2 Week Wait - What Is Best?

This is the first month I've used any sort of tracking method (OPKs) and therefore know roughly when I have supposedly ovulated. Which in turn means that I know roughly when AF should arrive! In your experience, what is the best thing to do - start testing from 10DPO or wait to see if AF turns up first? I see people trying to refrain from testing and I guess thats made me wonder why. The way I see it, testing and having a BFN or AF arriving are both as equally as painful as each other? So, generally, what worked for you, why, and would that be what you suggested to others to do aswell?


  • I always tried to wait until due date and if no sign of af then test. It's just wasted money otherwise. I can't say I always stuck to that but I think I usually tested around 14dpo.

  • When we were TTC, I never kept track of ovulation or anything, we'd just wait to see if AF was late. If it wasn't late, I wouldn't test.

    Seeing a BFN was a lot harder than AF arriving.

  • It's really down to your personal preference. I used to test because it prepared me for AF but after a BFP became a BfN days later (chemical pregnancy) I stopped testing earlier quite so much.

  • Meant to say that my af wasn't regular, so if I got a negative at 10 dpo, the temptation would be to test at 11, 12 etc and before you know if I'd have used 5 or 6 tests, and had 5 or 6 disappointments, but only one if af showed up.

  • I am an impatient minx. I can't leave anything alone, I know I would be testing on the off-chance. However, my first cycle of trying I felt extremely pregnant-y very early, so I tested at 9 dpo and got a nothing, when the symptoms persisted I tested at 13 and got BFP.

    When we do this again I think I will try and hold off to 12 dpo and use the same routine each time. I think I will need some 'rules'.

  • Thanks all. Interesting to hear everyone's way of looking at it. I guess my fear is building up imaginary symptoms etc whilst waiting for AF, and if the OPKs picked up ovulation when it hadn't actually happened etc then my dates for AF arriving would be wrong, and I may end up getting my hopes up.

    Sweetpea - Valid point. Sorry about your chemical.

    MrsPenguin - Equally valid point RE 1 disappointment only if AF shows up compared to 5-6 BFN on tests!

  • No I would wait for AF to arrive. Seeing a BFN was much more heartbreaking for me. Although it took 18 months to get my BFP so I got very immune to the 'imaginary' symptoms after a while and very down about it all. If AF is going to arrive, its going to arrive. Seeing a BFN just adds to the hurt IMO. If you have IC tests then its not necessarily expensive to test, but your less likely to get a BFP on them if you test early IYKWIM so there will always be doubt even if you get a BFN which is a head f**k. Try to 'relax' I know its annoying when people say that but when you get obsessive it really does make it worse. After all, I've had the hardest 2 years of my life (my father had terminal cancer and passed away last October) and the month I stopped OPK-ing and temping was the month I got a BFP (granted, with the assistance of Clomid!). Just some food for thought! x

  • I was feeling very ill def different from previous times I had tested, I tested a few times before AF and got Bfns it was disappointing but it was only my first cycle (I think it becomes more heartbreaking the more cycles) I got my bfp the day my Af was due, hang out till Af day if you can :)!

  • I changed my mind in between ttc #1 and #2.

    With #1 I didn't test early when I knew when I'd ov'd (temping), but did test every couple of weeks when I didn't know (long, irreg cycles). It felt like cheating if I tested early Laugh

    With #2 It only took 2 cycles and I did test a few days early each time as I was just a bit impatient.

    I would however be reluctant to test at 10dpo, maybe 11 or, preferably, 12. I'd rather know nothing than have a 'if I tilt it in the right light, I think I can see a line' situation.

  • Thanks all! I'll try to wait. Clearblue Advanced said I ov'd on Wednesday or Thursday, but my IC cheapies (which I have used sparingly before) didn't 100% match up. The test line was never as dark as the control line on either day - although it was certainly close on Wednesday. Wish I temp'd now!

  • I should add that if you are new to TTC then you WILL have pregnancy symptoms during every 2ww. It's inevitable! I felt text book pregnant every month for 12 months and the month we did get our BFP exactly the same as every other month!

  • Sweetpea I've been TTC for a while now :) I've just not been aware when I'm in the 2WW as never tracked it and have fairly irregular cycles.

  • I'm another who prefers to wait for AF rather than test early and see a BFN. As it is, they're always BFNs anyway for me. One cycle AF kept me waiting until 5 days late, and even then I was reluctant to test and only did so at the demand of some of the ex MTTCers!

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