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~~~ Wknd 3rd tri ~~~

Ladies!!! It's the weekend at last! :) Hope you're not too tired and have lovely things planned. Next year's Mothers Day will take on a very different feel for those of you expecting your first :D

I've been awake an hour timing pains, but they're not getting stronger or closer so I just packed hubby off to work. He didn't want to go as his journey means he is now at least 3 hours from getting home again, but his boss has been a snake and this was a specifically booked shift, and his last in France, and it would cause loads of problems if he phoned in and Baxter didn't arrive! 

Today's plan is to catch up on some work, have a tidy up, have coffee with a friend and there's a drive in-movie event here tonight so we're booked in for that if I feel fine. :)


  • I've been awake with pains for 3 hours. This is how concerned my dog is! Even snoring lightly. :)

  • Oooh Counter, that's a good sign. Are they staying regular? Shame about H, his boss sounds like a t*** Would he be able to come back if you need him?

    I really thought we'd have had one or two babies this week! There's still time for you and AR though.

    A little part of me was hoping I'd get my first Mother's Day this year to go with our first wedding anniversary tomorrow, but looks like I'll be waiting another year for it. At least we still have something to celebrate to distract me (& H has a whole year to come up with an amazing present idea!!)

    Impatiently waiting for H to get up so we can plan what to do, I've been awake since 6am so will probably need a nap by this afternoon! Hope everyone has some nice plans for the weekend...maybe there'll even be a BA (or two!) to come.

  • Counter I hope these pains come to something, but once H has returned! Your dog looks so cute, not very concerned though lol.

    Flossy ha that is true, a whole year to think of a good present ;) hope you have a lovely anniversary.

    I slept terribly! Had awful heartburn and just could not get comfy. Had a lovely meal out with H last night and as his football is quite far away today he isn't going as doesn't want to leave me in case anything happens which is doubtful but sweet nonetheless. Think we are going cambridge for a wonder, then hopefully I can seduce him with my big granny knickers and we have an Indian tonight too so im going to order something spicey! Been getting period type pains on and off but nothing major.

  • Morning!

    Counter hope the pains come to something. It's frustrating when they come and go.

    Flossy enjoy your lovely anniversary day :-) hopefully being busy will start something off.

    Bertie bless your H for staying. Hopefully your plans for today will get things moving.

    Nothing going on here. Loads of pains last night that went away again. Plan today is to go for a walk, as far as I can without crippling myself. Not sure I can stomach another spicy meal tonight!!

    Come on April babies!!!!!!!
  • Hey Flossy, hope the anniversary weekend is going well, it's lovely weather here, hope you've got the same. Make the most of nap-time if you have one, in a few days there might not be much napping going on ;)

    Bertie - you get instant sympathy from me on heartburn. Am SICK of it! Granny pants + spicy food sounds like the perfect recipe. Do we have a sneaky queue-jumper bringing up the rear?!? Sweet that hubby stayed home. I sent Andy to work at 5am but got a text at noon offering to bring me lunch, he just couldn't stay over there in case so he's been home and now he's in the office (10 mins away) for the rest of the day. Soppy so-and-so. I told him I'd make sure he didn't miss anything.

    AR - good luck with that walk! Weather is great for it. How is P about baby? Is she focused on baby coming, or fairly oblivious? Keep us posted won't you, as you're current favourite for first April BA :)

    I was getting 60-90 second contractions every 8-9 mins, and I had diarrohea (sorry!) but it all eventually faded out and I slept late morning. I'm up again, very long hot shower and I'm going to go on a little walk shortly. I made the fatal error of believing we were in early labour so now I'm gutted, ha ha.

  • Oh my gosh, we could have two babies by tomorrow evening, I reckon.  

    Counter, that really does sound like it was early labour, I can imagine how disappointed you are.  Hopefully the walk kick starts things again!  Love how concerned the dog wasn't ;)

    Flossy, did you two come up with a amazing plan?  As far as Mother's Day is concerned, you're already a mom even if baby isn't here yet.  I reckon you should get extra special treatment anyways!

    Bertie, you could be next!  There are so many of you in that 38-39 wk range it's quite exciting.  I love your plan Laugh

    AR, when I saw you hadn't started the thread, I wondered... Sorry, that must be annoying to hear!  If you're going for a walk, maybe have someone on stand by with a car should you need a pick up (or maybe you've already gone and this advice is too late and worthless!).  A friend of mine started having really strong contractions on just that sort of walk and needed her husband to go back for the car!!

    AFM, I feel like I'm so far behind you lot, and being my first Ill probably end up late, so still have ages left.  I went to preggo yoga this morning.  Haven't been for 10 weeks, but it's definitely more helpful now that I'm in 3rd tri.  The teacher is a student midwife out of the hospital at which I'll be giving birth, so good to have for answering questions.  Took Wispa for a super long walk in the country to enjoy the weather, and now I'm knackered.  Oh, and I can't stop spending money on clothing from polarn o pyret.  Bought two more outfits online today in the sale, and three outfits on ebay!  Argh.  But it's all so cute!

  • Evening ladies.

    Counter, aargh, how annoying it keep stopping and starting. It can't be long now though, all signs are very positive!

    Flossy, hope you've got something nice planned for yor anniversary tomorrow. My advice wold be to make the most of it while you can, we spent our first wedding anniversary eating takeaway Chinese in shifts with the other holding the crying baby, then driving up and down the dual carriageway trying to get the baby to go to sleep. It was not romantic!

    Bertie, that's sweet of yor H to skip the footie. He your granny pant based seduction does the trick (am giggling slightly at the Bridget Jones-esque image.)

    AR, boo to nothing concrete happening for you either. Hope your walk helped things along.

    Wispa, I'm glad pregnancy yoga was good, I'm enjoying mine too. Yay for a long walk with Wispa, maybe some serious sofa time this evening to get a rest is in order.

    Afm, I had a rubbish night last night, J was up twice and the second time I got up for him and he just screamed for daddy. I know he favours H generally, but I felt really rejected and down - hormones plus lack of sleep - and had a bit of a cry. Ridiculous, he's only a toddler, I just wish he wasn't so blatant in his favouritism on Mother's Day weekend! On the plus side, went into town today and had my nails done and a haircut, so feel a bit pampered to make up for it. I'm quite achy after wandering round town so much, so we're going to have takeaway and a movie tonight I think.

    Baby out vibes to almost everyone on the thread!

  • Sorry for lack of personals, on my phone and feeling rubbish :-(

    Hope we have some baby announcements before the weekend is out!

    Afm, feeling rubbish and sorry for myself today :-( have had a headache for a few days and this evening have a really (tmi) loose stomach and feeling really really sick. Only causes I can think of are that I ate really late this evening so went kind of past hunger and also I stopped taking the pregnancy multivitamin a few days ago and have just been taking folic acid, would that do this?!

  • Wispa-I'm afraid buying baby clothes is an addiction. I have a major baby Boden habit myself!!

    Sg hope you have a nice Mother's Day. P is a daddy's girl so I understand it's hard sometimes. The reason mothers often don't get the same open affection is usually because they know how much we love then and are to secure with us, that's why they don't need to show it in the same way. X

    Vix do you think you have a bug? Hope you're feeling better this morning.
  • I feel a bit down tbh. I genuinely thought I'd have a baby by now. It's a week since I started losing the bloody brown stuff and everything you read says that means labour is days away. Nope. Had so much discharge yesterday it was running down my leg (tmi sorry!) so went into check it's not waters. It's not apparently but there is still loads of it. Just have to plod on. Lunch at my mums today to distract me a bit. Enjoy your Sundays.
  • Vix, sorry you're feeling rubbish.being hungry always makes me feel sick, but with the dodgy tummy too maybe you've just got a bug. Hope you feel better soon.

    AR, I'm not surprised lovely, you've had rough pregnancies both times and it's so much harder with a toddler too. All the sign have been there that it's imminent, I'd be fecked off too. Lots if hugs, I hope you have a lovely Mother's Day lunch and enjoy the day. Lots more baby out vibes!

    I've had a lovely morning, j slept through entirely last night for the first time in weeks, which was an excellent present, and I've had a card and flowers and coffee in bed, and  am going to have lunch in town followed by a high tea with homemade cakes with my mum later. Should be a nice day. :-)

    Happy Mother's Day to all, mummys in waiting included! X

  • Hi All,

    Hope everyone is ok. Had a lovely anniversary day out yesterday. Can't believe how lovely the weather was, it definitely wasn't like this on our wedding day last year! Came home and crashed on the sofa as it really exhausted me! I'm still in bed now reading, while H is downstairs making us anniversary breakfast. As much as it would have been lovely to have the baby with us by now, it's been really nice to celebrate just the two of us.

    Counter - that's so annoying that the pains didn't come to anything. Really sweet that H wanted to be close though. When does he start his leave?

    Bertie -  hope you managed a better nights sleep last night & H fell for your granny pants seduction plan!

    Wispa - I've had to force myself to stop spending money since I started maternity leave! But all the shops are getting their cute summer stuff in now so I can't see it lastin that long! I figure I haven't bought myself any clothes in ages and baby clothes are much cheaper than adult ones so really I've probably saved some money ;)

    SG -  sounds like you have a lovely Mother's Day planned, and you managed a full nights sleep which must be one of the best presents!

    AR - I hope you have a nice day today.  I'm not surprised you're feeling down, I think we all would be in your position. Hopefully this will mean that when he does make an appearance it'll be nice and quick as your body will be more than ready. Hope today is a nice distraction for you.

    Happy Mother's Day to all the mummy's and the almost mummy's! x

  • Happy Mother's Day!

    SG, it sounds like J's favouritism aside, you've been having a fabulous weekend.  I'm quite jealous, I would love to go for high tea this afternoon.  Ahh well.  

    Vix, sorry you're feeling rubbish,  I did find that pregnacare made me constipated, so not sure if stopping multivitamins would make things go the other way.  It hasn't for me (I've been really quite bad at taking them and haven't in weeks!).  I did have a random one off rumbly tummy issue Friday morning, but it was fine within a couple hours.  No idea what caused it, just chalked it up to bizarre pregnancy issues.

    AR, it's a huge addiction.  One of the outfits I got on ebay was an adorable Boden all in one.  I seem to be mostly addicted to PO.P, though.  It's like I find one shop to love and I buy absolutely everything there.  I'm sorry you're feeling down, I would if I was in your shoes, too.  It's annoying that you've had all the signs and nothings happened.  It's probably one of the things that as soon as you give up waiting and looking for signs it will just happen.

    Flossy, I've not been working more than a handful of days each month since October, so I really shouldn't be spending so much money.  I just can't stop!!  But you have a good point about not buying adult clothing being a savings....  The weather really had been amazing lately, I'm glad you've enjoyed the anniversary, and I agree it's nice to have it just the two of you.  We had planned to spend a night at it wedding venue for our first anniversary, but we will have a 2-3 week old baby now, so that's not going to happen!

    AFM, I'm enjoying the weather.  We have all the windows open and the door to the garden as well.  Laundry is hanging on the line, birds are singing, and sure it's cloudy, but it's still a lovely spring day!  I'm not walking Wispa today (Sunday is my one day of rest), but I do wonder if H will actually take her on a long enough walk without me there to spur him on.  

    Oh, in hopes of curbing my baby clothes spending habit, I made a spreadsheet (nerd alert) of all the clothes we have, first grouped by general size, then brand specific size (for example PO.P 1-2 month got categorised as 0-3month), and type.  This has had the opposite effect to what I'd hoped, though, because now I've identified several holes in baby's wardrobe.  We need more sleepsuits!  We only have 3 in newborn and 3 in 0-3 month, and nothing else.  I think it's because all the really cute things I've bought are bodysuit/trouser sets or rompers, and a couple dresses.  Everyone says people will buy us loads of clothes.... But no one has yet, and I'm not having a baby shower, and I really don't see H's family getting us anything, so i don't feel so bad about buying it all ourselves.

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