~~~Christmas Day! 2nd tri~~~

Merry Christmas all you lovely ladies! Hope it's fabulous and you're spoilt rotten. 

I didn't sleep at all well, but that was pregnancy-related, I wasn't listening out for Santa, lol. Harry's already been in nagging at us to get up... Even at 17 they're excited to start the day!!  Present o'clock it is then :)

Enjoy! xxx


  • We are team pink!!!!

  • Congrats Monnie! x

  • Morning!

    Hope everyone is having a lovely Christmas! I'm very much making the most of a relaxed/lazy one today as I know next year will be a lot more hectic! And looking forward to treating myself with a glass of wine this afternoon!

    Counter - love that Harry was up bright and early! Give it a few more years, my brother was out last night and we literally had to drag him out of bed at 9 to get on with the day!

    Monnie - how exciting! I bet it was so lovely finding out today!

  • Merry Christmas ladies!

    Counter, love he's excited. Enjoy your day x

    Monnie, girls are great! Yay for team pink! How did he tell you?

    Flossy, hope you are being well looked after, enjoy that wine

    Lovely morning here, fairly chilled just the three of us, as chilled as it can be with an excited three year old. She slept till 8:10 this morning, an hour and a half later than usual - best Christmas present i got Laugh just waiting for my brother to pop over and exchange gifts before we go to in-laws (my wish to get snowed in here unfortunately didn't happen)

    Have a lovely day everyone! Xx

  • Happy Christmas everyone!

    Counter, lovely that Harry is still excited by presents.

    Monnie, yay for team pink! :-)

    Flossy, enjoy a relaxed day, and some wine. I might have a cheeky half glass with lunch too.

    Weekender, 8.10, you lucky lucky lady! 6.15 here, and it can't even be blamed on Christmas really! Hope the inlaws are better than expected.

    I'm having a lovely day so far, Jacob really enjoyed opening his presents, but I made a rookie mistake and gave him his toy dyson midway through- fail, he's not let go of it since so we still have some unopened presents. It's meant I've done far less running round and lifting than normal though, so that's been lovely! H is just trying to persuade him to have a nap now and I'm having a quick bit of sofa time, bliss!

    Hope everyone is having a lovely day. My thoughts are with those affected by all the flooding at the moment, hopefully no md-ers, it looks horrendous.

  • Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you have all had lovely days!

    I cooked, ate a lot, got some lovely gifts and had a great day. Got some crampy stomach pains towards the end of the day, think they may be stretching/growing pains, will be slapping on the bio oil!

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