10lb+ baby clothes

If your new arrival was over 10lbs did you get much use from the 0-3 band of clothes? Lots of ours don't have guides on the tags (now they're out of packaging and washed etc) but 2 I found had 0-3 months as up to 11lbs.

We at least had the foresight to buy no newborn size, but I would like to get at least some wear from the 0-3 Laugh



  • I think it'll depend on the brand, they all seem wildly different!

    Zara was 8lb7 when weighed on Monday and has just this weekend started wearing some 0-3 stuff but she's also v long so was growing out of newborn stuff lengthwise rather than width wise. I think some of the up to 1m stuff is 10lb and the 0-3m stuff is more like 14lb.

  • O was 9lb 7oz, so not quite a 10lber but she still got a lot of wear from 0-3 months and even some newborn clothes. As Isis said, I think newborn/up to one month is typically up to around 10lbs and 0-3 months up to 14 lbs.

  • J wasn't over 10lb (he was 9lb 9oz), and 0-3 only lasted him 2 weeks, 3-6 didn't last much longer.

    He was in 6-9 by around 6 weeks old.

  • U was 4kg exactlt at birth and was in 6-9 months by 11 weeks because of her length as opposed to her mass.

  • Interesting stuff!! So fingers crossed the outfits I'm in love with are the more generous brands!! And that folk don't buy us small outfits for Baxter ha ha

  • N went straight into 3-6 month vests and was totally into 3-6 months at 5 weeks old. (He was 10lb 9.5 oz)

  • S was 11lb2 at birth and barely squeezed into 0-3. As soon as we got home he was in 3-6. Went into 6-9 by about 2 months old. I literally brought one pack of vests and one babygros cheap in newborn just incase but didn't even pack them once I got to full term
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