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Morning ladies! How is everyone? Weekend was a bit of a washout for me, and have got a lot on at work this week, but Weds booked off so how bad can it get if I'm only doing 2 days at a time?! In-laws coming for dinner on the 18th so that's the house deadline now. Just 46 things left on our list, it'll be fine :)

Fri night and last night were painful, and Saturday I was faint and useless, so I've now got an emergency hospital bag just in case, lol. I panicked and decided I should throw something together! x



  • Hey

    Counter hope you manage to get list done and a day off on wed sounds like a good plan. Im laughing at your hospital bag panic that was me last night. Also in similar panic due to back ache and braxtons lol. Need to find other bit of baby car seat tonight x

    Afm went out with h yesterday could hardly walk baby just feels so low. Had tiny bit of plug again... but i know that can come away weeks before. Then last night started with sharp pain in hips then back and tighening in stomach. Was awake between
  • 1 and 3 but managed to get of to sleep. I have tons of paperwork lying on my desk that I need to complete as I was only one who attended meetings .... i know im panicking over nothing but would love some baby stay put vibes x x
  • Morning counter! Such a shame about your weekend :( I love your idea of taking Wednesday off though and hopefully that'll mean a quick run till the weekend! Sheesh - 46 things on your list! Eeek! Does the 18th feel soon or ages away? I ask because my induction is the 17th and it feels a potential lifetime away to wait!! Ha ha!

    AFM another half decent sleep! I was kept awake around 3am with the bump hiccuping - slightly concerned about the position of said hiccups - v high up. Having said that the fact I could feel them so clearly surely means baby isn't back to back?! Might not be engaged either though! No plans for today...or much of this week which is a bit daunting as I'm scared of being bored!! Downloaded an iBook about baby sleep solutions so might start reading that!

  • Cross posted with you ABC - sorry to hear about your stressful signs and symptoms. Mega baby in vibes to you. How about I put a ban on queue jumping?? Lol! Oh I hope all your pangs and pains don't develop into anything but if they do baby is a good size by now and things will be totally fine! Good to be prepared with having a bag organised. When do you finish at work?

  • Hey sweetpea I finish work on 21st march. So got loads to do between now and then. Think my new plan is to take everyday as it comes and ensure jobs are complete before I leave at night think that was the reason for my lack of sleep last night. X Thanks for vibes. Are you looking now for out vibes ? Your due date is wed no? X
  • Morning!

    Counter - sorry the weekend didn't quite go to plan. Have to say I'm relived that ours isn't the only to do list that seems to sill be pretty big! Hope work today isn't too bad. Just focus on getting to Wednesday.

    ABC - sending you baby stay put vibes! You're working really late. I know how you feel about having loads to do though, I'm so worried all my stuff won't get done by next week.

    SP - I tend to feel hiccups pretty low down, either down near my hip bone or almost in my bum. Sorry baby kept you awake! I have a few books I've downloaded but have no idea when I'll ever get round to reading them!

    AFM - so glad I booked today off! Will still need to do work as I have lots to do but I won't need to feel bad for doing it at my own pace and taking big breaks! Baby shower was lovely yesterday, a bit overwhelming and I could probably have done with doing it a couple of weeks earlier but was such a lovely day and little miss was very spoiled by everyone (as was I!). It all feels even more real now!

  • Morning

    Counter- I hope you get to rest on your day off this week

    ABC- hope baby stays in to allow yourself to organise your paperwork. You must be working right up until the end if you are going for 21st March

    SP= enjoy the rest while you can. Although newborns do sleep a lot that constant waking in the night is initially a killer!

    Flossy- glad you enjoyed the baby show. A nice easy day sounds good.

    AFm- quiet weekend here, for a change. I can't say I have noticed the difference with my iron infusion! Although my breathing is a lot better! Took the kids to a country park yesterday which has figures from the Gruffalo hidden in the woods that you had to find. Kids had lots of fun. One at school and the other at pre school all day so am going to hit Lakeside with the youngest and finish off the hospital bag!

  • Morning ladies. Will come back for personals in a bit. Got to drop H to work this morning so just heading out. Half decent sleep although up between 3 and 5am. Had a lovely time for p's party yesterday and people coming pushed is to sort out the house! So many Braxton hicks last night and so much pressure I could barely sit/walk. Lovely!! Swimming with p this morning :-). Back in a bit to catch up with everyone.
  • ABC yes due date Wednesday and I have a sweep booked for Thursday. I've not reached the stage of desperation to have this baby out yet so I'll maybe save the vibes for when I start to really need them! It's a good plan to complete tasks as you go and hopefully that'll settle your mind enough to allow you to get back on track with sleeping.

    Flossy - that's so lovely you had such a nice shower! Its a shame you have a day off but still have to work. Your point re the hiccups is what concerns me a bit! Why was it so high?! Hope this baby isn't going to be a trouble maker! Lol! I don't think I'd have found time to read anything before mat leave so you will get there!

    S4 - I wonder if the benefits of the infusion will kick in at some point? I love the idea of the woods with the hidden gruffalo characters! How fun! Hope you get everything you need at the shops.

    Am back in bed after getting up at 6.30. I sometimes regret my own tv in the bedroom ban as it would be nice right now! Lol!

  • Oh AR I wonder if you are going to have your bubby before me?!?!

  • Morning ladies

    Counter, sorry your weekend wasn't what you'd hoped. Be careful not to overdo it, glad you have wednesday off x

    ABC, I think you may have a little queue jumper on your hands, hope it stays put a wee while longer for you!

    SP, baby out vibes to you - that would def relieve any boredom Laugh

    Flossy, glad the bsby shower went well, what did you get?? Eenjoy your day off

    Section4, that country park sounds great fun for kids :) hope you get all your shopping done today. No more PE symptoms I assume? X

    AFM, I hardly slept last night, was uncomfortable. Not to worry. Hopefully get a nap later. Not much else to report! Nothing planned today except Ms ballet this afternoon. Had a tiny bit of brown blood this morning so hoping that doesn't come to anything.

    Hi to those on later x

  • Missed you AR, hope all these Braxton Hicks and pressure dint come to anything. Enjoy swimming x

  • Morning all,

    Counter- 2 working days sounds good! Lol your house list, so organised I'm impressed. Good idea to have the bag ready.

    abc- sounds like bubs is getting ready but baby in vibes until your ready!

    Sweet pea- glad you had some sleep. I can feel hiccups quite high too but then also near my bum! Confusing. Are you all prepared or do you have any last min bits to keep you busy?

    flossy- enjoy your day off. Glad your baby shower was good, would you of rather it was earlier as you got tired etc?

    section4- enjoy lakeside, do you have much left to get? The park sounds like good fun. My neices would love that.

    AR- glad p had a good party. Enjoy the swimming!

    Weekender- fingers crossed the blood is nothing. Hope you manage to catch up on some sleep today.

    sorry I haven't been on much, busy last few days at work and had someone with me so couldn't get on during the day. I am officially now on maternity leave, yay. Have the health visitor coming this afternoon and then my first antenatal class tonight. Picked up new car sat, I love it.

    Has anyone done perineal massage?

  • Right im back!

    Counter im glad you've got wed off, you need to take it essy. Hopefully you packing the bsg willnenvoke sods into meaning you don't need it

    abc. You sound so much like me with all the pains and twinges. Hope baby stays put longer for you

    sp youre next on the list my lovely!!! Exciting!! Enjoy having nothing to do/being bored!! I very much hope im not before you!!

    Flossy baby shower sounds lovely,  what did you get?

    S4 I hope lakeside isnt too busy. That picture of your 3 in the tree on fb is fab

    weekender keep an eye on the blood. Have you told triage or do you only need to if its red?

    Bertie nice to see you. Yay for mat leave!! Nope I never did the massage, im not sure I could reach easily now anyway!! Haha!

  • I only need to speak to them if it's red AR. Ill just take it easy today (much to Ms disgust, poor thing!)

  • Bertie, yay for mat leave :) never did perineal massage last time, no point this time, but it wouldn't do any harm to do it I wouldn't think!

  • Definitely feet up weekender!

  • S4 - that park is just down the road from me, there's always so many kids with their gruffalo maps. Sorry that the iron transfusion didn't seem to work.

    AR - I'm putting my bets on for an early arrival for you! Are Braxton hicks more common in second pregnancy? I've had very few but thought I'd be having a lot more by now.

    SP - you need a tablet! We don't have a tv in our room but my iPad is my saviour when I can't be bothered to go downstairs!

    Weekender - hope you're taking it easy Mrs, no rushing around!

    Bertie - how exciting that you've finished work! I've just reached the stage now where I feel huge and like my clothes don't fit properly, so got a bit stressed getting ready as I couldn't find anything to wear! Then there were just so many people it all felt a bit overwhelming. It was such a lovely day, I think my hormones are just all over the place at the moment which is really unlike me and I just would have felt a bit more comfortable about two weeks ago.

    We got a leaflet on perineal massage at NCT class...it looks uncomfortable...

    At the baby shower I got a lovely box of treats for me, some yummy chocolate, lovely bath goodies and facemasks, nail varnish etc for some mat leave pampering. Lots of lovely little outfits for baby, pretty blankets, a bouncy chair and a star suit.  She was very spoilt! Got to get everything out of the car today so might do my first baby wash if I can work out where to put it all since the nursery is currently (still!) a dumping ground!

  • WE defo put your feet up! How's the weather with you? The sun is out in Glasgow so wondered if you might make it into the garden with lots of layers.

    AR - first day of mat leave for you! Woo hoo! Do you have plans for this week?

    Bertie - yay for mat leave!! Woo hoo!! You can properly start to chill now. Any plans for you?

    Flossy - that's a lovely list of fabulous gifts! Lucky you and baby flossy! We do actually have an iPad but I didn't think to take it upstairs. Lesson learned though! Do you do live streaming? We haven't used ours much for tv/film yet but I suspect that'll change!

    Must get in the shower before getting sucked into Homes under the Hammer!!

  • We have Netflix which I think is worth the money. The films aren't always that good (although there's a lot more choice than there used to be) but we already have a huge stash of DVDs on our to watch pile that I've got through work! But I really like it for TV series - I'm currently working my way through 4 series of The Good Wife, and H has just finished with Breaking Bad. I can see myself watching old episodes of The Office at 4am in a few weeks time!

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