3k on baby "essentials" ?!?!?!?!

Just seen this on the daily fail. Why do these people share stories like this. It makes them look bonkers!

Do we have any stories on here of them getting the gender wrong?


  • I was reading this too - it's too ridiculous for words. £3k on 'essentials'? Bonkers.

    No stories here, although I'm still waiting to find out if they were right about ours being a girl! If they are wrong though, the only thing we have is a few clothes, everything else is neutral.

  • I thought the same, and they said they got most of the things from Asda, ive found them to be the cheapest of places they got so much!

    They spent £1000 on white furniture, they don't need to change that do they! they just added that to sound more dramatic (stupid)

    We have decided not to find out what gender we are having but if we had, I doubt we would have bought every item in one colour, that is a little bit bonkers too isn't it?!

  • £3k!!!!!!!!!! fork and knife!

  • Half of the things she is holding wouldn't be classed as 'essentials' in this house.  Minnie Mouse pram shoes, an essential, really??

    I found it funny despite how much they may have paid- some of us new mums and dads do go OTT on baby stuff, I know we spent so much more than we intended to both times!   Perhaps she can sell the rest of the pink stuff on eBay Laugh

    It did happen to friends of ours 13 years ago. they were expecting a girl and had a little boy! They hadn't gone too overboard on pink though as the mum is not a girly type at all. I think It's a great story to tell!

  • They seemed change before I even got through the first bit of the article....

  • My friend was told she was having a girl, and went OTT on pink things (she even got a pink cot), as she already had 3 boys.

    She had a boy. Nothing she had was neutral, and she'd got rid of her boys stuff.

  • My friend was told she was having a girl but in fact, when she went for a growth scan at 38w definitely a boy... She lost a fortune on clothes as she'd prewashed 6months+.. Alll tags off etc! (This mom clearly wasn't prewashing!)

    I actually don't think £3k on essentials is that much!! I've not added it up but I would guess that's what we spent approx.

  • If my little lady comes out with a willie it will still be wearing it's 0-1 months pink vests!

  • This happened to my friend she thought she was having a boy, and ended up having a girl.  I haven't bought anything yet, but reckon by the time I have bought everything pram, nursery equipment etc i could probably spend £3000.

  • I'd say everything we bought including pram, nursery furniture, crib, Jumperoo would be near £3k but clearly not all essentials.

  • The gender scans were correct for us, but a colleague in work was told she was having a girl and had a boy. This was about 20 yrs ago though.

    I'm ashamed to say that were probably spent over 3k on stuff for our first. I had to have everything brand new and matching for our little princess. Poor S has everything passed down and 2nd hand once I realised how much money I wasted 1st time around.

  • We have spent less than 250 on stuff for our little one. 115 of it was on a maxi-cosi travel system! Everything else was given to us by family members, but even then, I still don't think we have even close to 3k worth of stuff... But! It's really down to what you want and can afford really!

  • We weren't given anything, wish we had!

  • well, saying that... i've kept a trac k on how much i've spent and how much it all should have cost as i've bought everything second hand. i've spent about a grand but it is on about £3k worth of stufff so i guess its easily done if you ahve the money

  • It all depends on what essential is to you- I bought a new (second hand) car because my old one was too small to fit a decent pram in the boot, and was only 3 doors so getting the carseat in and out would have been difficult. Not really essential, but definitely something I felt I needed.

    If j had have turned out to be a girl I think we'd have been fine without having to return anything, pretty much everything I bought was neutral, or not overtly boyish. That said, putting a little girl in a slightly boyish outfit looks less silly than putting a little boy in a dress!

  • I am no not washing any of the pink stuff until she is out! The pram could be returned. OH isn't the slightest bit worried as he was convinced she was a girl from the start and is 100% sure now.

  • LP- Has also made me a little worried about pre washing any pink until she is here! At least I can now use this story to tell my mum to stop with the pink. I don't think she understands little girls can also wear other colours..

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