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~^~ Monday 3rd Tri ~^~

Morning all and happy Monday.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.  The weather was quite nice here which always helps.  Its lovely here again today and I think its to be good at least for the beginning of the week.

Can't believe I've only got 4 days until my DD!!!!  How the hell did that happen?!?  I don't feel anything at all so I think this one is going to keep me waiting.  I've got the mw on Wednesday so hopefully I'll get an idea if Baby CA is engaged or not but it doesn't really feel like it tbh.  No worries, me and OH will enjoy our last days of freedom as much as we can before life changes forever lol

Hope you all have a lovely day.


  • I'm glad you posted here as I'm stalking you without texting and being one of those annoying people who keep asking 'any signs yet' lol. X

  • CA my phone is glued to me now your due date is so close. Can't wait for PP duties to kick in!! :)

  • CA - so exciting!!! I can't believe it's so close now. Time is flying!

    Hi TP!

    PS - you'll be waiting just over 2 weeks max! How's PC doing?

    AFM - we had to go and get a new cot this weekend as the one we got second hand either never had all the pieces it needed or we lost some in transit. Spent faaar too long in IKEA but the nursery is pretty much good to go. Storing all the baby related gumph in there for now so it looks a bit of a mess but I will flash when I get home. I love it!!

    Hi to those that follow and massive congrats again to Fig. Baby out vibes to those that want!

  • Morning all. Many congrats again to Figaro!

    CA that's exciting! Hopefully at least by this time next week you'll have your little one!

    Jonesy, that's lovely that the cot and nursery are all done. Bet you're happy now :-)

    Not much to report here except almost no sleep again. Will have to break out the sleeping tablets tonight I think since it's getting silly now. Had a great weekend, after the bump photos and jewellery shopping I reported on Saturday, we started NCT yesterday (doing 2 full day Sundays and 2 midweek nights rather than lots of weeks) and it was great. Lovely couples there and a really nice instructor. I feel a bit bad because I got on far far better with it all than with hypnobirthing, and the hypnobirth instructor had kept slagging off NCT for ages, saying they were very negative about natural birth. Well, not in this case, and the NCT lady is supportive of hypnobirth, so now I just feel negative towards the hypno woman. Never mind, at least I'm enjoying NCT.

    I was talking to hubby last night and we both agreed that this baby thing doesn't quite seem real yet. OK so I have a large bump that moves, and we have a fully set up nursery etc, but the reality of having a child hasn't really sunk in. Anyone else feel the same??

  • Morning ladies!

    CA - hope the weather stays good for you. Hope baby CA doesn't keep you waiting too long. Enjoy your last days of freedom!

    *Waves to TP and PS*

    Jonesy - definitely flash the nursery when you get home! It's a shame you had to buy a new cot though. It'd be very dangerous if we had an Ikea nearby - I'd be there all the time!

    Not much more to report from me. Going to try and get a short walk with H this afternoon as I've spent the last 2 days feeling too heavy to do much - even walking upstairs left me out of breath! Also looking online for an outfit to wear to a wedding in August, but this has been going on for a while and I may end up asking on here for help!

    Congratulations again to Fig and hi to those who follow!

  • Hey all,

    candy, wow how are you nearly 40 weeks?! Where's the time going! Hope baby doesn't keep you waiting too long. Enjoy your time as a couple before any arrives

    hi tweetie and PS!

    jonesy, yay to getting the nursery done, we're still in the decorating phase, need to hurry up really!

    afm, 37 weeks today! Baby could come any time, wow! No signs yet though. This weeks plan is to finish the the nursery - finally chose colours - light green and white and we'll add pinks or blues once baby's here.

    have a nice week all x

  • Morning!

    Congrats to fig on your little girl, she's gorgeous and I can't wait to hear the name.

    You next now CA- no pressure! Lol!

    I hope you've got some curries, pineapple and sex planned over the next few days?

    Jonesy we need a nursery flash! I can't wait to see it, I bet it looks fab.

    Afm well notning happening over here either so we can wait together CA. The good news is that I'm over my cold at last, it only lingered for 5 long and miserable days! My ankles have gone down though with all the rest and the cooler weather, so for at least thr next 12 hours I can wear my shoes again!

    No plans today, a boring day of washing and a bit of cleaning!

  • Ooh missed a couple! Hi Ixia, hope you manage to get out today, and also that you find a nice outfit. I can't wait to treat myself to nice non maternity clothes again!

    CO your nursery sounds pretty. So exciting waiting for another announcement too!!

    Hi Imp, glad you're finally feeling better and enjoying the cooler weather x
  • Hi BF - sorry you're not sleeping. Glad you are enjoying your NCT classes.

  • Sorry cross posted!

    barefoot, sounds like you had a busy but fun weekend, how did the bump photos come out? I dont think the reality will sink in properly until you have the baby at home with you really, sounds normal to me!

    lxia, hope you manage a nice walk, always good to get moving but gets very hard towards the end!

  • CO I haven't had the pics back yet, but from what I saw on the camera, there will be some good ones. I would post a couple, but for some reason mumdrum has stopped giving me the option to add photos. I think it may be my tablet, since it went wrong after I updated Windows on it.

  • Gah missed imp! Glad you're feeling better now Hun and yay to being able to wear shoes lol x

    barefoot, glad you like the pics you've seen - actually im unable to post pics now since getting a new phone, weird. Can do it when on laptop but all my recent pics aren't on there :( oh well.
  • Eeek I'm taking too long to type!

    CO - your nursery idea sounds great!

    Imp - so pleased you are over your cold and your ankles have gone down.

  • Too much going on for me to do proper personals this morning (2 year old with a phone obsession doesn't lend itself well!) But will try get on later. Just wanted to send the Hugest congrats to Fig on the safe arrival of her adorable girl, and baby out vibes to all of you ladies who have impending squishy bundles of your own :-) x

  • BF - bump shoot sounds good. I'm not sure the world is ready for a naked preggo pic of me though! Sounds like you had a lovely weekend too! Glad NCt is going well but I do know what you mean. Me and H were looking at the nursery last night and we both said how we can't really picture a baby in the house as something that will happen soon haha.

    Ixia - hope the walk goes well. I would say it should be easier than stairs. I hate stairs. Hope you have nice weather for it too.

    CO - Happy term!! Once your nursery is done I think we need a flash of that too. Colours sounds lovely and calm.

    Imp - glad the cold and swollen feet have departed! Don't over do the cleaning though and wreck yourself out again. Weather seems to be nicer today so that might help. I think I'm getting a cold now. Sucks.

  • Bf glad you enjoyed NCT, our teacher was very open minded too.

    Ixia maybe the heaviness is a good sign? Had baby dropped? Baby out vibes for you.

    CO we'll need a nursery flash from you too! 37 weeks, baby CO is fully cooked! :)

    Coco hello lovely! :) I hope O isn't keeping you too busy.

  • Imp - I hope it's a good sign! She's definitely dropped and MW said last week she's ready to go whenever she pleases.

    I cried on H earlier because I didn't like my lunch and couldn't get up off the sofa very easily - gotta love hormones!

  • Haha - I'm such a numpty! Didn't even register I hadn't done an AFM bit!! I won't do personals now that it's gone 8pm but I'll try again tomorrow haha.

    AFM (just incase someone is around!) - Paperclip is fine in there (I think) feeling him wiggling around alot more now, mostly in the evenings but get the odd flutter/limb jabbing me during the day too. Not much else to report at the moment - just waddling around!

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