4 month sleep regression

E has always been a fairly good sleeper and up until last week was in a good routine either sleeping through or waking once for a feed, after which he would go back down very quickly. This last week however he has been very fussy, waking more and been very difficult to settle again. 

I have read about the 4 month sleep regression and fear that we may be entering a difficult stage for the next few weeks. Did this happen to anyone else and if so, how long did it last and what was your babies sleep like afterwards (...hoping that the exta fussiness now is build up for consistent better sleep once the phase passes!) 

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  • No experience but wanted to give you a hug! W is just over 4 months now and I'm dreading this happening. He is an amazing sleeper and I don't want that to change! He has been waking earlier in the morning recently, but earlier is 7am for us.

  • Ferbs I could have written this myself.. This happened to us when we were away on holiday. H waking a couple of times in early hours and just having a chat... He then went back to normal again when we got home so I just thought it was because we were somewhere strange. But in the last few days he has started waking 2 or 3 times a night.. Sometimes I can just pop his dummy back in and he goes back off but at 4am this morning it took me an hour and a half to settle him again,..I guess his inability to self settle doesn't help and that's probably what I need to work on.. I have been guilty of lifting him in with me in the early hours but I don't want to continue that..

    Will watch this thread!

  • Another non sleeper reporting for duty.  This past week has been awful here.  I gave up counting after the 5th waking last night.  She is 20 weeks and broken :(

  • Oh no, seems like the tri babies have been having words with one another. Bexy, E is the same, he just wants to chat and smile in the middle of the night. Last night he thought playtime was between 4.30 and 6 am. RKB, please can you ask W to put in a good word about sleep to the other babies...

  • F broke after his 16 week jags so I think a combination of them and the sleep regression means he is awake at 1, 3, 5 and then never fully settles after that but he dozes on and off if I keep relaxing his dummy and cuddle him. I'm close to breaking! He is nearly 20 weeks now so it's not improved yet.

  • My Es sleeping has gone.. 0-11 weeks typical newborn waking twice a night at the beginning, once and then at 12 weeks tailing off to doing 8pm-6am. At 15 weeks she was doing 9-9 or 9.30 then at 18 weeks changed to 7-7. At 22 weeks (about 4m she broke, we were up anything from 2/3/4 to 20times a night). This pretty much continued until 33 weeks when she went back to sleeping through and would do 6.30-6/6.30 unless something obvious like illness/teething. It was a loooong phase here.

  • A was a brilliant sleeper as a newborn, even when tiny she would wake, feed and straight back into the crib. Between 4 and 7 months she was up upto 10 times a night then at 7 months started sleeping 12 hours most nights again. Even now at age 5 she sleeps brilliantly.

  • Don't tell me there is another 3 months of this! Eek!

  • You might be lucky? :)

    With my E we had a lot of issues, weaning didn't help as it was then she was hag nosed as lactose intolerant, so had three weeks of pain wit that, until her milk kicked in. Then she got her first tooth, then a cold, then learnt to stand and cruise, then second tooth, then we introduced lactose then bother tooth.. It just went on and on. We had grown spurts and development leaps too.

  • Now Babies! Listen Carfully - Sleep is good fun! Especially at night!  If you're not sure how to go to sleep at night, follow these two simple instructions


    Find something fun to watch and stare at it......


    Close your eyes and hey presto!! Snoozes galore!!

    when you snooze all night, mummy and daddy are very happy with you!

    When my mummy wants me to sleep, she sings Olly Murs 'dance with me' and out like a light i go!

  • Hahaa if only RKB! He's absolutely adorable.

  • Yep, we've just hit that too, yawn! Sam has gone from doing 8-10 hours at night to, for example, being awake from 230 - 5 the night before last. It was so awful it was actually quite funny.

    He's also struggling to transition between cycles during the day, so his naps have reduced to just 45 minutes, unless he's sleeping on me. Has anyone else found this, and are you getting them back to sleep or just going with it?

    Bexy - Sam doesn't ss either, and rocking ain't a whole lot of fun at 4 in the morning is it?!

    Let's hope it's a short phase for us all!

  • Ok you are all scaring me now as we havent had this yet and now i am worried its our turn next!! At the moment P has her last feed around 9/10 then wakes again around 3 but goes straight back down. Is this the calm before the storm?!?!........

  • RKB, W is just adorable!! I wonder if its time for a photo share ladies?!


  • Rkb.. What a cutie!

    Lamby.. No it's not fun at all... I try settling him in the cot before I pick him up.. Sometimes it works but others its rocking all the way..

    Mm. You have had your fair share of rough times with p.. I reckon she will miss this!

  • F started waking every 45 minutes around 15 weeks. It was hell and is how I ended up bringing him into bed halfway through the night. He is a bit better now but I am still co sleeping out of laziness on my part!

  • RKB what a cutie!

    Lamby, we also only get 45 min naps

    MM, fingers crossed you will miss this one, it's not fun

    Seems like there are no magic cures, just something to ride out. Good to know that we are not alone though!

  • Just coming back to this... Have any of you come out the other side yet? H seems to have got worse... Waking at one and being impossible to settle....

    (I was bexybexy by the way) x

  • Nearly 2 months later his sleep is also pretty crap after breaking at 16 weeks.

  • We had it for almost a week last week. A couple of nights ago I did the baby whisperer's pick up/put down at bedtime and was ready to do it in the night but she didn't wake. I have heard that how they get to sleep in the first place had some influence over their nightine patterns.

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