2nd time round did you feel baby move quicker?

Just curious did you find that you felt baby move quicker than first pregnancy? When did you feel it? First time round I did not feel baby until 22 weeks x


  • First time I felt L at 16 weeks.

    This yine round I felt tiny movements at 12 weeks

  • First time around 16 weeks.this time around 14 weeks.

  • #1 at 20 weeks, #2 at 13 weeks, #3 at 9 weeks.

  • First time was 18 weeks. This time - I know it sounds crazy, and I didn't post about it in my tri threads because I thought people would laugh at me - first happened at 10.5 weeks, then again a few days later, and they got closer together and I recognise movements pretty much every evening, sometimes several times. I find it fascinating because it's so different to the first time.

  • First time 16 weeks, this time 10/11 weeks. Not all the time but I recognise the feeling

  • I felt O properly at around 16 weeks and L was felt at around 13 weeks, but with both of them, I felt a flutter at 13 and 10 weeks respectively.

  • No later as I have an anterior placenta this time. I felt Isla at 18 weeks ish and this one at 21/22 weeks

  • Yes. First time was about 21 weeks and second time 16 weeks. And it hasn't stopped moving since, 24 hours a day!!!! I have a VERY wriggly one this time!

  • Thanks for replies i thought i was going mad but i can feellittle sensations already

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