A few toddler growing questions if I may

Isobelle will be 2 in less than a month now (honestly don't know where the time has gone). She's getting more grown up & independent by the minute so I feel a few changes may be needed. I'd like to start thinking about potty training. We've got potties & toilet seats & she will sit on them & has done the odd poo in them but never says when she's done a poo & even when it's obvious she's doing 1 she still says no. Obviously if she's not ready I don't intend to push her but I wondered if there was anything I could do or read to her that might encourage her.

I went round to a friends yesterday, whose daughter is a week older than Isobelle, & their daughter has the side down in her cot. Hubby & I discussed this & thought that Tuesday would be a good day to try this as I've then got 5 days before I work again as I've a feeling she maybe in & out of bed playing with toys. However I may need to change that to sooner as she's just fallen out of her cot! Didn't seem hurt (I found her sitting next to the cot), just confused as to why the book she was reading was in the cot. For those of you who've graduated from cots, do I need a bed guard? I've also seen this on amazon which seems like a good idea. Any thoughts? http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-British-Bed-Bumper-Original/dp/B002NYC5LI

Lastly, she's really having a go at using a knife but obviously toddler knives are blunt so she ends up using the knife to tear the food rather than cut it. Can anyone recommend any that are a bit sharper but still safe for her to use (she's pretty sensible with most things.

Thanks in advance x


  • We used a bed guard on the cot bed and will continue to use it when we get her single bed delivered as she often lies pressed up against the bed guard so I'm sure it's all that stops her falling out (she's 3.5 btw) we just got the lindam one from mothercare

    Potty training, the Gina ford potty training in a week book is good (believe it or not!), tells you the signs to watch for that she's ready, I def found it useful. But leaving potties around, letting her see you go to toilet etc increases their awareness. Above all though try not to stress, it sounds like shell get the hang of it on her own pretty soon (M binned her nappy one day in nursery and took herself to the toilet at 2yrs 3mths and that was the start of the toilet training here!)

    Can you just give her an adult knife? As long as she's supervised then I dont think it'd be a problem, they aren't sharp enough to cut yourself on?

  • J had the sides off his cotbed at around 20 months, no guard. It is pretty low, so won't hurt himself if he fell. He fell a few times, but now he never falls. I feel not having a guard did him good, as he stays in a standard single at my Mums, and never falls out. (he is 30months)

    As for potty training, you just know. No need for a book IMO, you know your child. I left a potty around the house, never forced J to go, just let him take the lead. He was dry, day and night within a week, at 25 months.

    J has an adult knife (and fork) as he likes to be like C. Great for when we eat out, as He can use cutlery provided.

  • I have nothing to add apart from, how are they nearly two?? Weep

  • I've been thinking about starting a potty training thread myself as the whole thing scares me! I've felt quite happy and confident with just using my instinct etc with every stage until now, but feel utterly blind and clueless about potty training.

    W is almost 25 months and sounds the same as your I Blackkat. I ask her if she's done a poo and half the time she'll say no even when the whole room stinks! Then other times she'll say poo but not actually be doing anything so I just don't see how she can be ready for it yet. But I may see if the library has that Gina ford book and give that a read and hopefully it might help.

  • Thanks for the replies.

    Weekender: You've given me a lot to think about, thanks

    AK: I think her hands are too small to manipulate adult cutlery & I don't want her to go backwards in her development. Have found some nice ones at Lakeland that look quite good www.lakeland.co.uk/.../Alexandra-4-Piece-Childrens-Cutlery-Set although I've just realised there's only 1 of each so will carry on looking.

    LLL: I know where has the time gone!!!

    Jellytot: That's how I feel. Everything else has seemed to make sense but it's like she has absolutely no awareness of when she's filled her nappy. I might also check my library for the book too.

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