~~~~Birth announcement- 10th March- Pink Panther’s twins!!!~~~~photos and update from PP on page 3

It gives me great pleasure to announce the safe arrival of Pink Panther’s twin boys born at 38 weeks gestation.

Text as follows:

“Marcus Vincent (5lb 8) and Reuben William (6lb 8) arrived safe and sound just before 11.30am and are absolutely gorgeous. ‘Pink Panther’ and babies doing all fine and doing well.”

Pink Panther has done exceptionally well to carry her boys to this gestation, not only a fabulous weight for twins but having endured a very scary time resulting her needing an emergency tracheostomy tube (breathing tube in the windpipe) for a serious respiratory condition that was diagnosed early on in her pregnancy.

Pink Panther had taken a step back from the boards during her pregnancy but I’m sure she will be on here very soon to share more with her birth story.

~~~~~update from PP on page 3~~~~~


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