of 11 yrs making my (highly strung and deeply religious) aunt very happy lol. They are looking to get married next spring which made me realise I will have a baby by then, eek! Mum is popping over for a coffee and a play with the pram this morning which should be fun :)

    Can't wait to hear from twink, hope she's enjoying lots of cuddles!

  • Morning all,

    BE enjoy your last few days at work

    BG glad it was a false alarm so you can get all your jobs done.

    Noodle good luck at tomorrow's sweep

    MS hope the MW appt goes well. I always take a list of things to ask with me

    PC great news about your placenta.

    AFM today W is at nursery so more painting for me (for a change!) .

    Have my consultant appt tomorrow morning when I should hopefully get my date for my ELCS. Very very excited to know the date so I can start counting down!

    Hope twink is busy having lovely cuddles and everything has gone smoothly

    JT 33+6

  • Hi all not posted on the tri threads before but thought I would come out of hiding and post.

    BE - wow not long left at work now.

    BG - enjoy your first proper ML day and  good luck for the growth scan.

    Noodle - lots of baby out vibes for you

    MS - good luck at the midwife, hope you get all your questions answered. Hope you're feeling better soon x

    Popcorn - glad the scan went well, and exciting news for your cousin

    Jellytot - good luck tomorrow, will be lovely to start counting down the days!

    AFM - 31+1 today and lo in nursery all day so have the day to myself! Meeting friends for a cuppa this morning then plan to get on with housework this afternoon. Had yoga last night which was more uncomfortable than usual, aches and pains are getting more frequent now and sleep a little more difficult! I better start getting used to it!

  • Morning All,

    BE- 8 days will fly by! Bet you can't wait.  Hope your back pain eases.

    BG- Let us know how you get on with your scan and cons appointment later. Small baby vibes coming your way!

    Noodle- Your tummy is obviously too comfy! Come on baby, everyone is ready to meet you now!

    MS- Sorry you're not feeling so great and hope you perk up soon. Hope the midwife answers all your questions.

    Popcorn- Great news about your placenta! Hope mine has followed suit.. I also keep thinking of things planned for later on this year/ next year and thinking eek! We will have a new addition to our family then!

    JT- Don't over do it on the painting front. Very exciting finding out your date, the countdown really will be on then!

    Banzy- Enjoy your day to yourself. I know what you mean about the aches and pains, I couldn't get comfy anywhere yesterday!

    AFM- Scan today at 10.40am to check placenta has moved. Fingers crossed it has! I have just put it to the back of my mind and haven't even thought about what will happen if it hasn't. Baby was so wriggly yesterday but everything I told H to look she obviously stopped. I think he must think I'm making it up most of the time!

  • Just back on to let you know that MW appointment went fine, she answered all my questions. Baby is head down which i am pleased about, just hoping he stays that way now. I'm planning on resting to try and feel better today and possibly catch up on some lost sleep at some point. X

  • JT exciting about tomorrow. Hope you get lots of painting done.

    Banzy welcome to the 3rd tri thread. Enjoy your relaxing day.

    Sam good luck for your scan, let us know how it goes.

    MS good news about baby being head down, take it easy for the rest of the day, hope you feel better soon.

  • MummyS- glad the midwife went well, hope that she could answer all your questions and that your reassured now.

    popcorn- how weird is that to think that will be babies first wedding? are you loving the sola?

    JT- hope the consultant goes well tomorrow, will be lovely to know when your meet little one!

    banzy- welcome to 3rd tri, yoga got harder for me at 32 weeks I have managed to continue it but I had to find a few adjustments to cettain positions/stretches to suit my aches and pains

    samjh87- good luck for the scan tomorrow, lots of placenta moved vibes. Love it when their so wiggly

    have a good day all, im off to a friends for lunch see if she can cheer me up

  • Noodle - hope you're friend cheers you up.  Have something hot and psicy for lunch yeah!

    MS - glad mw appt was good.  I obviously don't want one too small, but small enough that I have a chance of a vbac if they don't turn.

    Popcorn - scan is at 2.30, well that's what the letter says, we'll see, I'm not expecting anything before 3pm! Have fun playing with the pram.

    JT - how exciting re finding out the date!

    Banzy - welcome! how old is your LO?

    Sam - hope you get good news at the scan

    AFM - the odd pain again today, but not as strong as they were last night.  Carpet cleaning going well, I'm camped out upstairs backing up all my photos and collating all the bump shots into one folder, it's mad looking back at how bump has grown during 2013.

  • Quick update- placenta has moved so no problems with a normal birth which is great news. Can't believe how much bigger she looked on the scan! Saw her head, face, hands and little toes. I wasn't warned that it was going to be an internal though so came as a bit of a shock when I get there but was straight forward.

  • Glad it went well Sam, that's good that the placenta has moved. Did they say why it was an internal rather than external scan?

  • She did the usual ultrasound first externally but when I walked in she said it is procedure to do an internal just to be 100% certain there is no obstruction. After the external she said it does look like everything was fine and it had moved but they like to double check so then did the internal so she could see the neck of the womb clearer and made sure there was no placenta close by. It was really straight forward but just wasn't what I was expecting so took me by surprise. H was also late in because he was parking the car so hadn't heard the first part of the conversation with the sonographer so when I started whipping my bottoms off he had a "WTF are you doing!?" face. haha

  • Sam - pleased the placenta has moved, must be lovely to see baby again too.

    BG - my little girl will be 3 in a few weeks, she excited about being a big sister. I love doing bump shots too but must admit there aren't so many this time round, I keep forgetting to take them!

    MS - glad the mw appointment went well.

  • Glad it has moved Sam, hopefully mine will have moved when I have scan in a couple of weeks too and that will be three out of three movers x

  • MrsB- Definitely looks like all these placentas are on the move so will keep my fingers crossed for you in a few weeks :)

  • we are home hehehehehehe hugs n loves from me and baby c xxxx

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