20 weeks and a bubbling wreck

What is up with me today?!

all I want to do is cry. I've sat and so bed for half a hour already. I'm supposed to be going for a spa afternoon with friends and I've cancelled on them because the debate on who is driving made me so angry. The kids went off to their martial art class, I called my H and couldn't talk for crying. He's told me to leave the kids at his work (that's where their class is) but I just want a hug, chocolate and a strong coffee :-( 

I was so looking forward to my treatments today and because as usual my friends expected me to drive and organise it all I'm now a quivering wreck:-(

I thought the mood swings were just 1st tri madness!


  • I think choc and feet up xx

  • I've put a movie on for them while they eating, I'm having a huge bowl of crunchy but cornflakes (haven't eaten cereal in years) and told S to bring in a take away for dinner. I would so love to go back to bed right now but will settle for a snooze on the sofa.

    3 and 5 year olds don't need that much looking after do they?

  • Aw bless ya! Are you tired or rundown, do you think? Or just feeling like you've had enough? Sounds like you did the right thing in cancelling if it had wound you up. Hope you're feeling a bit better now :)

  • Sorry, to hear you've been so upset today but you might feel some consolation knowing that I also spent part of the afternoon lying on the bed and crying. I'm also 20 weeks, feeling shattered from pregnancy and shattered because my daughter (21 months) hasn't adapted well to the darker mornings/evenings and has been freaking out because her room is too dark (even with the night light on). My H will not be popular if he turns the landing lights off tonight...she needs them on to stop her getting scared when she wakes and they also help her settle to sleep in the evening.

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