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Hello All... Wednesday now, Friday is slowly creeping closer!

I'm knackered, 2 hour round trip to get hubby's Xmas gift, had bit to do at home. Had some supper with Harry when he got in from work at 10.30 and went to bed at midnight. Today I feel like I've run a marathon before I've even left the house! :)



  • Morning counter.

    I know that "run a marathon" feeling well, it's horrible. Roll on Friday. Glad you got your Hs present sorted though

    Back to work today, but Ms nativity is 10.15. Luckily it's in a church just round the corner from my work so not such a big deal to nip out. Hoping work isn't too manic, M was a little sh1t yesterday and had me in tears twice with her awful behaviour, I actually don't know what to do with her. Pregnancy hormones didn't help of course. I'm looking forward to 28th when we go to my mum's for a few days and hopefully she'll let H and I get a bit of a break - even peace for coffee or dinner on our own or something would be bliss.

    So I'm exhausted and tearful at the moment. Apart from that got a wriggly baby so I'm thankful for that

    Sorry. Didn't mean this to turn into a moan!

    Hope everyone else is doing well xx

  • Oh dear! That's not good, WE. What's she doing at the moment to play up? Is it a new phase? Agh, you don't need it! :)

  • Morning!

    Counter - I know that marathon feeling too, I feel like that today as well! Saw your other post about the bonus, that's brilliant news and completely deserved!

    Weekender - sorry to hear M is being tough. Hopefully it's just the excitement of Christmas, the build up seems to start so early these days it must feel like forever to a little one.

    AFM - so tired! It was our company Christmas party last night and in the end I didn't go. Felt a bit rubbish missing our but I just couldn't face socialising with lots of drunk people and then getting the train home with even more drunk people. Plus there's never enough food to go around! Ended up coming home and feeling a bit sorry for myself as I feel pretty anti-social at the moment.

    Baby has been quiet the last couple of days but last night she was a real wriggler. It's still a novelty so I ended up staying awake really late just enjoying feeling her! It was like she was stretching out as I could feel her on both sides of my stomach.

    Realised yesterday that me and H will be apart for 5 days next week (we're not doing Christmas together). Usually it doesn't bother me, but being pregnant I kind of want him around...feeling a bit needy at the moment I think!

  • Morning

    Counter- bet you are tired! Glad you managed to get your H's present.

    Weekender- Enjoy the nativity. Hope M isn't too bad. My middle child is just over 3 and some days he is brilliant and other days is driving me crazy! It is a shame his pre school have already finished for the Christmas!

    Flossy -sorry you missed the party. Hope you aren't too bad. Sorry you're not with your H next week. Just think you'll have new year to look forward to and the lovely arrival of your LO.

    AFM- I have the cleaner in today! The house isn't too bad but it will be nice that she will pull the cupboards and wardrobes out and clean behind so I don't need to worry. She'll also do all the bathrooms. So I am going to visit my cousin today before she goes skiing for the Christmas.C (my middle child) is swimming this evening. A in swimming in school today...she is hoping it is a fun splash!  I think I might ask my dad to come over tonight and once the kids are ready to bed H and I might pop to Lakeside and do some bits of shopping. It is open to 11. I remember popping to Marks around this time last year there and it was very quiet...beats waiting in queues next week!

  • Cross posted s4. Cleaner sounds amazing, I might have to do that as a treat in the new year! Let us know how busy lakeside is, was thinking about going tomorrow night but heard via Facebook that Monday it was packed so it put me off a bit!

  • Flossy-I've just edited my post to include you. I didn't realise you were in my neck of the woods? I am hoping that we won't leave here until around 7 that it might not be too bad. I am also going to the retail park first.

  • She just thinks she knows best on everything and mummy doesn't have a clue. And honestly the attitude on her, it's like having a teenager. Yesterday she was screaming at me in the car because I wouldn't let her get back out the car in a car park to go look at her friends car seat to make sure they were the same(?). So instead refused to sir in her seat and was screaming about how she doesn't like me and I'm not a nice mummy blah blah in a car park for fifteen mins. Then told me to stop crying because she was crying and mummys are.silly if they cry. And so on.

    It is a new phase yes, and I probably need to deal with it better but when I can't currently manhandle her into her car seat, or pick her up and put her in her room/naughty step it's quite difficult because she can't be reasoned with.

    Sorry you lot don't need to hear how horrible toddlers are!

  • S4 - I'm only about 15/20mins from there, in the town that The Only Way Is Essex made famous!

    Weekender - oh dear! Sounds like she's a bit of a handful. I have to say I did laugh a bit when you said what her tantrum was about (her friends car seat?!)! Must be difficult when you're feeling exhausted and just want her to cooperate. Hopefully it's a brief phase. How do you think she'll be when the baby arrives?

  • Flossy, sorry you missed the party. Can you and H change plans to at least be back together again earlier next week?

    Section4, that clean sounds like bliss, I'd love that!

    Just reread my last post and it's a bit unfair, she's often a very nice little girl and well behaved, these past few days have just been horrible though, and it's hard to keep perspective.

  • Flossy - Oh, you aren't too far away from me. I am in Hornchurch

  • I grew up there! Small world!

  • Flossy, she seems to be looking forward to the baby, I think shell be a bit strange at first especially in those manic newborn days but hopefully weather will be good enough to get outside or at least let her in the garden which she loves. And if I have to have a section as suspected, I'm hoping my mum will come to help out when H goes back to work so should be enough hands on deck to help out while she adjusts.

  • Morning all.

    Counter, sorry you're so tired, it's horrid waking up feeling like you just need to go back to bed.

    Weekender, I really feel for you! How old is M? I've cried at J a few times recently when it's all just got a bit too much, I want this baby so much, but I do wonder if I've made a huge mistake sometimes, he's such hard work all on his own that I have no idea how I'm going to cope with him plus another! Hopefully it's just a phase for M, and one she'll grow out of soon. "This too shall pass..."

    Flossy, sorry you're feeling a bit sorry for yourself. It's hard not being round your H over Christmas, especially when pregnant. It don't be for long though, and you've so much exciting stuff to look forward to in the new year. Yay for lots of wriggles last night though.

    Section4, enjoy the lovely clean house when the cleaner is finished, and hope your shopping goes well.

    AFM, I'm off work today without J. I had holiday to use up so Ive taken him to nursery and am now enjoying a relaxed breakfast before a bit of shopping and then going to see my friend's new house and have lunch with her. Should be a really nice day - we had a tough weekend with a poorly J being very hard work, so a day of R&R will do me the world of good. If I'm back from my friend's in time I'll get a bit of wrapping done this afternoon too, try to get a bit of productive in there too!

  • Morning,

    Busy thread already!

    Counter- I bet you are nackered! Are you pleased with h's present?

    Weekender- Hope you enjoy the nativity. Sorry M is playing you up a bit, is it all the excitment of Christmas? My newphew has been a nightmare lately too.

    Flossy- I could have wrote your post about baby wriggles. mine had been less wriggly too but last night she was back to moving everywhere and I could feel it both ends of my tummy. Hope you didn't miss much at your work party. We had one the other week and i only stayed an hour!

    S4- Enjoy having the cleaner in! I love Lakeside shopping, think it's got better lately. good idea to go later on in the eveining, I may do the same in Cambridge on friday.

    SG- Sounds like a lovely day planned, enjoy some relaxtion and lunch.

    AFM- Off to a friends for a girls xmas dinner tonight in our onesies which im looking forward too. One of the girls is only a week behind me so will be nice to chat. I think me and H may have agreed on a name too, although i wont tell family etc until she arrives I dont think. My nan and grandad are buying us a steriliser and bottle set, I am planning on breastfeeding and have seen the advent one which comes with a breast pump half price in mothercare, does anyone know if its any good or have any recs?

    Pregnancy wise all good here.

  • Sorry ladies just jumping on quickly as I'm still in the ante natal clinic but I wanted to tell you we got out genetics test back and it's a 1 in 50,000 chance! I'm so happy I cried proper happy tears and finally feel I can believe this is happening! Xxx

  • Woohoo!! Congrats Monnie!!!

  • SG, she's 3.5, so a bit older than your J, but still a handful.  Enjoy your child free day today x

    Bertie, I'm putting it down tot he excitment of Christmas, if she is still behaving like this in January I don't know what I'll do Laugh re the Avent set, I got a similar TT one, but struggled with the manual pump, if you are really wanting to bf, it might be better to look for an electric pump.  But it's something you can think about once baby is here, just make sure whatever one you are considering can be used with your bottles etc or has its own storage bags/containers or whatever - the TT (manual) one connects to a TT bottle which you then take off and seal up.  I didn't fb for long, so might be worth starting a new thread for advice from others who were more successful - the Medela swing pump is expensive but apparently one of the best.  on to more important things - can you share the name with us?? ;-)

    Monnie, great news about your genetics test (was this the downs/turners etc one?), hope you can relax a bit now xx

    H and I went to the nativity and it was lovely, had a wee tear in my eye.  She was really good, some kids were crying and running to their mums when they saw them, but we'd had a chat this morning about how she would be on the stage doing the show and mummy and daddy were her audience and she seemed to get it (she said this morning that it'd be nice we could all sit together and sing the songs), she just waved to us quite a lot, and at one point I could only hear her and the little girl beside her singing Laugh

    Less than two days of work left, roll on 12 o'clock on Friday!

  • I didn't fb for long??  BF I mean lol.

  • Congrats Monnie, I didnt have the test but kind of wish i did now.

    Thanks weekender. There is so much to think about with regards to feeding, bottles etc! I will have a look into electric pumps, i did think this might be a better option. Ha, i can share the name yes... It's Betsy. I have always loved the name Betty but think its too old so I think this is slightly more modern. Not everyones cup of tea but i love it. I also love Beatrice but H doesnt so looks like Betsy will be the one!

    Oh and did wonder what FB was lol.

  • Aw she sounds so sweet bless her. Must be hard for little ones to do plays etc. I love seeing them when they keep waving etc. my neice last year broke down in tears, too much for her lol.

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