A defo TMI post about waters and feelings 'down there'

Apologies in advance for TMI but I'm just looking for some reassurance...at the minute I've got a really nasty cough and have been finding it hard to control my bladder! This morning there was a very light pinky colour when I wiped, I was wondering if it was my waters but have had nothing since, it would have been more wouldn't it? Since then, I feel dry and a throbbing feeling in and around my lady region, do you think I've just irritated things with coughing? 

My entire bump is really sore from the muscle strain of coughing but I'm not noticing any 'contractions'.

I don't feel like I need to phone the labour ward as there's no more fluid and all they'd do is ask me to go in so they could check, the hospital is 40mins away and that just seems unnecessary!


  • Sorry for the whingey post xx

  • When you say hard to control your bladder... are you certain it was wee and not your waters coming out? If you're not sure then I really would go and get checked TBH. If your waters have gone they like to induce within a certain amount of time to avoid infection.

  • Could it maybe be thrush or something? Speak to mw or gp I think, waters you'd know about I reckon but they'll keep you right x

  • Saisi - I was sure it was wee until I saw the pink but it was only a very small amount, wouldn't more come if it was waters?

  • I would contact your MW and have a chat and see what she says, waters don't aalways come in a gush, sometimes they trickle out, or you may hae a UTI or you may be nothing eiether way if it were me I would want checking out

  • The pink could be part of your plug coming away.  I'd get yourself checked out rather than leave it in case it is your waters.  They don't always gush the way they do in the movies :-)

    Are you finding that you are 'weeing' without warning and rushing to the loo? or do feel an urge to go periodically?

  • Thanks for the replies, I phoned the midwife who was lovely and suggested speaking to gp to rule out a uti but she did say it could be a sign of things starting! Just dropped a sample into the gp and they are going to phone me this arvo.

    RKB - I don't feel that 'urge' or any pain but everytime I cough fluid of some sort comes out!

  • It sounds like it could be something! I'm sure someone here had something similar happen, and it was their front waters that had gone.

  • Well Dr has just phoned and said defo not a uti so he suspects the pink came from elsewhere. He said to phone labour ward if anymore pink fluid or if I was worried etc. Got to pop into the surgery at 3 so they can listen to my chest in case I have a chest infection.

  • Pop a pad in your pants too to check for any other pink tinges. I started wearing a pad last week as my thrush discharge and noticed it was green which I wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't worn a pad as I wear black pants!

    Waters do trickle but think you would have felt more coming out by now. Hope you don't have a chest infection! xx

  • This is how my waters broke, slight trickles  but, the frequency and volume increased quickly and significantly, I too had the odd bit of blood when I my cervix was softening, and a hell of a lot during the labour / waters really going stage x

  • Any more news BE? x

  • No chest infection luckily. Had a horrendous night last night with coughing and not able to get comfy, been up since 3:40! Hopefully get some better sleep tonight xx

  • Thanks for asking :-) xx

  • Hope you have a better night tonight.

  • Urgh, hope you have a better night! Not long now lovely x

  • Thanks ladies :-) xx

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