19 else pregnant, symptom to worry about?


can I ask a quick question please. I'm 19 weeks pregnant, and have had normal symptoms except ongoing sickness. The sickness has eased a lot in pat few weeks.

Anyway yesterday I started with lower back pain and hip pain a bit like severe period pains. I assumed it was stretching and left it. I felt off it all day and vomited a few times. I eventually manage to get to sleep but have woken up today still with the same lower back pain, that I can't seem to shake off. It's that bad I'm walking hunched over. I have a fetal heartrate monitor an all seems normal there.

Is this normal, am I worrying unnecessarily?

Thanks BLL78 x


  • It sounds like it could be just one of those weird pregnancy things, but if you're concerned and in a lot of pain, I'd call your mw or hospital to get checked out x

  • What marmite says it could be anything but you're best making a quick call.

  • I agree. I had similar symptoms and it was a uti x

  • I'd give your MW a quick ring, for reassurance and to rule out anything x

  • Hi I just wanted to do a quick update,

    First to say thanks to all of you that took the time to reply, and second to help anyone else with similar symptoms. As well as what I'd mentioned (pain) I'd also had a milky discharge from early the first trimester. I'd assumed it was just a normal pregnancy thing. However I had swabs taken because of the backache and it turned out it was Bacterial Vaginosis which left untreated can cause miscarraige and pre-term labour.

    I'm being treated now, but please get any new symptoms you're not sure of checked. I probably wouldn't have it wasn't for the other posters advice.

    Thanks again BLL x

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