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How is everyone? 


  • Thursday night I slept about 4 hours, I think because I was worrying equally about work and baby. Yesterday I worked 8am to midnight, working on the problems we've got, gathering up everything we need to make some decisions. There's a new bloke who is very frustrating to deal with - I'm good with business stresses but when there's personal stuff too I don't cope as well. Not working this weekend. Going to relax, and go for a nice long walk and a lunch by the sea with hubby and dog today :) Hope everyone has nice things on this weekend x

  • Morning Counter

    Hope you are well. Had a night out with the school mums last night to celebrate one of the other mum's 40th birthday. Am quite glad i had an excuse not to be drinking! Had our 20 week scan yesterday. All is fine. We have stayed team yellow (which is what we did in the past pregnancies)

  • Morning everyone

    Counter - You are working a lot of hours! Remember you need to look after yourself and the baby at the moment. I won't say anymore because I got quite annoyed at the midwife when she told me my rights to time off when I wanted to book the latest appointment (which was 4pm!!). I said I'd be more stressed if my workload was piling up for me during my time off - I think she took the hint then and backed off!

    Section4 - Glad the scan went well yesterday. Yes sometimes waking up without a hangover is bliss!

    I've been pretty productive so far this morning. Done a load of housework already. Out tonight for my SIL's 40th birthday, probably only going to stay out for a couple of hours though, my clubbing days are over!

  • Morning

    Counter, it's rubbish you are in that position at work - think you are doing the right thing having the weekend off.

    Section4, glad scan went well, hope you enjoyed night out x

    I feel good today!! Weird!! Have so far done a pile of ironing, two loads of washing, tidying, was audience for Ms singing kettle reproduction, done jigsaw etc. Just heading out to acChristmas fayre, then M has plans for going to the park this afternoon. I have plans for Costa and cake which we didn't get round tp yesterday. We can do both, M is easily bribed with cake :)

    I went to the doc yesterday with the rib pain, I'd seen mw on Thursday who thought it was nothing so thought I'd double check. He thinks it's a trapped nerve which I suppose makes sense with everything getting squished in there. I'll just keep an eye on it. He asked if paracetamol helped abd I looked blankly at him - hadn't considered taking paracetamol, don't know what I was thinking! Anyway it's too high up to be epigastric pain he reckons so unless any other symptoms develop I'm ok!

    Hope everyone has a good weekend xx

  • Morning all!

    Counter I'm really glad to hear you are having a fabulous weekend off after the time you are having of it at work. I hope it gets resolved for the better.

    S4 great news about the scan! What gender children do you already have? V impressed you've never found out!

    Mrs V  I'm the same these days...in fact the idea of a night out makes me want to cry! I've lost all energy for late night socialising!

    WE good news that your symptoms are nothing sinister. Is the pain manageable? Have a good day!

    AFM - the sleep trauma had kicked in! I've managed to avoid any probs until now but now sore and suffering insomnia! Slept on top of a duvet last night and that made a huge difference. Today we are doing stuff in the baby's room (shelves/painting the inherited cotbed/hanging curtains) there's an NCT nearly new sale close by so I might head along there later and see if I can pick up any bargains!

  • We're off on a long walk shortly but Lily and I are both feeling reluctant l... We've been up and had breakfast and done some chores and now back in bed!

  • Morning ladies, how are we all? Nice day here yesterday with H and M. Feels strange to think there won't be that many more weekends just the three of us!

    Today I'm most excited, my mum, sis, bil and gorgeous little 8 month old nephew are coming thsaleh for the day as it's my other niece's birthday party late this afternoon so we are all goingto a nnice restaurant nearby for lunch then out for a walk then on to the birthday party :) can't wait to see them all! First of all we are going to buy a new (fake obviously) Christmas tree as ours is too big for the living room in this house.

    Pregnancy wise, got kicking, slightly less rib pain which may be because I wasn't sitting down much yesterday, but hopefully it's going to go away and I can tick it off the"annoying pregnancy things to worry about" list haha

    SP how was nearly new sale?

    Counter, hope you enjoyed your lazy day!

    Hope everyone else is well xx

  • Weekender - I had really bad rib pain a couple of weeks ago, I was in agony! I am now measuring bigger around my rib cage so guess the pain was it stretching out. Like you said probably one of those annoying pregnancy things :)

    SP - Hope you got some bargains? And yes nights out do make me almost cry too these days, although its more the day after when I feel knackered!!

    Hoping to get a load of things done today but feeling so tired I might do nothing instead! Winter makes me want to hibernate!!

  • Hi everyone

    Counter that photo of your dog is so sweet.

    Weekender, hope you feel better soon, sounds painful.

    Sweetpea, hope nursery sorting and NCT sale went well :)

    Mrs V I am with you on the hibernating!!! It's the time of year for it!

    AFM had a busy day/evening yesterday so chilling out today. Sat on the sofa watching twilight and ordering xmas pressies- perfect!

    I'll probably toddle over to the third tri boards this week (eeeek!) looking forward to seeing you all over there soon :)

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