1st poo & wee on the toilet!

Sorry for the lovely post but I wanted to share somewhere & didn't think many of my friends on facebook would appreciate it! Isobelle is now 20 months (& 3 days!), she's done a few poos on the potty & 1 wee on the potty but this is the 1st time I've managed to catch her in time to put her on her toilet seat. She still says no when I ask her if she's doing a poo but she's getting quite regular with going fairly straight after dinner. We're obviously not ready for potty training yet as she'll need to ask to go herself 1st but it's a start.

Thanks for letting me share & sorry about the tmi!!


  • Oh wow that's fab! Clever girl! Xxx

  • The title made me laugh as I read it as I poo and wee on the toilet lol!

    But that's fab :) Keep it up and I am sure it will follow soon :)!

  • Should I have said in the toilet cc, rather than on it!!!

  • Haha no it was the 1st bit because I saw it as I.. I was like well I am glad she knows how too use the toilet but why is she telling us and where is this going lol?

  • Ha ha! Yes probably best to share on here than on FB!

    My girls will come over and tell me when they are doing something in their nappies and then stay next to me whilst they are doing it, which is pleasant, not! They won't be able to sit on the toilet or potty yet, obviously, since they can't walk!!

    J, my 4 year old, refused to use the potty and only ever used the toilet. I have told you before though, Blackkat, that your I is similar to J in many of the things they have done

  • Yes, in so many ways your J & my I seem very similar. I doesn't seem to keen to use the potty, just the seat on the toilet but she doesn't tell me when she needs to go & still says she's not doing a poo when she clearly is!

  • Its around this time that it will all start to come together in their heads about what they are doing

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