12 week scan - NF test

hi ladies im full of questions today :-)

my scan is on tuesday, i have already been given the blood test sheet, do i have to have my scan then blood test, or can i have my blood test then scan?

my scan is fairly late, and im thinking if they are running late i might not get my bloods done in time? so i was goign to go and get those done first, is that alright ?

what did you do ?


  • I had my scan and my booking appointment on the same day as two separate appointments. They took my booking bloods then. The downs bloods were taken at the 16 week appointment. They don't look at the nuchal fold at my hospital, just do the blood test.

  • Scan then bloods at my hospital- they needed a sticker from your folder (that you didn't get until the scan) for the bloods form, and to take you weight (joyous) at the scan too. You could ask when you go though, they may be able to do bloods first?

  • I didn't have a choice.

    They called me in and i got all excited that i was getting my scan but they took bloods then sent me back to the waiting room for about 20 mins then called me in for the scan! i was busting for a wee!

    im sure even if they are running late they will still do the san and bloods.

  • How long is normal to wait for the results? Just curious.

  • If the result of the NT is high you are immediately told there and then, if the NT and combined bloods are high you are told within 2/3 days, normal combined results are about a week. They didnt do my bloods as the NT was so high so it wouldn't have made a difference iyswim

  • Hmm, I didn't have a choice for mine.  I was told to go to the ultrasound department, which is near to, but not together with the midwives, and then they sent me to the midwives afterwards for the bloods.  

    I was waiting ages for them to take my blood, though.  The midwife doing bloods forgot about me and I ended up waiting an extra 15 minutes!  At the end of the day I doubt you'd run in to that trouble.  My guess is that they will do what they can to get you in and out with everything done before they head home.  I doubt they would want you to have to come back any more than you would.

    Pep, I don't have my results yet, but they told me they would go out in the post in 1-2 weeks, but that if I were high risk they would call ASAP to let me know.  Each hospital probably has a different procedure, though.

  • Sorry, just to add, I was given a print out with the results from the scan.  It didn't say whether I was high or low risk, just what the crown rump length and nuchal fold width was.  Tehre was no indication from my sonographer what it all meant, which was annoying, and I was forced to then look it up at home.

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