~~ Monday 3rd tri ~~

Hello ladies. Am tired, but that's the norm! A new week, so just 9 weeks of work for me left. And given the next 4 of those will be audit-focused I'll be on the home straight before I know it! Think I may have had my first Braxton Hicks last night. And generally getting period/labour type back/leg pain, but very low level. Baby has been super wriggly last 12 hours or so. This week is going to be crap, lots going on at work and home, but I've a girls' night Friday and 'Ikea Day' Sunday so looking forward to those will help get me through ;)

Hope everyone is doing well, getting good sleepage and not too much discomfort. Any news from you Pottysue? Are you still hoping today's the day? :)


  • Morning! Hope things are progressing for rose and pottysue. Counter sound like a long week, early to bed each night please!!! I actually sleep ok-ish last night. In feeling really tired and a bit run down over all though. Have a sore throat starting up too. Moan moan! Toddler swimming this morning then we'll just potter about at home today. P spent first night in a proper bed last night which I was irrationally emotional about but I wanted her moved before baby arrives. Not a peep all night bless her.
  • Morning.

    Counter - hope work goes well this week. I wouldnt call ikea a treat ;) Its a place of dred for me! Are you working right up until your due date?

    AR - Ahh glad P was ok in her new bed. Have a good day pottering.

    Afm - I had some contractions yesterday but it died off after a few hours, I was hoping things were starting but maybe this is just the latent phase kicking in. Hopefully we'll have some movement in the next few days! Nothing planned today except a bit of tidying up. I might go for a walk a bit later. Hope everyone has a good day.

  • Hi

    Counter sounds like you got a lot to keep you busy...9 weeks will fly past x

    Autumnrose hope you feel better soon and well done to P for sleepimg so well in her new bed x

    Afm slept well again...which is good still feel tired though lol. Baby kicking loads last night during topgear so no doubt another daddys boy in the making lol x x
  • Morning

    Counter- sounds like you have a busy time ahead. The 9 weeks will fly by.

    AR- Well done to P for staying in her big girl bed. The photo on FB looked very cute. I am not even attempting this with O yet- although |I had done so with both his brother and sister at his age. He is just a different child!

    LD- I hope things start up again for you

    ABC- glad you had a good sleep.

    AFM- growth scan and consultant's appointment this afternoon. Baby was VERY wriggly yesterday. Considering the location of my placenta it is unusual to feel it. Was actually painful at times! Am hoping to get my blood results this afternoon too. If all is well I am out for dinner with a friend later.

  • Morning ladies

    Counter, hopefully having so much planned will make your week fly in.

    AR, yay for operation big girl bed! We moved M to a single bed a few weeks ago as she was in the cotbed, it's emotional stuff! Our babies growing up. Will be harder with this one  I reckon since it's our last

    LD, hope the contractions ramp up! Not long to go now

    ABC, yay for good sleep!

    Section4, busy day for you, hope all goes well

    Another tired one here despite sleeping well, only got up once for a toilet stop. M has singing group this morning then ballet this afternoon, plan on attempting to put my feet up in between times, hoping mum will entertain M. Tomorrow is consultant, feeling a bit nervous about that, not sure why!

    Hope everyone is doing well - baby out vibes to Rose and Pottysue xx

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    8th - Rose - PP PurpleStar

    8th - Little Dude

    19th - OB - PP Saffron

    19th - Purple Pixie - 

    20th - fig leaves 

    21st  - neverlosehope - PP Twink

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  • Weekender are you not in the list?! S4 good luck at the scan. Keep us updated! LD thats a good sign. All point at your body gearing up. Abc how much longervat work??

  • I'm 22nd March AR. Loads before me on the list!

  • AR, that's really good news about P's bed, you never know how it's going to go :) Hope the sore throat is nothing, and don't worry about moaning, keep it up, you can't leave me as the only one doing it!

    LD - the only reason Ikea is a treat is because the house has been in disarray and the haul from Ikea will be a sign that everything is getting straight and there's some little bits of furniture to finish off 2 or 3 rooms, so it's all about progress, lol. For mat leave, because I want every day I can free up to be with the baby I planned to work until the day before, but baby is due on a Tuesday, seemed silly not to take the Monday off, so I'll finish the Friday evening. I will try and sort some half days of leave and working from home a little in the last few weeks, to break it up a bit and give me nap time! Yes LD, get walking, things are happening, yay!!

    ABC - glad you slept, never enough though is it?!

    S4, fingers crossed for all good results for you!

    Weekender, your M is so busy that even when you're on downtime you're all over the place! Hope you get rested up.

    No sign of PS or Rose, maybe stuff's happening, lol.

    My sister named the babies! Emilia and Samuel. Emilia was one I absolutely love, love, love but ruled out so I am pleased about that, and Samuel is a classic  :)

  • Counter what happen if bby comes early? Will your time plans re time you have off just move forwards? I know youre sure it'll be late but theres no telling!!

  • Morning,

    Counter- Hopefully those 9 weeks will fly by! Having something at the weekend to look forward def makes the week go quicker!

    AR- Well done to P for her first night in the big bed. Hope you feel better soon.

    LD- Oh exciting, I hope they start agin for you soon. A walk sounds nice :)

    ABC- Glad you slept well. A top gear fan already ;)

    S4- good luck for today. Where is your placenta? Hope you have a nice time tonight.

    Weekender- Hope you get chance to rest today.

    AFM- Had a busy weekend so didnt get chance to pop on. Saturday we looked at cars and had a little shop, I bought one top and then ordered a few maternity bits when I got home. I was desperate for some comfy clothes! Sunday it was MILs birthday so we went out for lunch which was lovely. Have felt quite hormonal lately, worrying about little things and MIL has mentioned a few times that she will be at the birth when we havent asked her to be and is definately not what I want!

    Baby wise all good, had 6 people in total say how big I had got last week so must of had a spurt. Very wriggly as always, i think I will miss those kicks and wriggles in a weird way.

  • Hi everyone, on phone do won't do personals but just wanted to let you know nothing happening here! Seeing MW later which is handy. Hope things are moving nicely in the right direction for PS and that they start up again for LD!

  • Morning all!

    Counter, I'd be excited about ikea too lol make sure you get lots of rest too.

    AR, hope you get some rest too. Remember you're growing another human so rest up if you feel rubbish!

    LD, exciting! I never had a latent phase with J. Are you all ready? Hope things kick off soon!

    Abc, I'm still tired, it's rubbish. I have a daddy's boy, love watching them together.

    Section4, hope the scan and appt go well

    Weekender, I'm glad you've got your mum to help.
  • Can I ask a Q about movements? I sometimes get movements as though baby is having an actual fit! Don't remember it with Harry. It's way too fast to be hiccoughs, for example. It is so quick and juddery. Does anyone else get this?

  • Bertie, I have quite a few maternity clothes but I refused to feel rubbish in what I was wearing, I didn't spend a fortune but was glad I have options!

    Rose, good you've got mw she might give you a clue what's happening!

    Afm, term tomorrow and I know I'm going to drive myself mad looking for signs. My waters breaking was the first sign of labour with my son so every time I go to the toilet I'll be thinking about it!

    I was having a nice lie in but the window cleaner woke me up :(
  • Isis- Yes I think I need some more options! 99% of my wardrobe doesnt fit anymore lol. Hopefully these new bits will look nice.

    Counter- yes I get that random jolting movements sometimes. I think it may just be like when we are asleep and do it? They have a quick sudden jolt? I dont really know but as we both get it I am sure its normal.

  • Yep I do counter. I think they get little twitches and things or theyre just having a flap about.

  • Hi all,

    Not going to do personals today because I'm in a rush. Counter I do too, I always say she's having a dance when it happens it's like all her limbs go at once in opposite directions. I am very happy to report that after getting to the point of absolute exhaustion with lack of sleep, I slept for 12 hours straight last night!! I feel a lot better for it too.

  • Sorry to disappoint but I was at baby/toddler group this morning with J and not giving birth Everything has tailed off but still having plenty of tightenings. Don't think anything will be happening today :-(

    Vibes to all needing them

    Sue 39+3

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