40+2 but I haven't time to give birth!!

I have a fencing chap coming over at 10am as we lost half the garden fence in Monday night's wind, a roofing chap coming at 12 as we lost 6 ridge tiles in same storm, a GP appointment for LO this afternoon as she has swollen eye and I've just had a v.frustrating conversation with building insurance company about a claim re ridge tiles and the fact they dont have a record of a Claim at our previous address for neighbours leaking pipe under our kitchen.
Permission to scream?? AARRGHHHHHH


  • Ohhh HF. You should be resting, your about to pop and need to conserve your energy, is there no one else that can do these things for you?

  • Like who? LOL. H is at work, my parents who normally live hour+half away are actually visiting my sister - approx 4hours away and MIL is well, not someone I invite over in a hurry!
  • Oh dear!!!

    Do you have some friends that could come and help?

    When my H was working away from home, my friends would often come to my rescue for things.

  • Permission granted!

    Although, on first read I did think you had man who did fencing as a sport coming over and thought how exciting!

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