29 weeks, no strong kicks, movements getting more gentle

I had some quite strong kicks around 25 weeks, I am now 29 weeks and movements are not very strong. I can feel lots of wriggles, movements and squirming but not really big kicks. My midwife said last week that baby was breech so that could have something to do with it. How were your movements around 29 weeks?


  • If you are feeling movement I wouldn't worry. Baby starts to run out of room now so they can't fling themselves around as much.

    My boy is breech and I'm 29 weeks too and I do get strong kicks, but mainly he just feels like he's rolling over almost (not sure if that makes sense).
  • My first baby kicked a lot, this one doesn't really kick much at all - he squirm all night tho.  As long its normal for you / your baby thats whats matters

  • I was like this, still am. Some days are more active than another. I used to get stressed when people told me how many movements or kicks they felt in an hour, mine was always at least half of what they said. Like HF said, as long as its normal for you and you can still feel some movement don't worry. If you get too worried just phone your MW, no point getting stressed at any time about it :-)

  • My first baby never really did big kicks. Lots of subtle movements and occasional hickups. Second baby and this one seem to do more big kicks, ones that catch me off guard. The second and third have actually woken my H up if I'm cuddled into his back sleeping.

    If its normal for your baby then I'd think its fine.

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