34 week scan

I've got a scan on Friday and I'm debating asking the sex. Would you ask when I'm nearly there or just wait until baby arrives? 


  • Personally I'd wait you haven't long to go now :)... What's making you want too find out?

  • Agree with CC.

    Also, think if you weighed it up and decided previous to wait then it's worth knowing why you've changed your mind now (if indeed you have). If those factors are important, go for it and enjoy it.

    I'd wait unless 100% sure, you can't un-learn the gender :)

  • I'd wait.  You only have a few more weeks!  Is everything ok with baby? a scan at 34 weeks isn't usual is it?

  • I had the same with L. I was 32 weeks and I asked. I'm so glad I did. I know the end is around the cornet but it's up to you. It made those last few weeks easier to deal with for some reason.
  • I'd probably wait as you've already waited that long, but isn't there already a strong suspicion as to what you're having anyway? (Or am I mixing you up with someone else? Something to do with the kidneys?)

  • The scan is because the baby has one slightly dilated kidney. I've been assured its nothing to worry about though. Yeah, it tends to be boys this happens with more often but still a possibility it's a girl.

    I think it's just because I have the option that I'm thinking about asking!

  • Id find out and then hit the sales :-)

  • If its a boy I really don't need anything!  I've bought loads of neutral already and S found a box of teeny boys clothes in the loft when getting the Xmas decs. I gave all my girl stuff away though.

  • What ck says!! I don't know anyone who has regretted finding out at any point!
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